Efficiency and collaboration-enabled Smartcat AI video translator

Get automatic, high-quality AI translation of your videos – rendered with burned-in subtitles and AI voice over – with the easiest and most user-friendly video translation solution.

Consistent Language AI™️ for video translation



the speed

compared to traditional translation agency fees


of the cost

with the same or less review time


accuracy from the start

and learns from your existing content and edits

Translate videos in three easy steps


Upload your video files

We support dozens of file formats. Upload or drag & drop the file.


Get AI translation in seconds

We support up to 280 different languages, even less common ones.


Download rendered videos with burned-in subtitles

It's all taken care of by Smartcat, no need to edit with third-party platforms, expensive agencies or videographers. 

The total video translation solution for the modern enterprise

All you need in a single translation platform

You can handle your entire video localization production line with a single solution.

AI translate your uploaded files

You simply upload your video files and Smartcat extracts the subtitles automatically, making them translation-ready in the Smartcat Editor.

Preview the results before downloading

Hire linguists or your in-house teams can edit the subtitles in the Smartcat Editor, all while seeing them in real-time in the video preview.

Work collaborative with specialized linguists

Select from AI-sourced lists of expert linguists who are specialized in your vertical and industry from the Smartcat Marketplace to review your video translation.

Ensure ongoing consistency with AI human workflows and adaptive learning loops

AI translation learns from your existing content and new edits, saving it in a central record of multilingual content.  

Speed and convenience with AI video translation

It’s never been easier to get translated videos. Simply upload your video and download it in up to 280 languages using Smartcat’s user-friendly video translation tool, supported in our all-in-one AI translation platform.

Translate videos

Improve team efficiency with collaborative and easy video translation and subtitle editing

You, your team, or hired linguists have access to the world’s easiest and most collaborative Smartcat translation editor, which comes stocked with a live preview of localized videos, crucial editor functions such character limit control, linguistic assets like glossaries and translation memories, and more.

Get your team started

Produce high-quality, on brand videos to engage global audiences

With Smartcat’s Consistent Language AI™, you can get contextual, configurable, and quality automatic translation that adheres to your company’s brand voice, style, and terminology. It learns from your existing content and saves translations in a central record.

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Get more translated videos in less time

Thanks to Smartcat's all-in-one platform and video translation tool for the best in quality, team collaboration, and productivity


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