Translation RFP for all required info in one spot

Find out how Smartcat technology and services will best serve your company’s translation requirements and global expansion goals

Why should you submit an RFP to Smartcat?

You want to find the right translation solution for you. There may be many reasons for this:

You want to find a better end-to-end solution to accelerate global expansion.

You want to improve the translation processes in place.

You’re setting up a formal translation process for the first time.

What information can you gain by submitting a request for proposal for translation services and technology?

A Request for Proposal (RFP) of translation technology and services helps you to determine how translation technology and translation services fulfill your company’s translation needs. The company to whom you’ve sent the inquiry will give you a detailed response on how their B2B services and products will let you meet your short and long-term goals.

Foundation to scale

How can the offered technology and translation services set a foundation for continued and sustainable global growth?

Technical assessment

How does the architecture of the translation tool work and does it offer workflows, integration options, file support, and cybersecurity that suit the company’s corporate policies?

Customer success and support

Can the provider supply the support that your company needs to maximize the use of the translation technology and how much can they offer in terms of custom improvements for your specific needs?

RFPs determine how each member of your team benefits from the translation platform

When planning to launch and operate internationally, companies of all sizes should consider using a professional and well-functioning translation platform in order to make the localization process as efficient as possible. 76% of consumers prefer purchasing products with information in their own language.

Departments that require end-to-end translation technology


Software development


Marketing and Design

Learning and Development


Smartcat is an AI-driven Language Delivery Platform that can help each department and team successfully localize all sides of a business, on one unified platform.

What’s under the hood?

Smartcat is a translation platform with automated & adaptive workflows where humans and algorithms work seamlessly together.

AI Translation

AI-enabled automatic translations instantly generate context-rich results with accuracy that starts at 80% and improves with each edit. The technology is SOC-certified and encrypted for total privacy and security.

Marketplace of 500,000 vetted linguists

Our talent pool of verified language professionals ensures that you never have to worry about supplier availability. AI translator sourcing matches specialized linguists with your translation requirements and adds them to your project in a few clicks.

Collaborative TMS

The Smartcat translation management system lets you work collaboratively with your team and linguists within one platform to get high-quality translations. It’s a central system of record that uses AI machine translation, translation memories, and glossaries and auto-propagates your translation assets across all your documents and integrated software for more savings as well as improved consistency.

Unified Procurement Platform

Smartcat helps large enterprises cut through internal red tape, allowing employees to get their jobs done better by giving them more flexibility and choice over their suppliers. You can pay all suppliers under one agreement and one invoice.

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Translation RFP for all required info in one spot

Translation RFP FAQ

What is a Translation RFP?

An RFP is part of the typical procurement process next to Request for Bid (RFB) and Request for Information (RFI). An RFP is a means by which companies gain key information on B2B third-party services, goods, or technology providers.

Companies submit their own request for proposal forms to various companies they are considering to meet their specific need, in this case for translation services and/or technology. They use the detail-rich information in the RFP form to make an educated decision.

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What details are typically required in a Request for Proposal for translation technology and services?

You’ll find details that will help you make an informed decision, such as:

  • Company profile

  • Language services

  • Product overview

  • Translation management system (TMS)

  • API, connectors, integrations

  • Web proxy

  • Customer service & support

  • Security

  • Costs

  • Translation processes, turnaround times, and linguistic quality assurance

  • Translator profiles and auditing methods

  • Key differentiators of company, services, and platform against competitors

  • Translation AI, memories, glossary capabilities

  • Platform capabilities, user access and roles

This is just some of the information you can gain from an RPF.

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How fast will I receive a response to my RFP?

We will answer your questions as soon as possible, typically within one to three business days.

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