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“Quality has markedly increased. Our reviewers compared our legacy content done by translation agencies, to content produced by my team with Smartcat AI automatic translation. The number of corrections is now much lower and the editing process is faster and less labor-intensive as a result. Additionally, our reviewers now see and understand that their work never goes to waste because it is saved in central translation memories.”

Barbara Fedorowicz

Translation department manager, Smith+Nephew

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Do far more with your fixed budget

How do you pay for increased demand if your budget hits a wall?

The Cost vs Content Dilemma: Most companies compromise on quality and/or volumes to keep up with demand.

Triple your content translation volume without raising your budget or lowering quality

It’s no longer a case of having to sacrifice quality to translate more content. Enjoy unrivaled translation accuracy, 3x faster turnarounds, and massive savings of between 50 and 70% with Smartcat AI+human–in–sync translation workflows.

Consign workflow bottlenecks to the past

With Smartcat nothing is siloed. Everything is interconnected

One web-based platform that syncs work across applications. A change in one system triggers updates in all others, meaning quality and consistency are cast-iron guaranteed.

Get consistent enterprise localization quality

Translate anything in seconds

Much more than a static machine translation, Smartcat AI chooses the best automatic translation to suit your content from eight of the world’s most advanced translation engines. Get up to 99% translation accuracy from AI alone, in seconds. Smartcat maintains your exact file formatting in your translated document.

Harness the power of AI translation assets

Leverage Smartcat’s adaptive AI translation tools, including glossaries and memories, which update in line with your edits to drive consistency thanks to advanced machine learning capabilities.

Talk directly to your translators

Enjoy direct access to, and full transparency of, the world’s largest network of vetted professional translators (500,000+).

Enjoy total transparency

No more middle party translation agencies hiding translator identities. This way, you know exactly who is working on your translation projects. As a result, you are able to drive quality consistency higher.

AI linguist sourcing to meet your specific needs


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Instant access to 50% of the global linguist market. Psst, that’s 100x the size of big agency pools. Yes, 100x!


AI Sourcing of Linguists

Smartcat’s unique, proprietary AI automatically identifies expert linguists based on an analysis of your content to turbocharge your translation process

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Discover exactly what Smartcat’s translation service would look like in practice for your organization with a detailed response to your RfP!

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ONE unified translation management system

Automate your admin

When it comes to sourcing, the legal side, and paying your translators, Smartcat does all the leg work for you as part of our comprehensive project management automation service.

Collaborate instantly with translators

Source all the human translators you need without all the usual associated administrative labor.

Eliminate the red tape with a single once-and-done contract

One compliant agreement and one invoice for any number of linguistic resources and any size project, big or small without the need to burden internal finance, legal or procurement teams.

Solution Overview: how Smartcat delivers value

Unparalleled intelligence

A central system of record for multilingual content feeding an AI-based automatic translation system that learns your linguistic preferences to improve every subsequent translation.

Faster time to market

End-to-end project lifecycle control, collaborative translation workflows viewed at any step, and highly customizable management preferences and user permissions.

Unrivaled quality

AI sourcing of specialist professional linguists based on performance and subject matter expertise from the world’s largest global linguist marketplace (500,000+) to complement Smartcat’s high-performing AI translation.

Enterprise translation software that brings the best of AI and humans together

Frequently Asked Questions

How do translation management systems work?

A translation management system (TMS) is an interconnected set of features that are core to the overall translation process. It facilitates translation tasks by meeting the needs of the translation lifecycle along its various stages. For instance, a typical translation supply chain may be: user uploads documents to be translated to the TMS; the translation step itself, via automation or human translators, or both; post-translation editing; a final proofreading stage; documentation reconciliation; issuance of translated documents to the user; and the option of the user asking for further changes to the translation. 
A strong TMS also incorporates translation intelligence assets, including an advanced computer-assisted translation tool (CAT tool), translation memories and translation glossaries. Moreover, a leading TMS will accept a large number of file format types and integrate with many third-party apps and programs.

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How to best evaluate a translation management system?

Translation management systems (TMS) can differ widely in what services they offer, the technology they use, and how their supply chain works. Best evaluation of a TMS should always be in line with your specific company translation needs and how your own processes and resources can fit.
To get a very specific, detailed understanding of how a TMS can fit your needs, a good translation service provider should be happy to respond to a translation request for proposal.
To get a high-level snapshot understanding of a TMS, you can evaluate the following elements:

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Documentation management system

Does the TMS enable automatic upload and download, work with all your document formats, and integrate with other software systems that you use?

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Machine translation

Does the TMS provide machine translations? Does or will the TMS service provider issue details on machine translation accuracy?  Is it static machine translation or does it incorporate adaptive translation assets, including translation memories and glossaries?

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Professional linguist marketplace

Does the TMS offer its own professional human translator marketplace? Does it include translators who specialize in your field? Can you communicate with them directly? How transparent is it? How fast is sourcing of these linguists? How much “red tape” is there with regard to contracts, compliance, and payment?

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Workflow and user experience

Does the TMS provide a centralized platform with different user controls and collaborative workspaces or is the project lifecycle all done in-house, off-site at a translation agency? How transparent is the workflow and supply chain? How efficient and intuitive is the user experience?

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How does translation software work?

More traditional translation software – known in the translation and localization industry as CAT tools (computer-assisted translation tools) – work by providing human translators with an editor split into two sections: source and target languages. This facilitates the translation process by splitting a document into much smaller sections of text, which are populated under the source language section. The human translator translates each of these sections – usually phrases, sentences, or even whole paragraphs – inside the target language section.
Leading CAT tools also use translation assets known as translation glossaries and translation memories. These assets prepopulate the CAT tool editor with client language preferences and content that has already been translated in past translations. As a result, there are fewer words to translate, which reduces cost, saves time, and drives linguistic consistency.
More modern translation software can also incorporate machine translation technology, which involves the automatic translation from source into target languages. A client may accept this machine translation as final, carry out their own edits, or hire a human translator to edit and proofread the machine translation.

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How much do companies pay for translation services?

The average cost of professional translation is $0.16 per source word, according to extensive research carried out by Smartcat, which calculates the average fee across language pairs that hundreds of the world’s leading large and boutique translation agencies charge. However, the rise of AI translation has enabled all-new technology-driven translation and localization workflows, which can result in markedly reduced prices, with companies saving as much as 50–80% versus traditional pricing models.

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How important are translation services to a business?

Translation services enable companies to communicate with prospective customers in the customer’s native language. As a result, they are far more likely to make sales and develop brand loyalty. 76% of consumers are more likely to buy a product if it is presented in their native language, according to CSA Research. And according to Harvard Business Review, 72.1% of customers spend their time online on websites in their native language.
Accurate translation and localization provides the platform from which communication and promotional campaigns can achieve optimal success. Speaking a target market’s language positions companies to enter and grow in new markets.

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