Smartcat AI creates any type of content in any language: 5 examples

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Smartcat AI Content Generator is the all-new content generation tool from Smartcat. Armed with AI Content Generator, your organization can create high-quality, on-brand content in any language in seconds, by leveraging already existing content library. 

And with multiple strict data compliance standards in place, you can rest assured that your content is always fully secure and private within Smartcat.

With AI Content Generator, you can create so many types of content in next to no time. From LMS courses to marketing materials, and from sales collateral to internal documentation, it’s all possible and more!

Smartcat AI Content Generator is much more than an automated content tool

AI Content Generator produces human-level quality content in seconds. But the true power of this all-powerful tool lies in its ability to source your already existing content to create new content. As a result of this capability, your new content is already on brand, in line with your style guide, tone of voice, and preferred terminology. Pretty neat, right?

For instance, let’s say you want to create a white paper on a given topic. AI Assistant will instantaneously analyze your content storehouse held on your Smartcat workspace for related content that you already created in the past.

You can then confirm the related results that you want to include as sources to inform the brand-new content generation for the white paper. You also have the choice to proceed from scratch, without using any related content. After generation, it’s easy to carry out edits with further prompts or you download it for immediate use.

Any type of content in any language

Create any type of content – including blog articles, social media posts, and LMS courses! And then, once you’ve generated your new content, you can translate it instantaneously into any language with Smartcat Language AI.

Smartcat Language AI is built with the most advanced translation AI features, including AI translation engines, translation memories, and glossaries. This results in highly accurate AI translation quality and consistency in any language, while Smartcat AI learns from your edits and preferences with each translation for incrementally improving accuracy.

What types of content can AI Content Generator create?

If you can think of the type of content, AI Content Generator can create it! Let’s look at some of the main types of content that you can generate in seconds with it.

LMS course creation and other learning and development materials

Create any type of corporate learning content with AI Content Generator.

Get help with course outlines

Ask AI Content Generator to come up with a course outline for your next corporate learning course, or for the next ten courses! It’s all possible with AI Content Generator.

Create course content

Short on time or simply want a hand in writing the content that will form your next L&D training module? AI Content Generator can help. Simply prompt it to write content for a course on a given topic and it will generate it for you. Of course, if you have previous content on related topics, it will be able to generate even better results.

Industry example

An L&D team for an insurance organization wants to create a course outline on non-traditional ways to assess buyer persona risk.

With AI Assistant, they are able to leverage previous content that they used for previous online courses on other insurance-related topics. They are then able to generate a course outline in seconds.

Marketing materials

You can generate virtually any type of marketing material with AI Content Generator.

These include:

  • Blog articles

  • Social media posts

  • Press releases

  • Landing page copy

  • Ad copy

  • Brochure copy

Industry example

A marketing department for a fintech company has created a new, quarterly economy report with the help of AI Content Generator. They then want to promote it on their social media channels. 

They use their new report as leveraged content on AI Assistant and prompt it to create five social media posts each for LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. AI Content Generator tailors each set of posts to the specific platform.

Sales collateral

Similar to marketing purposes, AI Content Generator is tailor-made for sales collateral creation.

Types of sales collateral include:

  • Sales pitches

  • Sales deck copy

  • Presentations

  • Email sequences

  • Cold call scripts

Industry example

The sales department for an international manufacturing company wants to revamp their sales deck copy. The company targets over 20 international markets, with a need for sales deck translation into nine additional languages too.

The sales department uses the old sales deck copy and recent landing page copy for three web pages on product updates and new releases as leveraged content to inform the brand new sales deck copy generation on AI Content Generator.

After generation and editing, the sales department then uses Smartcat Language AI for localization of the source English language sales deck copy into the other nine target languages.

E-commerce product information


Online retailers can use AI Content Generator for all manner of applications.

These include:

  • Product descriptions

  • Commerce-specific web pages

  • Checkout pages

  • Abandoned cart communications

  • Special campaign copy

Industry example

An online jewelry store wants to create a new campaign for an upcoming Black Friday sales drive. They want to update product copy for their entire product line – over 200 products – with a focus on gifting for the upcoming holiday season.

With AI Content Generator, they can get 200+ updated product descriptions that are adapted for Black Friday sales and the upcoming holiday season in a matter of minutes.

User interface (UI) copy

Use AI Content Generator to create any type of UI content.

Types of UI content include:

  • App copy

  • Online tool dashboard copy

  • Platform navigation copy

Industry example

A product team for a banking app needs to create copy to provide in-app navigation instructions and prompts to users in a conversational, friendly way. They use AI Content Generator to provide this copy. The product team prompts AI Content Generator with detailed instructions on what is required. They also leverage previous content on the app’s product copy and other navigation copy that they have used.

Smartcat is the essential language AI platform for the enterprise! With Smartcat AI Content Generator and its content creation and translation capabilities, you will be able to get more done in half the time, all while repurposing content that you have already worked hard to create.

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