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The feature-packed Smartcat Delivery Platform helps any business go multilingual with AI translations, a Translator Marketplace, a collaborative TMS, and automated procurement.

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What’s under the hood?

The Smartcat translation platform lets you get translations faster and more accurately within your budget. Best of all, we’ve made it easy for you – you simply have to press “Play!

  • AI Translation
  • Linguist Marketplace
  • Collaborative TMS
  • Payment Automation

Smartcat’s AI learns from your edits to deliver top quality translations for each specific context and language pair.

  • High-quality AI translation

  • 280+ languages 

  • Simple and intuitive UI

Learn more about AI Translation

Smartcat’s automatic translation technology, Smartwords, enables us to easily reuse previously translated content and has reduced our translation expenses by 17%.

Smartcat AI selects the best linguists for your project from the largest Marketplace of language professionals.

  • 500,000+ translators and agencies

  • AI-driven linguist sourcing 

  • Automated project management

Discover Smartcat Marketplace

Having access to such a large pool of qualified translators was a turning point for us. It meant we could find the right translator for any language pair and content type without spending hours researching or onboarding suppliers.

An easy-to-use online translation platform to collaborate on your project with more transparency and less errors.

  • AI and humans work together

  • Unlimited users 

  • Integration with 30+ tools

Invite your team to join Smartcat

Thanks to Smartcat, we were able to at least double our team’s productivity. Automation helped our publishing team in a big way: it’s hard to quantify the time that we saved on file exchange.

Source contractors, freelancers, and agencies and pay them all with just one invoice in minutes, not hours. 

  • One invoice for all suppliers

  • $0 transaction fees*

  • 35+ currencies supported

Learn how it works

The freelancer marketplace makes it easy to find suitable collaborators for our translation projects and the easy-to-use Smartcat payment system simplifies the project management and payment processes.

How the platform works

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Smartcat has a growing number of integrations, including the one you desperately need.

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