Automated Software Localization

Translate your software without having to update translations manually. Use a reliable and secure service that’s easy to set up and maintain.

Make Your Software Multilingual

Get rid of manual tasks and speed up the release cycle

Save precious time
Save precious time

Implement localization workflows in hours instead of months. Smartcat automatically finds and localizes multiple product code branches at once without duplicating common strings.

Let the machine do the heavy lifting
Let the machine do the heavy lifting

Simply write declarative configuration files instead of low-level integration code. Translations are statically integrated into your source code repository so you don’t need to change your CI/CD build process.

Automate labor-intensive processes
Automate labor-intensive processes

Specify target languages within your source language files to enable automated self-service scenarios. Auto-generate comments and preview links for each string.

Improve Your Product’s User Experience

Deliver quality localization and boost business results

Control quality at every stage of the project

Control quality at every stage of the project

Prevent localized files from being updated unless they are 100% translated, which is handy for marketing materials. Send emails to devs directly if source files are broken.

Enjoy team collaboration in a single environment

Enjoy team collaboration in a single environment

Work with any team member or external supplier in one place: from developers and managers to designers and translators.

Choose the right workflow for each project

Choose the right workflow for each project

Smartcat’s built-in marketplace allows you to set up and try different approaches: auto-translation, human or machine translation, post-editing, and more.

Thanks to Smartcat, we were able to at least double our team’s productivity. Automation helped our publishing team in a big way: it’s hard to quantify the time that we saved on file exchange.

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Jakub Nowak
Jakub Nowak Head of Translations at GryOnline
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Smartcat’s Key Principles are Flexibility…

Supports most developer file formats

Can exclude certain strings by mask

Ability to post-process localized files for a CI/CD-ready result

Generates pseudo-localized resources for easier internalization (i18n)

Runs on your computer manually or on a schedule using a dedicated host

Ability to group multiple repositories and different file types within a single logical project

…and Security
…and Security

Smartcat Works with Pretty Much Everything

…and more integrations with fully automated support!

Interested in Getting More Automation?

Our enterprise-ready API is compatible with CMS, ERPs, e-commerce platforms, code repos, design systems, and more.

Smartcat Offers Measurable Results

less time on translation

less time on translation

reduced translation costs

reduced translation costs



We’ve been able to increase our productivity by 50% while reducing our outsourcing costs by 50%. This has had a huge impact on our bottom line.

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Julia Emge
Julia Emge Head of Translations at expondo
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Localizing Software with Smartcat is Simple. Try it Free Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is software localization?

It’s the process of adapting a software application to the linguistic, cultural, and national specificities of the end user’s country. Software localization is usually carried out when entering foreign markets.

Why is it important to localize software products?

Even if your software product is successful with users in your country, this doesn’t automatically mean it will be internationally . Users notice when an interface has been developed without taking into account their language and culture. This can have a negative impact on global sales, brand loyalty, reviews, and recommendations.

What’s the difference between software localization and translation?

Software translation involves only changing the language of the product, whereas localization also includes changes in design, UI/UX, fonts, text length, content, visuals, etc. The goal is to make sure the software has been fully adapted to the local culture, so that it feels and looks natural to the end-user in the target country.

How to set up continuous software localization?

Continuous translation runs parallel to product development, ensuring a smooth localization process. It is continuous because it never stops – translators get sent small chunks of texts on a regular basis, which need to be translated and sent back as quickly as possible. This is where software localization tools come in, as they help to streamline the whole process.

With Smartcat, you can set up continuous localization with just a couple of clicks. All you have to do is integrate your CMS, design or dev tool with Smartcat to get your content translated and automatically uploaded back onto your system.

What integrations does Smartcat have for automatic software localization?

Smartcat offers a wide range of integrations for automated, zero-click workflows.

Integrations with full automation support:

  • Git / Github / Bitbucket

  • Google Docs

  • Contentful

  • WordPress / WPML

  • Zendesk

  • Figma

  • Git for Android Apps

  • Git for iOS Apps

  • Git for Java Apps

  • Akeneo

  • Lokalise


Real-time translation:

  • Smartcat Translator for Google Chrome

  • Smartcat Translator for Windows

  • Smartcat Translator for MacOS

  • Smartcat Translator for Linux

  • Figma

Integrations that support manual workflows:

  • Magento

  • Drupal

  • WordPress based on Polylang

  • Joomla

  • Bitrix

Integrations supported via the Zapier platform:

  • Google Drive

  • Dropbox

  • QuickBooks Online

  • Salesforce

  • Box

  • OneDrive

  • Slack

  • Gmail

  • Zoho

  • Xero

Supported machine translation engines:

  • Microsoft Translator

  • DeepL

  • Baidu Translate

  • Google Translate

  • Intento

  • ModernMT

  • Yandex

  • Amazon

Can I set up a custom integration on Smartcat?

Smartcat supports numerous integrations and is constantly adding new ones. If you need a custom integration, drop us a line here.

Can I get software localization services on Smartcat?

Yes. With Smartcat, you can localize your software using AI-driven machine translation, hiring professional translators in our Marketplace or combining both these options (automated translation with post-editing).