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Upgrade to an unprecedented level of design translation performance with the Smartcat Figma translator plugin, including the market-first Live Previews.

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Figma translator for enterprise-quality multilingual designs

Improve quality

Get high-quality translations in seconds that constantly learn from your edits for continuous, on-brand refinement.

Reduce time to market

Test your Figma designs in multiple languages before launch with in-context live preview editing.

Save $$$ on Figma licenses

With Smartcat Live Previews, there’s no need to purchase extra Figma seats for translation reviewers.

Live Previews for a truly groundbreaking Figma translation workflow

Live Previews empower reviewers to check and make edits to Figma design AI translations immediately, ensuring that copy and design fit perfectly.


Sharply reduce time to market

No more back and forth! Review AI-translated elements inside Smartcat with in-context live preview editing.


Save on Figma user licenses

Smartcat Live Figma Previews removes the need to purchase Figma accounts for translators, editors, or quality assurance managers.


Boost productivity and consistency

Smartcat AI remembers your edits and automatically applies your brand voice across Figma projects and languages.

Translate any Figma project

Any type of design resource

Translate any design collateral, including landing page graphics, one-pagers, UI design, banners, social media posts, e-learning materials, blog posts, white papers, and ebooks.

Any kind of software

Seamlessly integrate design and language localization processes with your CI/CD pipelines for mobile apps and software.

A global leader in Figma design translation


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ease of use


global corporate clients


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It all starts with a call

Translate Figma designs in six simple steps


Install the plugin


Choose languages


Select Figma frames to translate


AI-translate in seconds into any language


Send to Smartcat for a human review in Editor


Sync translation edits in a click inside Figma

Cost, time, & quality needn't be a choice


faster turnaround time

Learn about Smith + Nephew's use of Smartcat language AI to achieve a 400% improvement in translation turnaround time.


increased translation output

Find out how Wunderman Thompson translated 30% more content without increasing their budget, all while boosting quality.


higher productivity at half the cost

Uncover how expondo achieved a 50% boost in productivity and cut their translation costs by 50%.

The ultimate Figma translator plugin awaits

Get enterprise-grade Figma design translation into 280 languages in record time, reduce costs 50-70%, and increase language quality and consistency with the Smartcat Figma translation plugin.

Transform your Figma translation results

Frequently asked questions

Is the Smartcat Figma translator plugin compatible with translation memories?

Upload and sync your current translation memories (TM) for any Figma design translation in Smartcat. If you don’t have a translation memory for your Figma translation task, Smartcat automatically creates one for you and applies it to your Figma translation project. Smartcat automatically updates your TMs with all new confirmed edits.

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Is the Smartcat Figma translation plugin easy to install and use?

The plugin is designed to be user-friendly. It can be easily installed from the Figma Community or directly within Figma's plugin interface. Once installed, users can access its features intuitively, making it simple to translate designs without extensive training or technical knowledge.

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What types of design elements can be translated using the Smartcat Figma translation plugin?

The plugin supports the translation of various design elements, including text layers, shapes, and other visual components present in Figma designs. Users can translate text within these elements to localize their designs for different languages and regions.

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Does the Smartcat Figma translation plugin support collaboration among team members?

The plugin enables easy, convenient, efficient collaboration by allowing multiple team members to work on translations simultaneously within the Figma interface. This collaborative feature enhances efficiency and coordination among team members working on multilingual projects.

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Can the Smartcat Figma translation plugin handle translations for complex designs with multiple layers and components?

The Smartcat Figma translation plugin is equipped to handle translations for designs of varying complexity. Whether a design consists of simple shapes or intricate layers, the plugin can effectively translate all elements while preserving the layout and formatting of the original design.

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How accurate are the translations provided by the Smartcat Figma translation plugin?

The Smartcat Figma translation plugin leverages advanced translation technology to ensure accurate and reliable translations. It utilizes machine translation algorithms and provides options for manual editing and proofreading, allowing users to achieve high-quality translations tailored to their specific needs.

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Is there a limit to the number of languages that can be translated using the Smartcat Figma translation plugin?

With the plugin, you can translate your Figma designs with high-quality results in up to 280 languages. Smartcat AI can also translate your designs into multiple languages at the same time, with results typically in seconds.

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Can the Smartcat Figma translation plugin be customized to match specific translation preferences and requirements?

The Smartcat Figma translation plugin offers detailed customization options to meet the unique preferences and requirements of your organization. It allows you to adjust translation settings, such as language preferences, translation methods, and formatting options, to align with your design project needs and also to ensure that translations are on brand.

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Does the Smartcat Figma translation plugin provide support and resources for users?

Smartcat offers comprehensive support and resources for users of the Figma translation plugin. This includes documentation, tutorials, and customer support channels to assist users with installation, usage, and troubleshooting.

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Is the Smartcat Figma translation plugin compatible with other Figma plugins and integrations?

The Smartcat plugin is designed to be compatible with other Figma plugins and integrations. Users can seamlessly integrate it into their existing Figma workflow alongside other plugins and tools to enhance their design and translation capabilities.

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