Smartcat Academy new course release: Translating XLIFF files for L&D courses

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Catering to global staff demands localization. Picture a scenario where an English-language course needs to be accessible to Spanish-speaking employees or Mandarin-speaking teams. Without proper translation, valuable knowledge remains out of reach for many.

The new Smartcat Academy course – Translation of e-learning courses with Smartcat: XLIFF file translation – is designed specifically for Learning and Development professionals tasked with making courses accessible across languages and cultures. It focuses on XLIFF file translation, the industry standard for localizing e-learning content, exploring file extraction and translation for both Articulate Rise 360 and Storyline 360.

This follows on from our first Smartcat Academy course – Ensuring quality by reviewing & editing AI translations in Smartcat Editor.

What to expect

This new course is both theoretical and practical! Learning and Development professionals will learn:

  1. Benefits of translating LMS courses into other languages

  2. How to export an XLIFF file from your course authoring tool

  3. How to load XLIFF files into Smartcat for translation

  4. An introduction to Smartcat AI and how it provides accurate and human-like translations with its tone of voice and terminology

  5. How to review and edit translations in Smartcat Editor

  6. How to export an XLIFF file from Smartcat to your course authoring tool

  7. Tips to ensure the usability of your course

The course consists of educational content, interactive demos, videos, and more, all to help you easily understand the process and succeed!

Translation of workplace learning courses is perfect for Learning and Development managers seeking to bridge linguistic gaps and deliver impactful e-learning experiences to global teams. It's not just about translating words but also about empowering organizations to educate and inspire employees across cultures and who speak different languages, accelerating workforce engagement, retention, and performance to new heights.

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