Scalable and affordable government translations to make vital information accessible to all

Smartcat facilitates getting government translation or enhanced language accessibility for government agencies with the aim of disseminating important information among all diversity groups within a community.


Government savings and fewer tax dollars used


Improved translation turnaround times


Faster communication to all language groups


encrypted and data-secure

 Smartcat empowers busy state and local government agencies with quick, unified language services.

Multilingual content delivery — at scale

Federal state public services (especially citizenship and immigration services) often struggle to keep up with the amount of multilingual content that the public needs. With Smartcat’s global network of 500,000+ linguists and AI-powered technology, governing bodies can obtain translations into 280+ languages with quick turnaround times.

Leading quality & consistency for error-free communication

Government agencies need to move away from decentralized translation workflows to avoid contrasting terminology and translating the same content multiple times. Centralize your efforts with Smartcat and benefit from AI translations, translation memories, and glossaries for accurate translations, all in a unified workspace.

Both the translation memory and glossaries make translated written communication consistent and professional.

Peggy Liao

Language Access Program and Policy Specialist at The City of Seattle

Source certified translators and experts in our government-compliant procurement platform

Staffing and contracting regulations in state corporations can make working with multiple suppliers a challenge. Use Smartcat’s AI sourcing technology to quickly find expert suppliers and hire any number of professional translators and agencies via one agreement. Finally, you can pay all suppliers with one invoice in a few clicks.

Sensitive information protected by SOC-II encryption and cybersecurity

Smartcat is a closed circuit that keeps your data safe – at no point do linguists get access to your internal files and have no way of downloading your materials. The system is encrypted and SOC II-compliant, allowing government agencies to rest at ease. Plus, you can work with reputable linguists as opposed to unknown outsourced translators.

A centralized workspace

A multilingual content hub

Smartcat's centralized workspace streamlines collaboration between your team and linguists to effectively manage translation projects from start to finish. You benefit from a selection of powerful tools and features, including AI-powered translation, project management, and vendor management.

AI and human adaptive translations

Smartcat's AI and human adaptive translations provide a robust solution for wide-scale and high-level translation needs. Smartcat's AI-powered translation tool utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze and translate the text with impressive accuracy and speed. Skilled linguists approve or edit the translations, which feed into the AI machine learning.

The largest global network of linguists

Smartcat is proud to have the most expansive network of 500,00 linguists in the industry, providing a wide range of foreign language expertise. All translators are carefully vetted for their language skills and relevant experience to ensure Smartcat can match your projects with the right person – high-quality guaranteed.

Smartcat’s AI-based sourcing of translators based on content, skills, background and performance makes it easy to find suitable collaborators for our translation projects

Gina Groß

eCommerce Team Lead at Wunderman Thompson

Support for multiple connectors and file types

Smartcat's platform supports over 30 connectors and 80+ file types, making it a breeze to integrate your translation projects with your existing tech stack – whether you're working with website content, mobile apps, or multimedia files. Smartcat’s powerful connectors enable seamless integration with leading platforms, while our intuitive user interface makes it easy to manage your projects in real time.

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