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Smartcat doesn’t just take care of translations “Google Translate style” – it sets you up for success internationally by providing a full set of solutions, bundled into one, to get high-quality translations quickly.

Why people love Smartcat

Among the many reasons why users enjoy using the Smartcat translation platform, these are some of the top picks:

Simple and intuitive UI

The platform is simple and intuitive, so everyone in your company can start using it immediately.

Unlimited users

AI translation powered by GPT-4

AI best-match sourcing of linguists

Unified procurement platform

Simple and intuitive UI

The platform is simple and intuitive, so everyone in your company can start using it immediately.

Thanks to Smartcat, we were able to at least double our team’s productivity. Automation helped our publishing team in a big way: it’s hard to quantify the time that we saved on file exchange.

Michelle Quirke

Program Engagement Manager at Topcon

We help companies achieve global expansion

Grow your business using advanced technology combined with human expertise


reduction in translation costs

Leverage the budget-saving power of AI translation + human workflows that let you use budgets more effectively


less time spent on translations

Repurpose multilingual content from your translation memories and use near-human quality generative AI



Shorten the time needed to complete projects from weeks and months to a matter of days with automated workflows

Welcome Pickups Case study

After Welcome Pickups started using Smartcat, the company cut their translation processes in half, saving them over $30,000 in three quarters alone. Their bookings also increased from the localized landing pages by 66% from pre-pandemic levels, creating a 2% growth in overall corporate revenue. In 2023, the company will start translating into its Tier 2 languages using Smartcat.

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What makes Smartcat different?

Smartcat has revolutionized the translation industry, using AI translation with adaptive learning and human workflows that reduce waste and allow your budget to go farther faster.

Built-in marketplace of linguists and suppliers
AI sourcing of linguists
Translation Management System with workflow automation
Enterprise-level AI Translation with GPT-4

*Intelligent Routing

*1 free open source MTPaid separatelyPaid separatelyA static machine translation service
Pay translators in a single invoice and one single agreement
LQA (Language Quality Assessment)
Automatic transcription of videos and visual context for translations
Video translation preview
User access levelsCustomizableStandartStandartStandart
Unlimited usersNo per-user licensesPer seat and hosted keysPer PM and hosted wordsPer seat
Simplified request portal for internal stakeholders
SOC 2 Type 2 security certification

Fixed budget don’t allow for increased scale

Unrealised Value Triangle: How do you pay for increased demand if your budget hits a wall? Most companies compromise on quality and/or volumes.

Don’t cut the budget, cut the waste

There’s no need to reduce volumes or sacrifice quality when you have an automated & adaptive workflow that includes humans and algorithms working together.Use our savings calculator below to estimate how much you can save with Smartcat.

Budget-saving technology for global companies

Original language

Target language

Number of words

Your savings with Smartcat


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Smartcat is a place for all members of your team

Invite your team to join and make your company a successful multilingual company.

Loc managers

Let your internal clients handle ad hoc translations without your assistance.

Marketing and sales

Translate content and designs into 280+ languages in minutes.

Learning & Development

Make e-learning available to employees in their own language.

Product teams

Develop and translate your application in parallel, in multiple branches.

Make your global expansion goals a reality with Smartcat


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