Smartcat translation company solution

We know running an LSC is hard. Especially these days. We’re here to help.

We know running an LSP is hard. Urgent requests from customers, unpredictable workload, translators disappearing, challenges paying to other countries, and so on and so forth…

These were the very reasons that fueled our passion developing Smartcat. And they are the reasons that keep thousands of LSPs around the world happy they’re using Smartcat today.

  1. Work from home, effectively and efficiently

    Work from home, effectively and efficiently

    As the coronavirus situation continues to unfold, more and more companies are forced to switch to working from home. If yours is one of them, and if you are worried about how you are going to build your processes without your usual desktop software around, fear not.

    👍 Smartcat has all the tools you’re used to — and more, — and you can collaborate with your whole team completely online.

  2. Forget per-user licenses

    Forget per-user licenses

    You know how it goes: You get a rush project and have to buy an umpty-person license for your TMS or CAT tool. Then it’s low season, and you’re burning your money with idle “seats”.

    👍 Smartcat does not have “seats”. You can invite your whole team of project managers, vendor managers, administrators, and so on — at zero cost to you. As long as you’re using Smartcat with your own in-house or freelance resources, it’s a free ride all the way!

  3. 300,000+ translators at your fingertips

    300,000+ translators at your fingertips

    You have a core team of trusted translators, but suddenly there’s a big project coming, and you need more. You go to online forums and marketplaces trying to fill the gap — while putting quality at risk.

    👍 In Smartcat, assigning a new translator is as easy as clicking one button. And these are no unknown quantities — our translators are hired, tested, and vetted by thousands of users just like you.

  4. Tech your customers will love

    Tech your customers will love

    Do you still ask customers to send you files by email or chat? Then you’d better know that more and more companies expect a productized experience, where they can just upload a file on the web, get an instant quote, and track the progress in real time.

    👍 That’s exactly what Smartcat’s Client Portal is about. That’s your new front page for your clients. Their experience will be just as you expect in the new age of SaaS platforms and web apps. And it makes life easier for you too!

  5. Continuous localization

    Continuous localization

    If you ever worked with software companies, you know that these guys love automation. And there’s plenty of platforms popping up that let them configure an automated process to send their files and receive translations back. Can you offer the same?

    👍 With Smartcat, you can! Whether by yourself or with the help of our localization engineers, you can set up a process that will work like clockwork, pushing and pulling strings and translations back and forth. You’re tech-savvy now!

  6. No-brainer payments around the world

    No-brainer payments around the world

    As any LSP knows, most of your translators are scattered around the world. How much money and nerves do you waste sending payments to remote places, where everything works differently? Suddenly you’re liable for some tax you never knew existed!

    👍 It doesn’t have to be this hard, and with Smartcat it’s not. You just pay one amount to Smartcat’s closest legal entity, whether it’s in the US, Europe, or Asia — and Smartcat distributes the amount among your payees. Automagically.

You worked hard getting your LSP to where it is now. Don’t let the effort go down the drain.

Pick a future-ready translation platform. Pick Smartcat.