Hey there! Today, we'll talk about future. Will it be a future that awaits us around the corner — or the future we will build ourselves? We believe that everything is in our hands, and through our joint professionalism and enthusiasm we can make the world of translation a much better place.


The Future of Automation in Translation Industry

In our latest blog post, Smartcat CEO Ivan Smolnikov shares his vision of the future of translation technologies. The article is based on Ivan's award-winning speech at TAUS Innovation Contest 2016 in Portland. In short: We're here to make translation projects fun again. Read more here!

Learn to Grow

The future is impossible without education. And we are excited to announce the launch of Smartcat Academy, an endeavor to bring together the best translation-related courses, webinars, and tutorials. We're just starting out, but soon there will be many courses that will help you build your future and learn to grow. Make sure to check it out!

Translation gadgets of the future

In a guest post for the Smartcat blog, translator and copywriter Isabella Massardo talks about some exciting trends in translation hardware. From talking megaphones to gloves that can translate American Sign Language, these gadgets will thrill the geek in you — or at least make your Friday. Read more here!

Start your own agency!

We know we already said that, but we believe this is a future every freelancer should consider: becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own agency. We even created a Facebook group, where aspiring and established #translapreneurs can share their challenges and ideas. The group is young, but there are already a lot of interesting discussions going on — make sure to join it now!

Aspiring translators and their mentors

We know that some of you are not professional translators yet. And that's great! The more new blood flows in, the better it is for everyone. Especially for you, we created a Facebook group for you to ask all your questions and get answers from experienced translators. Or maybe you are such an experienced translator who loves to share? In either case, come and join us now!

That's it — enjoy your Friday and weekend, and come back stronger next week. Grow smart, grow free!