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Evolve from spreadsheets and solve manual, error-prone content sharing. Get into fast, high quality eLearning translation for any file format, while saving up to 70% of your budget.

Solve your specific L&D translation and localization needs

Smartcat’s AI Translations and automated project management save me considerable time and work.

Michelle Quirke

Program Engagement Manager at Topcon

How does Smartcat eLearning translation work?


Choose your language pair(s)


Drag and drop your file(s) or upload them


AI-translate your content in less than one minute

eLearning localization done the right way

We know how important eLearning localization is to your company – let’s get it right together.


cost savings

on L&D translations



to complete translations


File types

supported, including XLIFF, VTT, and SRT



to third-party apps and tools, like inDesign




Motivate global staff with best-in-class L&D translations

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Simple, DIY experience for L&D teams

Translate LMS courses in minutes from Articulate, Adobe and iSpring among many others.

Challenge #1

  • Manual, slow, and decentralized translation processes

  • Limited collaboration on content

  • Difficulty translating non-intuitive XLIFF files

Challenge #2

  • Lack of global consistency

  • Poorly translated content

  • Insufficient subject matter knowledge from linguists

Challenge #3

  • Bloated vendor prices

  • Lack of transparency

  • Wasted spend

  • Accepting the less-than-ideal status quo

A translation platform that supports 30+ third-party tools and 60+ file formats, like XLIFF, video , PPT and PDF.

AI translation that delivers high quality results in minutes with minimal editing and review needed.

Savings of 90%+ with AI ensures you never hit a budget wall and can translate all of your content.

High volume of L&D content with A+ quality

Fast translation

Smartcat’s adaptive AI translation engine allows you to get eLearning content translation into multiple languages in a matter of seconds, rather than days or weeks.

Powerful technology

AI translation uses eight industry-leading translation engines, translation memories, and glossaries.

82%+ accuracy

from the start with AI auto-translations. It increasingly learns your company brand voice, style, and terminology with each human edit.

Ensure consistency with a central system of record

Smartcat builds a central system of record of your content and syncs work across your applications – quality and consistency are guaranteed by true automation. Your whole L&D team can reuse centralized, readily available, and dynamically updated translation assets.

Make translation budgets go further



average per-word cost


Translation vendor

industry per-word average cost

Work with subject-matter-expert translators

Smartcat also uses AI to match you with the best pre-vetted and specialized translators from the Smartcat Marketplace, which houses 500,000+ linguists. You can pay all suppliers – with a single agreement and invoice – in one click using Smartcat’s unified procurement solution.

Hire an expert linguist for your industry

Upload course authoring platform files from 60+ different formats

Whether you use Articulate Storyline 360, iSpring Suite, Whatfix, Adobe Captive, or any other authoring platform, Smartcat supports the document types you need, including XLIFF file, VTT, SRT, PDF, DOCX, Google Sheets, Google Docs, and many more. Formatting always remains intact.

In simplified and streamlined workflows

Break free from broken translation processes, bloated layers of project management, and miscommunication with the Smartcat platform’s collaborative translation management system (TMS) and workspaces. Invite linguists, subject matter experts, and your team to achieve better alignment and fewer feedback loops.

Smartcat workspace: Included translation tools and resources at a glance


Translation memories

Communication channel

CAT (Computer-assisted translations)

Style guides

LQA (Language quality assessment)

Support learning with translated videos and subtitles

You can quickly and easily translate videos into multiple languages — including subtitles — in minutes. Reviewed Marketplace linguists can verify AI video translations for accuracy, style, and tone of voice.

  • Live subtitle previews

  • Auto-subtitles

  • Subtitles added directly to your videos

Translate eLearning videos

eLearning translation FAQ

How can companies ensure unwavering translation and localization quality with Smartcat?

The Smartcat translation platform has numerous mechanics in place to help companies ensure quality throughout their eLearning materials. We use AI translation that delivers 82% accuracy from the start, which improves each time content is edited by Smartcat Marketplace linguists or your team. Smartcat’s machine learning translation engine quickly understands your desired style, tone of voice, and terminology.

Smartcat AI uses eight leading machine translation engines, such as DeepL, Amazon Translate, Google Translate, and Yandex.

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Can Smartcat keep content consistent across different file formats and third-party platform integrations?

The Smartcat platform is a central system of record that syncs work across integrated platforms and applications. A change in one system triggers updates in all others, meaning quality and consistency are cast-iron guaranteed. Next to machine translation, Smartcat AI draws from translation memories and glossaries in order to be consistent throughout translations.

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Can I get automatic AI translations of my eLearning materials verified?

To check and proofread AI translations, Smartcat identifies vetted translators that match your content subject matter expertise needs in our Marketplace. It’s the largest in the world with over 500,000 language professionals at your disposal. We have translators with specializations in every vertical, whether it be marketing, medicine, law, or construction, to name just some.

They work in practically any language pair, so you’ll never be limited.

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How can I control eLearning translation quality on the Smartcat platform?

Smartcat has a handy tool called LQA (language quality assessment), found in our CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tool. This allows the proofreader or your own specialists to check language quality, leave comments, and communicate with translators who can then fine-tune their work to meet your precise needs. In addition, LQA will generate reports on translation quality to keep you in the loop.

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What are some eLearning localization benefits?

Not only translating, but actually localizing your eLearning and training materials can yield huge benefits for your Learning & Development goals. That’s because you can adapt your content so that it fits the cultural and societal realities of employees in different countries, not to mention their learning styles and working environments.

You can achieve this by hiring translators from our Smartcat Marketplace that live in the country in question and understand the target audience at hand. This information, as well as their industry or subject matter specialization, is clearly noted in their profile.

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What is the localization process for eLearning and workplace training programs?

While each company produces its own eLearning courses and training materials differently, we understand the needs they have across the board. It’s easy once you’ve registered:

  • Upload the files you work with or set up an integration with the software you presently use.

  • AI-translate your files in under a minute

  • Download the files, which come out in the same layout or get your content instantly in your software via the integration without having to copy or paste.

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Which file types and third-party tools does Smartcat support?

Our team is constantly adding new solutions and features to Smartcat based on the needs of our clients. In this changing digital world, we need to keep up with new innovations and solutions. For example, we support the latest version of XLIFF files, which is needed for Articulate Rise and other online course authoring platforms.

You can read the full list of supported files and applications on the Smartcat Integrations page.

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