White Paper: The rise of AI, ChatGPT, and Automation in Localization as key business drivers

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Our latest whitepaper, ‘What AI, ChatGPT, and Automation Really Mean for Localization,’ is packed full of  insights to help leaders with goals of global expansion stay ahead of the translation game. Diving into how AI has already transformed the translation industry – and how it will shape its future – the paper is a must-read for anyone interested in the advancements that will define language services moving forward.

Read what AI, ChatGPT, and Automation really mean for Localization

What you'll discover:

  • AI is augmenting the traditional translation process by harnessing the immense potential of AI-based translation technology. From quickly and accurately translating entire websites, to the rapid localization of marketing materials, the whitepaper illuminates how the power of AI and automation is empowering companies to reach a wider audience, more quickly and affordably than ever before.

  • The impact of ChatGPT on translations; the new and hyped generative artificial intelligence by OpenAI is already making waves, including in the language services industry. We also list some OpenAI alternatives.

  • AI + Human workflows skyrocket translations; a process that helps to lighten the workload for project managers, automatically assign tasks to match linguists, without compromising on quality along the way.

  • AI technology contributes to cost-cutting. By automating repetitive (and uncreative) processes, localization firms are now saving significant amounts of time and money by reducing the workload for regular translators – an enormous cost-saving exercise when introduced at scale.

Empowering organizations to capitalize on these technological developments and position themselves at the forefront of progress, Smartcat has established itself as an industry leader.

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