reduction in translation costs


less time spent on translations



Central system of record for multilingual marketing content

With more than 30+ possible integrations, marketing managers can connect their heavily used platforms and tools to Smartcat, such as CMS, task management systems, video and design solutions, to name some.


Content seamlessly pulled from any platform into Smartcat


Smartcat AI and human translators work together to translate content


Translated content auto-synced back into your platforms


Your multilingual content stored in a centralized repository.

No more manual copy-and-pasting between platforms

Easily find and reuse content to speed up translations

Save money and avoid translating from scratch each time

Leverage AI translations to enable your global marketing strategy

Smartcat AI bundles leading translation machine engines, glossaries, and translation memories to provide near-perfect results, doing the heavy lifting of your translation work. Save time and money by repurposing content, without sacrificing quality.

Get AI translations

Keep your audiences engaged with industry-expert, vetted marketing translators

By hiring specialized translators in your industry and marketing vertical from the Smartcat marketplace, you will find the creative talent to illuminate your brand internationally. AI and human translations feed into the translation memories to continuously cut turnaround times and improve quality and consistency.

Engage global audiences

Multimedia translations for all your digital creatives

Translating videos

Automatically translate your videos into any language, without having to manually type subtitles. Simply upload your SRT or VTT files for instant translations.

Get translations right in your Figma design files

Multilingual versions of your designs are instantly pulled into Figma thanks to Smartcat’s integration with the highly popular design tool.

Get translations for 80+ file types in minutes

Smartcat File Translator can translate nearly any file type and ensure that the layout stays intact. No need to re-format each translated copy.

Ensure your sales collateral locks down global leads

To help turn international marketing leads into sales leads, you’ll want to create sales activation materials, like one-pagers and sales decks, which clearly communicate your value proposition.
With Smartcat automated OCR to translate PDFs and images, you can multiply your original sales collateral for any language, while keeping the same great design intact.

Translate your files now


What is a marketing translation service?

Companies need marketing translations in order to run their international marketing campaigns. It’s important to create multilingual content that will resonate with each local target audience specifically. Not doing so could alienate demographics who can’t identify with the messaging, tone of voice, or even cultural references. 
That’s why it’s important to know your global audience, have a localization strategy for each market, and work with vetted translators who understand the local audience in question as well as your industry and vertical.
You can hire linguists from our Marketplace and use AI sourcing to best instantly match with a curated list of freelancers.

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How important are translation services to a business?

Translation services are crucial to driving a business’ international success. Studies say that 78% of users prefer reading content in their own language and improving buying intent. Want to prove the return on investment of your translation efforts? Read our article on localization ROI and how to prove its value.

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How important is website translation for international business?

Website translation is only a part of the entire localization must-haves. Essentially, if you decide to tackle a new market, and identify that you need to translate content for them, you need to ensure that all the content is in the entire customer journey, from discovery via social media and search, to the website, to articles, the user interface, after-sales care, help articles, and more.

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What is the most feasible way to translate website content?

The easiest way to translate website content is by using a translation platform like Smartcat that connects with your CMS. Your website content in the original language is used as the source text and is instantly pulled into the translation platform in the form of translatable strings that make it easy for translators to work with. Then, when translations are complete, these get pulled back into the localized versions of the website, in the exact spots where they’re needed.
As such, your TOFU or content management teams have significantly less work and can release localized websites much quicker.

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Can localizing your website's content boost sales?

SEO localization is a great way to get more traction on your website. By using precise keywords, you can be found by search engines and listed in the results of queries that are most relevant to you and your local target audiences. The more traffic you receive, the more MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) you get, providing you with much better chances of boosting sales.

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What is the role of translation in marketing and branding?

Translation is important in communicating your brand internationally. As such, it’s an important part of the marketing lifecycle. You’ll need to understand how your brand messaging works in the countries you target and whether you’ll need to adapt the message for each locale.

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Is translated content unique for search engines?

Yes! Essentially, translated content is an adapted version of the source text into a new language. If you ensure your original content is unique, the same will apply to your translations.

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How do transcreation and translation differ?

Transcreation is essentially mixing two words: translation and creation. Translation never means translating texts word-for-word, you always need to adapt it so that it sounds native in the target language. However, transcreation goes a step further: the transcreator will take the source text, understand the message, and essentially “re-write” or adapt it in a way that’s the most appealing to the new audience.

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What is a localization strategy?

A localization strategy is a plan as to how you want to adapt your company’s branding, product, or service to best reach local markets. More than simply translating content, it looks at how your company can better resonate with the new audiences and adapt each part of the business for it (pricing, features, services, websites, social media, etc.).

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