Get the Figma translation plugin

Get Figma files translated quickly and easily without leaving your Figma workspace. Smartcat is your translation platform that works in Figma, enabling you to design and translate effortlessly for a multilingual audience.

In-app design translator for Figma

Automatic Translation

Test your designs in multiple languages in seconds

Choose your languages

Select your source and target languages. For your target tongues, choose all the languages into which you want to render your original design text.

There’s no limit, so feel free to pick as many languages as you want!

Make any design adjustments

Easily switch between your designs that have been rendered into different languages! 
This enables you to see if any layout changes are necessary, which you can implement in the moment to your preferences.

Share and improve

Get feedback or send edit requests by sharing your designs with your team or external collaborators. 
Everyone works in your Figma files – both the original language and translated designs – making collaboration centralized, efficient, and clean.

Professional Translation

Collaborate with copywriters and translators

Connect to Smartcat

Click the “Enable professional translation and review” to have your machine-translated content reviewed and edited by a vetted, professional human translator and sent to your corresponding Smartcat project

Translate in Smartcat

Work with professional human translators in Smartcat. Get the highest quality post-translation reviews and edits in line with your linguistic preferences in a collaborative environment - and continue iterating on your designs!

Get your translated content in Figma automatically

Once complete, your professionally reviewed content will appear automatically in Figma! Now, you can export your multilingual content with ease, so you can share with clients, your product team, or anyone else.

Translate Figma designs with Smartcat plugin: the benefits

For designers

Save time. No more tedious copying and pasting. All translations are available in seconds.

For project managers

Eliminate routine. Fully automated workflow that connects designers and translators.

For translators

Know what you’re working on. Each segment comes with a visual preview. Keep up with all the design changes.

Get the Figma translation plugin


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