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Jira integration

Connect seamlessly to your Jira instance to automatically translate docs attached to your tickets and upload translated versions back.

How does the integration work?

The integration pulls your documents from Jira tickets matching certain criteria to Smartcat. By integrating with Smartcat, you’ll be able to use a variety of features to manage your localization project, including the option to translate content using a dedicated editor, assign translators, and control workflows.

Once the translation is complete, Smartcat automatically uploads the translated files back to your Jira tickets. You can thus set up a localization workflow right in your Jira interface.

How do I use the integration?


In your Atlassian account, generate an API token for integration.


In Smartcat, enter your Jira instance URL and the above API token.


Choose the languages to translate to and workflow settings (e.g. machine, human, or hybrid translation.)


That’s it, now Smartcat will automatically pull documents from your Jira tickets whenever they are created.

For a detailed step-by-step guide, check out this help article.

How can I benefit from the integration?

After you configure the integration, you will be able to set up a localization workflow right in your usual project management environment, eliminating the need to switch between multiple tools.

Besides, you can opt to use Smartcat’s advanced features, such as:

Translation memories to avoid spending time and money on repeated translations

Glossaries to ensure consistent terminology across your documents

Different translation workflows (e.g., translation, translation + editing + proofreading, machine translation + post-editing, etc.) that suit your specific needs