How Intradiem’s L&D team started from zero and translated 20 top-quality Articulate Rise courses in record time

Intradiem needed to quickly translate all of their learning materials into Canadian French to close significant deals with two Canadian companies and meet the needs of a current client. Thanks to Smartcat, the learning services team was able to quickly overcome limited resources to translate high-quality, consistent training content in under six weeks.

Achieved results


quality of translation deliverables

High-quality and publication-ready L&D content the team could use instantly.


Articulate Rise 360 training courses

Thanks to Smartcat's AI human workflows and support for 80+ file types, including XLIFF. 


weeks or less

To translate high-quality training courses, 30 job aids, videos, demos, and system screenshots 

“It was a fast turnaround from the start. It took us less than two weeks to translate a large volume of content. Smartcat made it a lot less stressful for us.”

Cynthia Gibbs, Learning Service Manager at Intradiem

The Challenge

Intradiem provides intelligent automation for customer service teams in companies from a variety of industries, such as healthcare, financial services, telecommunications, and retail. During a recent Smartcat webinar on L&D translation with Smartcat AI technology, Cynthia Gibbs, the Learning Services Manager at Intradiem, explained the urgent need to translate their L&D materials against a very tight deadline. The company had started seeing massive growth and their number of employees more than doubled. They launched in the UK and Canada as a part of their continued global expansion goal.

The challenge arose because Intradiem wanted to sign with two major Canadian companies and needed to rapidly show them their training in Canadian French, as well as localize their content to meet the linguistic and cultural needs of the new locale. In addition, new legislation that just passed by the Canadian government states that training materials must be available in English as well as Canadian French.

As they didn’t have the resources or a localization program and platform in place to handle a project of this size at speed, plus an existing customer required Canadian French translations, they turned to Smartcat for a speedy solution.

The clock was ticking: Dozens of Articulate Rise courses and multimedia files in a variety of formats to translate in one month

Intradiem needed to translate 20 Articulate Rise 360 training courses, 30 job aids, videos, demos, and screenshots of several systems – in just six weeks. The Smartcat team helped Cynthia and her colleagues set up an ongoing localization process that would allow them to efficiently translate their content into high-quality and consistent Canadian French into the future.

Learn more about Articulate 360 translation

High-quality and consistent AI translation of your Articulate 360 courses, whether created on Rise 360 or Storyline 360, in record time.

The Solution

After setting up the account in only a few minutes, Cynthia and her team could access the same workspace to collaborate on the projects in one overview. 

The team was able to process any file type with Smartcat’s flexible translation system,  including the XLIFF files needed for Articulate Rise courses. Smartcat’s AI then translated all of their training content with contextual and high-quality results, in line with their existing brand voice, tone, and terminology.

As a next step, vetted linguists from the Smartcat Marketplace – with expertise in the prospective client’s fields – were able to collaborate in the same workspace with the Intradiem team to check and edit the translations in the Smartcat Editor. Smartcat provides unlimited seats to companies, meaning any member of the team could join. 

Intradiem was also able to take advantage of the video/audio translation capability by uploading a video file (Smartcat supports all popular multimedia files) and exporting it rendered with burned-in subtitles. Within the Smartcat Editor, they were able to see the videos with translated subtitles in real time and make any further adjustments.

AI linguist sourcing and unified procurement via Smartcat Marketplace

To find linguists on the Smartcat Marketplaces, which houses 500,000 vendors and 5,000 boutique agencies, Smartcat’s AI sourcing feature helped them to quickly find suitable linguists to help ensure top-quality translations to meet the expectations of their prospective clients.

AI sourcing scans the entire Marketplace, which is about half of the world’s entire linguistic pool, and then analyzes the content and project requirements against the linguist’s profile. It presents a list of suitable candidates that can be invited to the collaborative project and tasked with translation editing in one click.

Once invited to a project, Intradiem could hire all vendors with a single agreement and later pay them with a single invoice, thanks to Smartcat’s easy-to-use unified procurement solution.

Project oversight and support

Smartcat also provides project automation tools that allow each company to independently manage translations with easy-to-set-up projects, workflows, tasks, and real-time data, all in a user-friendly and self-sufficient platform. 

Smartcat AI human workflows provide Cynthia and her team with automation that helps them ensure they successfully meet their tight deadlines and quality requirements. 

The Results

Fast turnaround time

“It was a fast turnaround from the start. It took us less than two weeks to translate a large volume of content. Smartcat made it a lot less stressful for us.”

Cynthia Gibbs

Learning Service Manager at Intradiem

100% quality of translation deliverables on the first try

When Intradiem received the translations back from the Smartcat platform, the content was high-quality and publication-ready. They didn’t require any further edits and needed to waste time on feedback loops and could use the multilingual Articulate Rise courses immediately.

“We could automatically upload the Articulate Rise courses, thus were able to sign both potential customers, which were large companies within Canada.”

“Smartcat is a great marketing tool. We can quickly get things translated into whatever language we need and make our content accessible to our audiences. We have a great partner with Smartcat.”

Intradiem’s expansion and go-to-market success

Intradiem was able to meet their customer requests after quickly delivering high-quality L&D translations. They can now take their translated product to other Canadian or more global companies as they’re fully equipped with the right tools to translate their training program and meet the needs of local clients. 

Scale your L&D translations today for global and local success.