Simple, Fast & High-Quality AI Translation

Now anyone in your company can translate any content in just a few minutes with an easy-to-use platform that gets smarter with each translation.

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Smartcat’s AI translation software chooses the best algorithm for your language pair, learns from your edits, and gets better the more you use it.

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Translate any language in minutes

High-quality translations accessible to everyone

No training or support necessary. It’s simple and intuitive, so everyone in your company can start using it immediately.

Unlimited users – bring the whole team on board

We don’t charge you for additional seats. Invite as many colleagues as you like and translate content collaboratively.

Time and budget-saving technology for your business

With Smartwords™, you can reuse up to 80% of existing translations, spending less time and money, and getting better quality.



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Smartcat’s automatic translation technology, Smartwords, enables us to easily reuse previously translated content and has reduced our translation expenses by 17%.

Peggy Liao

Language Access Program and Policy Specialistat City of Seattle

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Contextual GPT-4 AI translation gets it right the first time

Leverage GPT-4 powered AI translation to get the most accurate and contextual results for any content type. It’s configurable so you can tailor the translation experience to your needs and improve end-to-end productivity.

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Bring your team and collaborate on a single platform

Loc managers

Let your internal clients handle ad hoc translations without your assistance.

Marketing and sales

Translate content and designs into 280+ languages in minutes.

Learning & Development

Make e-learning available to employees in their own language.

Product teams

Develop and translate your application in parallel, in multiple branches.

Get brand-specific, high-quality AI content in 280+ languages

Make the most of your existing global library of eLearning courses, blog posts, web pages, product and support information and generate any new content in seconds.

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Simple, Fast & High Quality AI Translation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI translation and how does it work?

AI Translation is artificial intelligent translation technology that uses neural network models and proprietary matching algorithms to produce high-quality translations (80%+ accuracy in almost every language). The technology also learns from your edits to deliver better results every time.

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What’s the difference between Artificial Intelligence Translation and Machine Translation?

Machine translation technology just transfers content from one language to another without learning from past experience or context. An AI translation solution takes the content type and the target language into account to deliver quality translations while also keeping the source file formatting intact. Besides that, AI translation learns from your edits to improve its algorithms and produce more consistent results. Check out our quick overview guide to learn more about machine translation.

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Do other translation software solutions offer AI translation?

Yes, but none of the competing services features an AI-driven solution that analyzes the content and languages to select the most appropriate translation engine and then learns from the edits and translations you make. Apart from that, Smartcat offers an ecosystem that lets you invite an unlimited number of collaborators and build the most effective translation workflows.

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What are the benefits of Smartcat AI translator vs Google Translate?

Smartcat technology leverages the latest generation of translation engines including Google, which guarantees the best match for your content. Smartcat also offers glossaries and translation memories to ensure translation quality and consistency.

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Is Smartcat’s AI translation accurate?

AI translation technology guarantees high-quality translation for every type of content. However, the accuracy may vary depending on the language pair. The widget above will let you estimate the accuracy for specific languages.

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Can the Smartcat AI translation tool help me save time and money?

Our average customer saves $0.05 per word on translation tasks. With Smartwords™ technology, you can reuse up to 80% of existing translations, spending less time on project management, and cutting editing costs. Check out our translation memory guide to learn how it works and how you can take advantage of it.

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Can you help me move my translation vendor to Smartcat without losing my translation database?

You can easily migrate all your existing translation materials to Smartcat to make the most of the human translation work that has been done for your company in the past. Smartcat is compatible with most third-party translation memory formats. We can also leverage any existing translation materials you have to enhance the automatic translation engines and ensure a higher-quality starting point.

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