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Translate your website into multiple languages using a simple platform that works with any CMS and combines automatic translation with professional, human editing

Easy-to-use solution

Works with any CMS

Unmatched speed

High-quality AI translation

How to set up Website Translator

Just drop a simple javascript code onto your website and you’re ready to go. No need to set up integrations or manually upload translations to your web server.


Select languages and enter domain name


Run AI translation


Publish your pages

Why Smartcat?

Smartcat is a Language Delivery Platform™ that combines plug-and-play AI translation with collaborative workflows, vetted linguists, and an embedded supply chain to make translating content easy for any business

AI-driven translation

Harness the power of automatic translation with AI that learns from your edits and incrementally improves each subsequent translation as a result

Professional linguists

Find the best translators and editors in our built-in Marketplace of 500,000+ language professionals ready to work on your projects.

Collaborative workflows

Collaborate with colleagues, freelance translators, or agencies in one place. Pay all suppliers using a single agreement and one invoice.


free words

using AI translation every month



providing high-quality translation services


less admin.

saving you and your team hours of work



to ensure you stay ahead of the curve

Budget-saving technology

The more you translate with Smartcat, the more you save. With Smartwords™, you can reuse up to 80% of existing translations, spend less time on projects, and get better quality.

Our average customer saves $0.05 per word on translation tasks.

One solution to deliver a multilingual experience across all platforms

Connect Smartcat to your existing tools and platforms to give your team more flexibility and control over the localization process

…and more integrations with fully automated support!

Smartcat allowed us to translate the Weebly website into 13 languages in a very short time frame, and to a high standard. Through Smartcat’s solution, we were able to efficiently manage the entire localization process, from integrations and an automated workflow to sourcing translators and assigning tasks.

Nicolás Olucha Sánchez

Localization Manager at Weebly

Make your website multilingual with Smartcat

Website translator FAQ

How do I translate a website with Smartcat Website Translator?

Create an account on Smartcat to preview, edit and publish the translation of any page on your website. Use the Website Translator widget above to select the pages you want to translate and choose your language pair (source and target languages). Machine translation engines will automatically translate the page content.
Edit the translated pages yourself or invite professional linguists from the Marketplace to help out, and instantly preview the edits.
When you’re ready to publish, just embed a simple javascript code on your website.

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Can I use the Website Translator if I don’t have a Smartcat account?

You can preview the translation of one page on your website without having to sign up. To translate multiple pages, edit the translations, and push them live, you need to create a free Smartcat account.

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Can I preview more than one page?

When you first use the Website Translator, you’ll get an instant preview of one page of your website translated into one language of your choice.
To continue translating your website with Website Translator, simply create a free Smartcat account. You’ll then be able to view more translated pages and switch to other languages.

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What are the benefits of Smartcat Website Translator vs the Google Chrome extension?

Website Translator provides more translation capabilities and features than the Google Chrome extension.
First of all, you can not only preview translations but also edit and automatically push them live. Your website visitors don’t have to install an extension to access content in their native language.
Smartcat Website Translator uses the best-in-class machine translation engines and AI. The technology learns from your edits to deliver high-quality AI translation.
You can also easily get professional linguists to review your translations with our integrated network of 500,000+ translators, editors, proofreaders, and agencies.

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What’s the difference between Smartcat and Google Translate?

Smartcat Website Translator chooses from 8 powerful machine translation engines (including Google, Microsoft, Baidu, DeepL, and Amazon) based on your language pair. Our AI translation is powered by AI, which improves output the more you use it.

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Does Smartcat Website Translator work with any tool or Content Management System?

Yes! All you have to do is add a JavaScript code snippet on your website to enable other languages. No need to set up any integrations or copy-paste or upload translations.

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Where are translations stored?

Both the JavaScript code that substitutes the translations and the translated content are hosted by the Content Delivery Network (CDN), a geographically distributed group of data centers. This helps you get the maximum download speed possible.

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My website receives a lot of traffic. Can Smartcat Website Translator handle it?

Smartcat Website Translator delivers all data and translations via CDN and does not use the Smartcat cloud infrastructure.
However many visits your website gets daily, you’re guaranteed maximum performance regardless of the speed or availability of the Smartcat platform.
Smartcat only uses a proxy mode when you’re viewing the website as a manager: this way you can see all current translations and work on any pages before the translations are published and available to all visitors of your website.

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How many languages does the Website Translator support?

You can translate your website into 280+ languages using Smartcat. A full list of supported languages can be found on this page.

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Do I have to use machine translation? Can I translate everything manually?

You start with machine translation to speed up the translation process and preview your website. You can then edit the content on any web page. Just click Edit on the web page in the Website Translator.
Most importantly, as you review or tweak these translations, Smartcat will remember them, and use them first when translating other website pages. The more you edit and review your translations, the faster Smartcat will learn and further improve AI translation.

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Do I have to edit the translations myself?

You can edit the translation yourself, but you don't have to. You can always bring in colleagues or a language agency, or invite freelancers directly on Smartcat.

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Does Smartcat provide professional website translation services?

Yes. Smartcat has an integrated Marketplace with the world’s largest network of language professionals. You can find the best translators, editors, proofreaders, and agencies to complete any of your translation jobs.
You can also set up different workflows to translate your website: machine translation, human translation, or mixed (AI translation with human editing).

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Can I bring my own translators to Smartcat?

Yes, you can invite as many users as you like without having to pay for additional seats. Check out our guide to learn how you can collaborate with your whole team on Smartcat.

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I want to hire freelancers on Smartcat, but how do I pay them?

One of the advantages of Smartcat is that you can work with as many freelancers or language companies as you like without having to worry about contracts. As a Smartcat client, you have a single contract with Smartcat, and a single monthly invoice from Smartcat. We manage all payments, currencies, and legal matters to pay each of your suppliers.

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How much does localizing a website cost with Smartcat Website Translator?

The exact cost depends on your subscription plan and the amount of content you want to translate. Check our plans and pricing or book a meeting with one of our localization experts to learn more.

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Make your website multilingual with Smartcat


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