The software localization platform designed for cross-functional collaboration

Smartcat is your all-in-one software localization solution – a digital environment designed for collaboration and work-in-unison between developers, project managers, linguists, and any other stakeholders.

Much less work for developers REST API and CLI offer easy integration with CI/CD pipelines

Simplified, centralized control for project managers in a single sign-on environment

User-friendly, fast, and convenient for linguists to produce high-quality translations

How to translate software with Smartcat


Create a free account on Smartcat


Select Create software localization project


Choose source and target languages, and AI+human workflows


Import keys to instantly translate with AI and/or auto-invite a post-editor


Export keys or get translations synced across your software

Automated software localization designed by developers for developers

Software localization via Smartcat is done in an easy, streamlined, automated, and developer-friendly way! Developers can import and export keys — translator-friendly texts easy to translate within the Smartcat CAT Editor – with key IDs in JSON, YAML, Android XML, and iOS.strings.

Developers act as content consumers by exporting the needed subset of keys in a format of their choice. They can import source strings and translations in various developer file formats, and export translations in various file formats as well.

Using both Jira’s and Smartcat’s API, Mugen Creations set up a systematic five-step process to localize their app — from importing the source text into Smartcat via API to seamlessly exporting the translations back into Jira.

Taylor Matthews

CEO at Mugen Creations

AI translation + human workflows take care of the heavy lifting

Smartcat uses AI translations (translation engines + machine learning + translation memories) to deliver automatic translations in seconds.
AI sourcing then instantly finds the best-matched vetted translators from the Smartcat Marketplace, the world’s largest network of 500,000+ vetted linguists. AI + humans work in adaptive learning loops, producing highly accurate and faster translations.

Start translating with AI

Easily import and export keys, including plural keys

Smartcat translation projects facilitate the work for software engineers, speeding up manual effort that can consume hours of time. They can easily import and export keys as well as translations in various formats for their software needs.

Edit keys and the source text right within Smartcat

Smartcat is highly customizable and editable. You can edit keys and the source texts from your software programs right in your Smartcat localization workspace. You can also tailor translation workflows that combine AI translations + human linguists for optimal output.

A central source of truth for software translations

Smartcat becomes a central system of record for all your software content, stored directly on the platform in a way that doesn’t interfere with development. Translations are statically integrated into your source code repository –  no need to alter your CI/CD build process. You can group many repositories and file types within a single Smartcat project.

30+ integrations available and near-limitless connections

Out-of-the-box Smartcat connectors have a track record of helping IT companies streamline the localization process from 30+ steps to five. We support Zapier so you can make anything happen. Plus, our enterprise-ready API is compatible with CMS, ERPs, e-commerce platforms, code repos, design systems, and more.

One centralized workspace for your entire translation team

Bring all project managers, translators, editors, and any other collaborators together to work collaboratively and transparently within a central workspace that’s user-friendly and offers the look and feel of today’s SaaS cloud-based UX-optimized platforms. No need to download and onboard with complicated and non-intuitive software – it’s just click and go.

Another productivity boost and time saver for everyone is that editors and product managers can change software copy by themselves, without the need to involve developers.

More automation to reduce labor-intensive processes

Specify target languages within your source language files to enable automated self-service scenarios. Auto-generate comments and preview links for each string.

Smartcat AI translation assets, including translation glossaries and memories update the collective Smartcat workspace for everyone – developers, project managers, and linguists – and all integrated apps too, when you approve edits. The result is a constant and continuous process of localization, with everything updated all at once.

Key attributes developers need in a software localization platform


Run it manually on your PC or scheduled on a dedicated host


Implement localization workflows that save development time

Vendor lock-in free

Own your translation data & generate localized resource files offline


Set up a sustainable, self-running localization process


No extra seat costs for team members & Marketplace linguists


Translations achieved by AI machine learning that start at 82% accuracy


Rest easy with our SOC-II-compliant and closed-circuit platform that protects your data


Budgets go further with AI translations and automated, streamlined processes

Get products into production faster with continuous and automated software localization

Frequently Asked Questions

What is software localization?

It’s the process of adapting a software application to the linguistic, cultural, and national specificities of the end user’s country. Software localization is usually carried out when entering foreign markets.

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Why is it important to localize software products?

Even if your software product is successful with users in your country, this doesn’t automatically mean it will be internationally. Users notice when an interface has been developed without taking into account their language and culture. This can have a negative impact on global sales, brand loyalty, reviews, and recommendations.

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What is the difference between software localization and translation?

Software translation involves only changing the language of the product, whereas localization also includes changes in design, UI/UX, fonts, text length, content, visuals, etc. The goal is to make sure the software has been fully adapted to the local culture so that it feels and looks natural to the end-user in the target country.

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How to set up a continuous software localization process?

The continuous translation runs parallel to product development, ensuring a smooth localization process. It is continuous because it never stops – translators get sent small chunks of texts on a regular basis, which need to be translated and sent back as quickly as possible. This is where software localization tools come in, as they help to streamline the whole process.
With Smartcat, you can set up continuous localization with just a couple of clicks. All you have to do is integrate your CMS, design or dev tool with Smartcat to get your content translated and automatically uploaded back onto your system.

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What integrations does Smartcat offer to automatically localize software?

Smartcat offers a wide range of integrations for automated, zero-click workflows. Integrations with full automation support, include:

  • Git / Github / Bitbucket

  • Google Docs

  • Google Sheets

  • Contentful

  • WordPress / WPML

  • Zendesk

  • Figma

  • Git for Android Apps

  • Git for iOS Apps

  • Git for Java Apps

  • Akeneo

  • Lokalise


Smartcat Translator for Google Chrome for real-time translations
See our full list of integrations

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