10 Reasons Why You'd Be Crazy to Miss Out on a Localization Conference

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You're no stranger to invitations to industry conferences, but let's face it, some can seem like a total snooze-fest, right? Not localization conferences though. These events are where you'll mix and mingle with other localization fanatics, learn invaluable insider insights, and stay ahead of  trends. Here are ten reasons why you'd be crazy to miss out!

Reason 1: Explore and Adapt to Trends

At localization conferences, you'll get the inside scoop on the latest trends and learn how to adapt to them. You'll also have the opportunity to ask industry experts for helpful advice on how to improve your use of localization to thrive in your specific industry and vertical.

Reason 2: Network with the Right People

Conferences bring together global specialists and thought leaders from different organizations. You'll be able to hear first-hand experiences and expertise from these business leaders, which is unique to localization conferences.

Reason 3: Check Out the Competitors

Hearing about success stories and case studies is a great way to learn how your competitors implement specific strategy and tactics and how they helped their companies grow and solve the same sort of challenges that you are also facing.

Reason 4: Meet New Suppliers and Prospects

You can connect with participants and identify potential business partners. Search through the list of speakers and participants beforehand or write down a list to use after the event, and get in touch with them via LinkedIn!

Localization conferences are simply in a league of their own when it comes to meeting a who’s who of the movers and shakers in the translation and localization industry, as well as from many other leading industries too.

Reason 5: Keep an Eye Out for New Job Opportunities

You may discover new job prospects at conferences. If you come across a participating company that you find interesting, you can check online (LinkedIn or another job portal) to hear whether they are hiring. And of course, you can also meet dozens or even hundreds or professionals at all stages of their careers, and who knows, among them could be your future colleagues!

Reason 6: Boost Your Skills

You can join a presentation or panel discussion in an area you don’t have much experience in. There’s always something to learn, even for a seasoned professional!

Reason 7: Explore New Tools

Conferences may have live demonstrations, FAQ sessions, and special offers on the most recent products and technologies that could save you and your team hours, and your company thousands of dollars. It’s actually a big challenge to go to a localization conference and not learn at least one or two things that are really useful!

Reason 8: Start Conversations and Be Open

Speak up and share your ideas to spark a lively conversation. Be open to different opinions – they may help you gain new insight and see things from a fresh new perspective.

Reason 9: Get Certified in new skills!

Many conferences and seminars offer training and tests on various topics where you can get certified. Certifications can add value to your knowledge and skills, and in many cases they are free for conference attendees!

Reason 10: Update Your CV

Mention your attendance at industry conferences on your CV. This demonstrates your engagement with the field and growth potential, and shows how you keep your finger on the industry pulse!

More Tips to Help You Make the Most of Conferences

  • Research the conference organizers to make sure that the event is high-quality and engaging.

  • Check out how long the conference has been around. The more editions that have taken place, the smoother the event will run.

  • Find out who the keynote speakers are. They usually represent the tone and theme of the conference.

  • Make sure the conference topics align with your goals and leave with plenty of valuable tips, tricks, and insights.

Don't miss out on the next localization conference – your career will thank you for it!

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