Meeting the toughest deadlines: GryOnline case study

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Deadlines are inevitable companions with any project. But nobody wants them to become a source of pressure for your team. Jakub Nowak, Head of Translations at GryOnline – long-term Smartcat client in the gaming industry – shares the challenges they faced and how Smartcat helped them overcome these.

GryOnline is one of the biggest gaming websites in Europe, now switching their focus to its English branch,, already one of the top 10 gaming websites worldwide.

How did Smartcat help streamline your translation processes?

Smartcat took away many publishing burdens and delays stemming from our former need to compile old articles with their updates.

Before, we had to manually upload and download significant amounts of documents for translation and then manually reassemble the content. With Smartcat, we managed to build a perfect environment to automate the translation of articles into the target language.

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What gains in productivity did you see?

Thanks to Smartcat, we were able to at least double our team’s productivity.

Automation helped our publishing team in a big way: it’s hard to quantify the time that we saved on file exchange! The integrated CAT tool helped our linguists optimize their workflow by employing machine translation, translation memories, and glossaries.

What’s your favorite Smartcat feature?

The translation memory feature is just invaluable – there’s no need to edit documents to include updated content.

Combined with CMS integration, AI-driven machine translation, and the open environment for linguists, Smartcat’s translation memory feature helped us:

  • introduce a seamless process for content localization,

  • minimize manual work in terms of project management,

  • instantly yield a beta-version translation of our new products.


We’ve now become certain that using the right tools makes both the translators’ and localization managers’ work much easier! Everyone can focus on content quality without struggling with the process.

These results at ​​GryOnline show that introducing continuous localization can be beneficial for both mature and developing products.