Translate any document online in seconds and in a few clicks

Smartcat enables you to translate content in any file format quickly and accurately, all while retaining the exact same layout and formatting.

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Our document translator supports more than 50 file formats

How to translate a file with Smartcat? It’s a snap!


Create a free Smartcat account


Select “Translate a document” in your workspace and choose your language pairs


Drag & drop your files onto the Smartcat platform


Done! Check the translation yourself or get a professional translator to review it.

Translate documents instantly using AI Automatic Translations

The Smartcat document translator uses the combined power of eight industry-leading machine translation engines to get you results at lightning speed.

Save costs, free up time, and cut out extra steps

Our translation software helps you automate manual and decentralized processes, such as copying and pasting texts, sending via email, and spending ages on reformatting translated versions. Save an average $0.05 per word and get results in seconds. 

Hire specialized translators who know your business best

You can also source translators directly from our Smartcat Marketplace of 500,000+ vetted language professionals that come with all types of specializations. Once you translate a file automatically, they verify quality, accuracy, and factual correctness.

With Smartcat, it took around 10 minutes for us to have a course translated into three languages. Before Smartcat it took almost a year.

Christopher Goodsell

Manager for Instructional Systems Design at AMPP

FAQ on how to translate a document online

How to translate a document with Smartcat?

After setting up a Smartcat account, upload a file, select the languages, and get quick and accurate results.
You can translate documents online, instantly and automatically, using our AI-enabled automatic translation tool. This takes seconds and minutes at most. Then, you can preview the finished work. At this stage, you can also hire a human translator to review the text and make corrections.

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What kind of documents can I translate on Smartcat?

Smartcat supports more than 50 file formats, which we continue updating each time new versions become available. Some of the files we support are PDF, Word, Excel, Docs, XLIFF, JSON, JPG, subtitles, and PNG.

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Can I edit automatically translated documents in Smartcat?

Once the automatic translation is complete, you have the option of editing the translations in our user-friendly Translation Management System (TMS) Editor. There, you can check the translations, make edits, and approve them, or hire a translator to do this for you at competitive rates.

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How much does it cost to translate a document on Smartcat?

When registering with Smartcat, you can Smartwords, meaning you can use our Automatic Translation tool for free! Our Translation Management System (TMS) is also free to use. When hiring translators from the Smartcat Marketplace, you can find the ones that fit your budget thanks to competitive rates.

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Can I translate a document for free?

Yes! When you initially set up, we stock your account with Smartcat Smartwords so you can translate automatically into over 250 languages. When they’re used up, you need to replenish your amount. In the Forever Free plan, you also get unlimited users, languages, projects, and integrations. Check out the pricing page for more information on our different pricing levels, and what each gets you.

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What are the benefits of Smartcat document translator compared to other free online translation tools?

Smartcat supports an ever-growing number of file formats, including PDF documents and Word documents, to give you limitless possibilities. Smartcat’s online document translator is connected to our Translation Platform, which comes with multiple features to provide you with top-quality results: make use of AI-automated translations, glossaries, translation memories, language quality assessments, and more. Other free translation tools can’t always offer the same technical sophistication needed to understand the context and industry-specific terminology.

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What is the difference between Smartcat and Google Translate?

Google Translate only uses one translation engine and has been known to produce imprecise results that don’t match the correct context. Smartcat uses eight of the industry’s best machine translation engines. 
Google Translate doesn’t offer any editing functionality, while with Smartcat, you gain access to an ecosystem of services, including an easy-to-use Editor, bundled into one to cover all of your translation needs. 
We also provide linguistic resources and supply professional translators to help attain top results.

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How many languages does Smartcat support?

Smartcat supports more than 250 languages and has vetted linguists for each of them within our Marketplace.

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What kind of machine translation (MT) engines do you use?

Smartcat uses eight leading machine translation engines, those being Microsoft Translator, DeepL, Baidu Translate, Google Translate, Intento, ModernMT, Yandex, and Amazon.

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Does Smartcat provide professional document translation services?

Smartcat gives you access to the largest industry Marketplace of 500,000+ translators and agencies, available for all language pairs, specializations, and industries. You save up to $0.05 per word when using a combination of machine and human translations.
Our tools make it possible for these language professionals to conduct their services right on our platform, so you don’t have to source suppliers elsewhere and get lost among emails, offers, and paperwork.

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Can I work with my own translators in Smartcat?

Most definitely! You can invite other translators to join your projects on Smartcat. This will make it easier to work with all suppliers under one single agreement and pay them with one invoice in (you guessed it!) one click!

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How do I hire and pay freelancers on Smartcat?

It’s simple. In the Smartcat Marketplace, you can search for vetted translators based on your needed language pairs, add criteria in the filter, look through the lists and check reviews. We also have AI-sourcing, which automatically matches the right linguists for your needs.

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