The language service and technology industry is estimated to be worth a whopping US$49.60 billion. And due to the growing content economy, this market is set to steadily rise. The need for global connectivity means that LSPs will remain in high demand, and the top translation companies will continually strive to secure the largest slice of the pie.

The research from CSA Research’s Global Market Study breaks down the biggest players in the field, providing a list of the world’s best translation companies in 2019. This study is based on a sample of 589 providers and has two distinct objectives (quote):

  1. to obtain financial and other company data from a valid representative sample of companies so that it can be compared against the total population

  2. to identify the largest providers in each region and category
    A place in the top 100 allows LSPs to benchmark their performance against the big boys and earn recognition among buyers.
    This is the 15th consecutive study completed by CSA Research assessing the impact of outsourced language services and technology. Let’s dig deeper into the top 10 translation companies and pinpoint exactly what it is that makes them stand out in a fiercely competitive industry.

1) TransPerfect

TransPerfect spectacularly tops the list of language service providers for 2019 — an admirable feat for a company aiming to keep a family feel at the heart of their large scale operations. With 90+ offices worldwide and 25 years in the localization industry, TransPerfect’s rise to the top has not come overnight. They have honed their high-quality translation skills by completing over 300,000 language projects, and they claim to translate more than 7 million words a day. With an impressive client list spanning a variety of sectors, it will take some effort to topple TransPerfect from CSA Research’s number 1 spot.

2) Lionbridge

Lionbridge’s claim of translating more content than any other provider in the world is impressive, and it’s the quality of their translation services that have seen them playing second fiddle only to TransPerfect. Lionbridge specializes in a wide variety of content, from written text, voice, audio, video, to structured and unstructured data. Their vast network of experts makes them a force to be reckoned with in the translation and interpretation sector.

3) LanguageLine Solutions

With over 20 years of experience in the language services industry, in terms of sheer size and scale, LanguageLine is the top dog of certified translation. Boasting nearly twice as many full-time employees as their next biggest rival, LanguageLine Solutions operate out of 364 offices neatly spread across the globe. They offer translation and interpretation services to healthcare institutions, government departments, and multinational businesses. With a strong focus on customer support and dedicated project managers, LanguageLine should hope to expand even further throughout all areas of the translation enterprise.

4) SDL

The highest-ranking UK-based company in the list, SDL aligns the need for high-quality translations with an ever-expanding demand for content creation and management. Many of the world’s top companies have worked with SDL, so the agency is not short of experience in the language service industry. And with the resources and platforms required to back up its ambitious claims, SDL will likely keep playing an important part in the future landscape of the language industry.

5) RWS Holdings

RWS has carved its own niche as a world leader in translation, localization, intellectual property support solutions, and life sciences language services. With specialist divisions assigned to unique administrative processes, RWS focuses on the client and customer support. The company is largely acknowledged as the global leader in translations and linguistic solutions for the life sciences industry, with 60 years of experience in a range of therapeutic areas, regulatory affairs, medical device documentation, and e-learning and training programs. With translation and interpretation services in more than 150 languages, RWS is perfectly placed to deliver localized content quickly and efficiently.

6) translate plus

A relative minnow compared to some of the much larger companies offering language services, translate plus has experienced tremendous growth in the last few years, placing it firmly in the CSA global top 10. Working hard to provide the client with tailor-made translation packages, translate plus are an independent language service provider, which means they are not limited by the constraints of a specific technology, and can choose the best fit for each project.

7) Keywords Studios

Keywords Studios place a strong emphasis on interaction, a vision that is evident from simply landing on the homepage of their website. Keywords Studios support game developers and publishers worldwide and have been around since the very earliest localized games. Leading with a creative specialism, their unique approach and market position makes them global pioneers in their field. High-quality localization is delivered by a team of native multilingual experts who focus on culturally sensitive and carefully considered content.

8) Appen

Appen specializes in developing training data for various ML and AI applications, one of which is machine translation, ranging from product descriptions and user reviews to speech interfaces. Placing their belief in data as the key to achieving the most effective machine translation, Appen customizes engines to suit individual specifications and designs tailored databases to make the translation process more accurate and efficient.

9) Hogarth Worldwide

Hogarth position themselves as a creative production company, specializing in advertising and marketing content for a global audience. Hogarth’s ethos puts language at the heart of every process, recognizing the need for skilled copywriting in each language. They adapt content for different cultures, understanding that the quality of an original idea is only as good as its execution in the target market.

10) Welocalize

As its name suggests, Welocalize offers multilingual solutions to allow international companies to communicate globally. Recognizing the impact that digital transformation is having on the industry as a whole, Welocalize attempts to drive enterprises towards managing multilingual content as a means of obtaining a competitive advantage.

That’s it! But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Explore the remaining 90 companies from CSA Research’s Global Market Study in the table below.

Top 100 translation companies worldwide (actually 193)

Company Name 2019 Top 100 Rank 2019 Regional Rank Region HQ Country
1 TransPerfect 1 1 North America United States of America
2 Lionbridge 2 2 North America United States of America
3 LanguageLine Solutions 3 3 North America United States of America
4 SDL 4 1 Northern Europe United Kingdom
5 RWS Holdings 5 2 Northern Europe United Kingdom
6 translate plus 6 3 Northern Europe United Kingdom
7 Keywords Studios 7 4 Northern Europe Ireland
8 Appen 8 1 Asia-Pacific Australia
9 Hogarth Worldwide 9 5 Northern Europe United Kingdom
10 Welocalize 10 4 North America United States of America
11 Amplexor 11 1 Western Europe Luxembourg
12 STAR Group 12 2 Western Europe Switzerland
13 Translation Bureau 13 5 North America Canada
14 CyraCom 14 6 North America United States of America
15 Acolad 15 3 Western Europe France
16 Semantix 16 6 Northern Europe Sweden
17 Pactera 17 2 Asia-Pacific China
18 thebigword 18 7 Northern Europe United Kingdom
19 Honyaku Center 19 3 Asia-Pacific Japan
20 United Language Group 20 7 North America United States of America
21 Ubiqus 21 4 Western Europe France
22 President Translation Service 22 4 Asia-Pacific Taiwan
23 Languagewire 23 8 Northern Europe Denmark
24 Stratus Video 24 8 North America United States of America
25 KERN 25 5 Western Europe Germany
26 LOGOS GROUP 26 1 Southern Europe Italy
27 Morningside Translations 27 9 North America United States of America
28 Språkservice Sverige 28 9 Northern Europe Sweden
29 Livewords 29 6 Western Europe Netherlands
30 SeproTec 30 2 Southern Europe Spain
31 Verztec 31 5 Asia-Pacific Singapore
32 Certified Languages International 32 10 North America United States of America
33 Akorbi 33 11 North America United States of America
34 CSOFT 34 6 Asia-Pacific China
35 YAMAGATA Group 35 7 Asia-Pacific Japan
36 Crestec 36 8 Asia-Pacific Japan
37 Transvoice Sweden 37 10 Northern Europe Sweden
38 Sunyu Transphere 38 9 Asia-Pacific China
39 LocalEyes 39 11 Northern Europe Ireland
40 ZOO Digital 40 12 Northern Europe United Kingdom
41 Apostroph 41 7 Western Europe Germany
42 Rozetta 42 10 Asia-Pacific Japan
43 Skrivanek 43 1 Eastern Europe Czech Republic
44 Alpha CRC 44 13 Northern Europe United Kingdom
45 Janus Worldwide 45 8 Western Europe Austria
46 Sichuan Lan-Bridge Communications 46 11 Asia-Pacific China
47 AWATERA 47 2 Eastern Europe Russian Federation
48 Argos Multilingual 48 3 Eastern Europe Poland
49 24translate 49 9 Western Europe Germany
50 EC Innovations 50 12 Asia-Pacific China
51 Nordisk Undertext 51 14 Northern Europe Sweden
52 Versacom 52 12 North America Canada
53 NLG 53 10 Western Europe Germany
54 Transline 54 11 Western Europe Germany
55 TRSB 55 13 North America Canada
56 Straker Translations 56 13 Asia-Pacific New Zealand
57 LanguageLoop 57 14 Asia-Pacific Australia
58 WordTech International 58 15 Asia-Pacific China
59 Interpreters Unlimited 59 14 North America United States of America
60 Interpreting Services International 60 15 North America United States of America
61 Crimson Interactive 61 16 Asia-Pacific India
62 Language Connect 62 15 Northern Europe United Kingdom
63 Lingsoft 63 16 Northern Europe Finland
64 Lingo24 64 17 Northern Europe United Kingdom
65 itl Institut für Technische Literatur 65 12 Western Europe Germany
66 mt-g medical translation 66 13 Western Europe Germany
67 MasterWord Services 67 16 North America United States of America
68 Chizai 68 17 Asia-Pacific Japan
69 Angel Translation 69 18 Asia-Pacific Hong Kong
70 Propio Language Services 70 17 North America United States of America
71 EGO Translating Company 71 4 Eastern Europe Russian Federation
72 Diction 72 14 Western Europe Switzerland
73 Geneva Worldwide 73 18 North America United States of America
74 Summa Linguae 74 5 Eastern Europe Poland
75 Human Science Co. 75 19 Asia-Pacific Japan
76 76 15 Western Europe Netherlands
77 e2f 77 19 North America United States of America
78 Sandberg Translation Partners 78 18 Northern Europe United Kingdom
79 MediaLocate 79 20 North America United States of America
80 Dynamic Language Center 80 21 North America United States of America
81 Linguitronics 81 20 Asia-Pacific Taiwan
82 Ingenuiti 82 22 North America United States of America
83 MGS Language Services 83 21 Asia-Pacific Israel
84 Iota Localisation Services 84 19 Northern Europe Ireland
85 OFILINGUA 85 3 Southern Europe Spain
86 Tolingo 86 16 Western Europe Germany
87 TranslateMedia 87 20 Northern Europe United Kingdom
88 American Sign Language Services 88 23 North America United States of America
89 CPSL 89 4 Southern Europe Spain
90 HansemEUG 90 22 Asia-Pacific Korea, Republic of
91 Kaleidoscope 91 17 Western Europe Austria
92 The Language Banc 92 24 North America United States of America
93 Powerling 93 18 Western Europe France
94 American Language Services 94 25 North America United States of America
95 Linguaserve 95 5 Southern Europe Spain
96 TransLink 96 6 Eastern Europe Russian Federation
97 LANDEXX 97 19 Western Europe Germany
98 1-Stop Asia 98 26 North America United States of America
99 Tetras 99 20 Western Europe Germany
100 TLS 100 7 Eastern Europe Russian Federation
101 AdHoc Translations n/a 28 Northern Europe Denmark
102 Aglatech14 Spa n/a 9 Southern Europe Italy
103 AKM Translations n/a 24 Eastern Europe Russian Federation
104 Allcorrect Group n/a 22 Eastern Europe Russian Federation
105 Allround Service n/a 39 Western Europe Germany
106 ALM Translations n/a 29 Northern Europe United Kingdom
107 altalingua n/a 9 Eastern Europe Romania
108 Andovar n/a 25 Asia-Pacific Singapore
109 Arabize n/a 1 Africa Egypt
110 ARKADIA TRANSLATIONS n/a 14 Southern Europe Italy
111 Aspena n/a 12 Eastern Europe Czech Republic
112 Attached Language Intelligence n/a 40 Western Europe Netherlands
113 Baquero Translation n/a 10 Latin America and the Caribbean Argentina
114 Beijing Foryou Data Technology n/a 28 Asia-Pacific China
115 Bilingual LS n/a 2 Latin America and the Caribbean Peru
116 cApStAn n/a 37 Western Europe Belgium
117 Ciklopea n/a 17 Southern Europe Croatia
118 Continental Interpreting Services n/a 29 North America United States of America
119 Delingua Oy n/a 24 Northern Europe Finland
120 dhaxley Translations n/a 36 Western Europe Belgium
121 Directum Translations n/a 6 Latin America and the Caribbean Mexico
122 E4NET n/a 26 Asia-Pacific Korea, Republic of
123 eLocalize for Technology n/a 2 Africa Egypt
124 Enssner Zeitgeist Translations n/a 30 Western Europe Germany
125 ES Localization Services n/a 31 Asia-Pacific Turkey
126 Euro-Com International n/a 34 Western Europe Netherlands
127 exe n/a 23 Eastern Europe Slovakia
128 ezispeak n/a 32 Asia-Pacific Australia
129 Folio Group n/a 3 Africa South Africa
130 Gemino n/a 31 Western Europe Germany
131 German Translation Network n/a 27 Western Europe Germany
132 GET IT n/a 18 Eastern Europe Poland
133 Global Lingo n/a 22 Northern Europe United Kingdom
134 Global textware n/a 33 Western Europe Netherlands
135 Go Global n/a 7 Latin America and the Caribbean Argentina
136 HM Language Services n/a 35 Asia-Pacific Hong Kong
137 iDISC n/a 11 Southern Europe Spain
138 iLen Technology n/a 34 Asia-Pacific China
139 InPuzzle n/a 26 Western Europe France
140 Iolar n/a 7 Southern Europe Slovenia
141 ITC Global Translations n/a 28 North America United States of America
142 KONTEKST n/a 19 Eastern Europe Poland
143 Korn Translations n/a 3 Latin America and the Caribbean Brazil
144 Leinhäuser n/a 21 Western Europe Germany
145 Lexcelera n/a 32 Western Europe France
146 LIDEX n/a 11 Eastern Europe Poland
147 Literra n/a 17 Eastern Europe Russian Federation
148 Locaria n/a 27 Northern Europe United Kingdom
149 LocaTran Translations n/a 29 Asia-Pacific China
150 Logrus Bohemia n/a 14 Eastern Europe Czech Republic
151 Logrus IT n/a 30 North America United States of America
152 Master Translation Services n/a 23 Asia-Pacific China
153 Mastervoice n/a 38 Western Europe Belgium
154 Mc LEHM n/a 8 Southern Europe Spain
155 MEINRAD n/a 35 Western Europe Austria
156 Montero Traducciones n/a 6 Southern Europe Spain
157 Neotech n/a 8 Eastern Europe Russian Federation
158 Omnia n/a 12 Southern Europe Italy
159 OneDocument n/a 19 Southern Europe Spain
160 ORCO n/a 13 Southern Europe Greece
161 Precisa Traducciones n/a 9 Latin America and the Caribbean Mexico
162 Prof Lingva n/a 13 Eastern Europe Russian Federation
163 ProfPerevod n/a 16 Eastern Europe Russian Federation
164 Prolangs n/a 27 Asia-Pacific Korea, Republic of
165 PSG Translations n/a 15 Southern Europe Italy
166 Rheinschrift Language Services n/a 28 Western Europe Germany
167 RoundTable Studio n/a 4 Latin America and the Caribbean Uruguay
168 Russian Translation Company n/a 25 Eastern Europe Russian Federation
169 Stoquart n/a 22 Western Europe Belgium
170 Studio Gambit n/a 15 Eastern Europe Poland
171 Synergium n/a 30 Northern Europe Sweden
172 TALK finance n/a 24 Western Europe Luxembourg
173 Talking China n/a 30 Asia-Pacific China
174 Tarjama n/a 24 Asia-Pacific United Arab Emirates
175 Techinput n/a 20 Eastern Europe Russian Federation
176 Terra Translations n/a 5 Latin America and the Caribbean Argentina
177 text & form n/a 23 Western Europe Germany
178 The Language Group n/a 27 North America United States of America
179 Tilde n/a 21 Northern Europe Latvia
180 Toptranslation n/a 25 Western Europe Germany
181 Traducta n/a 16 Southern Europe Portugal
182 Translata n/a 21 Eastern Europe Slovakia
183 Translation Back Office n/a 1 Latin America and the Caribbean Argentina
184 TransMission Űbersetzungen n/a 29 Western Europe Germany
185 Treeloc n/a 10 Southern Europe Spain
186 Valuepoint Knowledgeworks n/a 33 Asia-Pacific India
187 Vertere n/a 20 Southern Europe Italy
188 Win & Winnow n/a 8 Latin America and the Caribbean Argentina
189 Wolfestone n/a 26 Northern Europe United Kingdom
190 Word Works n/a 18 Southern Europe Spain
191 World Translation n/a 23 Northern Europe Denmark
192 XTM n/a 25 Northern Europe United Kingdom
193 ZELENKA Czech Republic n/a 10 Eastern Europe Czech Republic

*Based on CSA Research report.