Smartcat support for people in Ukraine

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At Smartcat, we believe in bringing the world closer together by removing barriers to communications across languages, continents, and cultures.

We are deeply troubled by the war in Ukraine and we want to express our deepest sympathies for our customers, partners, linguists, colleagues, and friends during this very difficult time.  We are against violence of any kind and our hearts go out to everyone impacted.

Our first priority is our employees and their wellbeing. We continue to work around the clock to ensure that our Ukrainian employees and their communities are supported, cared for, and safe. We will continue to monitor the situation closely to make sure we are doing everything we can, as quickly as we can, to assist them as needed.

As a team and company, we have come together to provide assistance to the over 20,000 users we support in Ukraine alone by:

1) making those linguists highly visible in our marketplace,

2) helping our translators manage payments in whatever way is most helpful.

We’re acting quickly to comply with the requirements and regulations of the international community. As we consider our next steps, we will be guided by our mission and our values.

In all of the recent challenges, the Smartcat community has come together to help each other to care and support for those in need, and to remind us of our shared responsibility to each other.