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Translate your ecommerce websites and product descriptions fast, accurately, and continuously in a fully collaborative, online translation management system.

Integrate with your favorite ecommerce apps for hands-free content management

Smartcat connects seamlessly with leading ecommerce apps, like Salsify and Akeneo, as well as 30+ integrations you might need, providing you with effortless and automated continuous translations for your product content.

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It’s been a huge time-saver for us. Now with Smartcat, each upload to Salsify is done in just the click of a button. It’s instantaneous and no exaggeration to say that it has significantly improved our process. We’ve gone from 30 minutes to an hour per sequence to less than five minutes

Dawn Powell

Kids2 Supervisor, Ecommerce

How to set up a continuous ecommerce translation workflow


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Set up Plug&Play integration in a few steps (like Salsify or Akeneo)


One-click launch of contextual, consistent and continuous AI translation and human workflows

Ensure product language consistency and reuse translations

Ecommerce managers know how important it is to ensure products are correctly named 100% of the time! Smartcat AI translation draws from your approved translation memories and glossaries and ensures consistent translation across all your content and integrated apps. What’s more, you don’t ever have to re-translate from scratch!

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Ecommerce translation that enables international growth

Optimize customer experience in any language with AI+human translation workflows

Meet your target audience in their language

Smartcat makes it fast and simple to localize your ecommerce content for any global market

Collaboration made easy

One digital environment for your team and external collaborators to work on your translation projects, together.

Far faster translation turnaround time

Automatic AI translation engines generate high-quality, near-instantaneous translations, and works with virtually any file format.

Industry-leading ecommerce subject matter expertise

Smartcat Marketplace has more ecommerce-specialized human linguists than any other vetted translator vendor portal in the world.

No more time-consuming search for professional translators

AI matching automatically finds the best-matched human linguists – analyzing for industry, vertical, experience level, reviews, and availability – to proofread and edit your AI translation.

Compatible with your favorite apps and programs

Smartcat makes it easy to translate inside your favorite tools and platforms, with integrations for Akeneo, Salsify, Contentful, Wordpress, Zendesk, Figma, Google Workspace, and many more!

Get fully translated websites in seconds with Smartcat Website Translator

Website translator helps companies get multilingual websites up and running fast. Just set it up in a few steps and you can have up to 280 different languages using AI automatic contextual and consistent translations as well as human editing for an extra layer of quality control.

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Translate product descriptions into any language

Go to market without delay in any international market with fully localized product descriptions.

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Frequently asked questions for ecommerce localization and translation

How valuable are website translation services?

Website translation services can be extremely valuable for businesses that operate globally or have a diverse customer base. These services allow businesses to communicate with their customers in their preferred language, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and ultimately, sales.

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What's the best way to create a multilingual ecommerce site?

The best way to create a multilingual ecommerce site is to use a platform that supports multiple languages and allows for easy translation of content. WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento are popular ecommerce platforms that offer multilingual support.

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Is there a simple way to translate user generated content?

There are several simple ways to translate user-generated content, including using automated translation tools like Google Translate or utilizing a translation plugin on your website.

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How much does it cost to translate a website?

The cost to translate a website can vary greatly depending on the size of the site, the complexity of the content, and the language(s) being translated. On average, website translation can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

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Which is the best Way to Translate Store Content in Magento?

The best way to translate store content in Magento is to use a translation extension or plugin. Some popular options include Mageplaza's Translate for Magento 2 and Aheadworks' Language Translator.

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What are the best content translation management tools?

There are several content translation management tools available, with some of the most popular including SDL Trados, Memsource, Smartcat, and Smartling.

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Why is Google Translate not accurate?

Google Translate is not always accurate because it relies on machine translation technology, which can struggle with idiomatic expressions, context, and nuances in language. Additionally, Google Translate can have errors due to the limitations of the algorithms used.

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What is the most accurate machine translation on the internet?

Currently, the most accurate machine translation on the internet is offered by DeepL. This platform uses artificial intelligence to produce translations that are highly accurate, even for complex or technical language.

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How important is website translation for international business?

Website translation is extremely important for international business as it allows businesses to reach a wider audience and communicate more effectively with their customers. It can also help build trust and credibility with customers who may not speak the same language as the business.

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