Well, folks, the pandemic is quite over just yet, even though gradually some countries begin to loosen the restrictions. Goodness willing this will all be over soon.

The great news is that some of the localization industry events begin to return to the good ol’ offline format, many opt for a hybrid format to get the best out of what they can, and some others remain online only.

We’ve compiled a list of awesome events, with all the information you need on them. Choose the format you prefer. If you miss connecting with people in real life, do try to go for offline events (just stay safe, please!). Otherwise, your safe bet is a hybrid event, or a completely online one - plenty of those scheduled for 2022.

LocFromHome, March 3
LocWorldWide46 Africa, March 7–9
CIOL Conference 2022, March 11-12
TAUS Massively Multilingual Conference & Expo 2022, March 15-17
SlatorCon Remote, March 16
Together 2022 (ELIA), March 23–25
GALA 2022: San Diego, April 24-27
Wordfast Forward 2022, May 26-28
EAMT 2022, June 1-3
LocWorld47 Berlin, July 11–13 (Offline)
Translation Forum Russia 2022, August 19-21
AMTA 2022 Orlando, September 12-16
KTLC 2022, September 29 - October 1
ATA 63nd Annual Conference, October 12–15
Focus on Project Management, December 1-2

At Smartcat, we love all event formats. We particularly love online events, for reasons more than just us hosting LocFromHome. Here’s why:

Attend from your cozy spot

Everything is online. You don’t have to do any legwork to get there. Get comfy at home, pack some snacks, the day is yours.

No limits on attendance

There are only so many people a venue can gather; online events have no such limitation. #LocFromHome’s we gathered in 2021 had 3,700+ attendees - how about that? :)

More expert speakers

Digital confs make it easier for professionals around the world to find time to attend, meaning more expert speakers, more wisdom learned in the field, more good stuff than most offline events could hope for.

Save money

Entrance fees for digital confs are lower than offline confs, and some are free to enter (like #Locfromhome!). You don’t have to commit financially nearly as much to attend now.

Network live

Network, learn, and share live. You are behind the screen, after all - take full advantage of it. Time to meet face-to-face will come later on, and it’s a perfect opportunity to expand your network.

Get social

Accidents are not accidental - who knows who you might meet during the online confs. New friends, new experts to follow, new contacts to work with - be there, and things will happen.


For: Buyers and owners of global content, language service providers, technology providers, translators, government bodies and NGOs, academia, analysts

Dates: March 3
Type: Online
Entry fee: Free
Organizer: Smartcat
Link: https://www.smartcat.com/online-events/locfromhome-conference/

**SlatorCon Remote **

For: LSP CEOs and management, technology leaders and end-client buyers.
Dates: March 16
Type: Online
Entry Fee: 56$-120$
Link: https://slator.com/slatorcon-remote-march-2022/

LocWorldWide46 Africa

For: Localization professionals, translators, linguists, marketers, product managers
Dates: March 7-9
Type: Online
Entry fee: $249-349
Organizer: LocWorld
Link: https://locworld.com/events/locworldwide46-africa-2022/

CIOL Conference 2022

For: Localization professionals, translation companies
Dates: March 11-12
Type: In-person
Location: London, UK
Entry fee: £32-180
Organizer: Chartered Institute of Linguists
Link: https://www.ciol.org.uk/ciol-conference-2022

TAUS Massively Multilingual Conference&Expo 2022

For: Buyers and owners of global content, global content and language service providers, technology and solution providers, translators, government bodies and NGOs, consultants, academia, analysts, press
Dates: March 15–17
Type: In-person
Location: San Jose, CA, USA
Entry fee: €1500
Organizer: TAUS
Link: https://www.taus.net/events/conferences/120-taus-massively-multilingual-conference-expo-2022

Together 2022

For: Translators, Language Companies
Dates: March 23–25
Type: Online
Entry fee: €175-225
Organizer: ELIA
Link: https://elia-association.org/event/together-2022/

GALA 2022: San Diego

For: Language Companies, Translators
Dates: April 24–27
Type: Hybrid
Location: San Diego, USA
Entry fee: Not Specified
Organizer: Gala Global
Link: https://www.gala-global.org/events/events-calendar/gala-2022-san-diego

Wordfast Forward 2022

For: Translators, Language Companies
Dates: May 26-28
Type: In-person
Location: Herceg-Novi, Montenegro
Entry fee: €330-360
Organizer: Wordfast
Link: https://www.wordfast.com/conference/2022

EAMT 2022

For: Translators, Language Companies
Dates: June 1-3
Type: In-person
Location: Ghent, Belgium
Entry fee: Not Specified
Organizer: EAMT
Link: https://eamt2022.com/

LocWorld47 Berlin

For: Localization professionals, translators, linguists, marketers, product managers
Dates: July 11–13
Type: In-person
Location: Berlin, Germany
Entry fee: Not Specified
Organizer: LocWorld
Link: https://locworld.com/call-for-papers-locworld47-berlin/

Translation Forum Russia 2022

For: Language companies, freelancers
Dates: August 19-21
Type: In-person
Location: Ekaterinburg, Russia
Entry fee: 140$-250$
Organizer: Business-Bureau of the Association of Interpreters
Link: https://tconference.ru/en/

AMTA 2022 Orlando

For: Machine translation professionals, researches, technology providers, academia, students
Dates: September 12-16
Type: Hybrid
Location: Orlando, Florida, USA
Entry Fee: Not specified
Organizer: AMTA
Link: https://amtaweb.org/amta-2022-announcing-the-1-machine-translation-conference-as-a-hybrid-event/

KTLC 2022

For: Freelancers, Translation agencies, Corporations, Academia
Dates: September 29 - October 1
Type: In-person
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Entry fee: Not Specified
Organizer: TLC Conferences
Link: https://translation-conference.com/

ATA 63nd Annual Conference

For: Language Companies, Translators
Dates: October 12-15
Type: In-person
Location: Los Angeles, USA
Entry fee: Not Specified
Organizer: American Translators Association
Link: https://www.atanet.org/ata-events/annual-conference/