Smartcat is a cloud environment that automates and supports translation processes. It combines the most needed features for translators, translation companies, and localization departments alike.

  • Terminology and translation memory management
  • Translation project management
  • Open marketplace for providing and outsourcing translation services
  • Centralized payment to freelance translators
  • Machine translation and image recognition (for a fee)
  • Unlimited collaboration in real time

High technology in translation

There are dozens of software solutions for supporting the translation process in the market. They can be divided into two categories. The first one refers to applications that emerged more than 15 years ago. These are desktop solutions that require time-consuming and expensive installation, setup and maintenance.

Others are cloud solutions and are a relatively recent arrival. Yet, they are becoming increasingly popular. Such solution do not require any installation, configuration or upgrades. In case of Smartcat specifically, most of the platform’s features are completely free to use.

To dot all the i’s in the above respect, we provide below an impartial comparison of functional capabilities of Smartcat and Trados, which are among the most popular in both categories.

Comparative analysis of Smartcat and Trados systems

Filed 15/09/2015

General Functions Smartcat Trados
Ability to create a TM based on previous translations
Possibility of using dictionaries directly in the system
Web Editor
Working on a document simultaneously with other translators at the same time
Translator's database
Remote Desktop Client
Morphological search for glossaries and dictionaries
Instant pre-translation
Ability to connect machine translation
Working with multilingual TM (Translation Memory)
Working with glossaries
Built-in recognition of PDF
Supported file formats/types (.ppt, .pptx, pps, .ppsx, xls, .xlsx, .doc, .docx, .txt, .htm, .html, .xhtml, двуязычные форматы .xliff, .xlf)
Working with bilingual files TRADOS
Built-in quality management functions
Ability to connect external language service providers to implement project
Сloud services

How Smartcat streamlines
the translation process


Create a new project and assign tasks for each stage of the workflow


Your team translates in a state-of-the art CAT tool


Manage the translation process online


Receive translations and make payments

Sergey Saveliev

I was honestly surprised when I saw how intuitive and easy to use Smartcat is! It's the only cloud-based solution that I think is capable of replacing the stalwart CAT programs. And for translation of PDFs, Smartcat is simply peerless.

Smartbox Co.

What made me immediately fall in love with Smartcat is its simplicity. Nothing superfluous, but everything you need is right there. Training is much quicker since anyone can master it in an afternoon with time to spare. The support team has been great as well.
Among the features in Smartcat, I appreciate the online monitoring of all translation stages as well as the time savings. Projects get done a lot more quickly – for technical texts, for example, productivity is 150% of what it was before! Highly recommended!

Yuri Shitikov

My search for a free CAT tool of this caliber, and especially one that works in the cloud, has been a long one. The wait is finally over!


Smartcat gives me access to a team of translators whom I trust and who know the voice and writing style we’re looking for at HotelTonight. The messaging functionality included in the Smartcat editor allows me to communicate with them and provide any feedback and support they need to render the quirkiness and edginess of our content. In addition, the platform provides the latest CAT tools and ensures complete transparency for every project. I can view the progress of our translations, organize collaborative projects and access stats and metrics for each freelancer all in one place, which is awesome!

Translation Agency #1

Smartcat made it possible to set up an efficient workflow making use of all the latest technologies. It's so convenient when everything is centralized – we can easily create projects, assign translators, and monitor their progress. We can implement in-house standards and ensure top-notch translation quality.

We have been delighted with the intuitive interface, in which everything is just one click away. Learning Smartcat takes under an hour. If you have experience with other CAT software, you may not need any training at all. And just in case, there are free webinars that explain everything in detail.

Also I wanted to note the rapid and excellent technical support (for when we've had questions). We receive answers on weekdays almost instantly, and even on weekends we hear back by email in just a few hours. Thank you to the Smartcat team! You have been truly dedicated and helpful with everything. Working with a vibrant, energetic team of go-getters is a wonderful experience!


Expanding into new markets has been a very big ‘lean in’ for us. We knew from the start that localizing easy ten into 10 new languages would require a) exceptional project management and b) coordinated teamwork. Smartcat enables both of these, as a platform offering localization management and workflow transparency seamlessly combined with a translation environment for language professionals.


Smartcat is a great solution that provides the ability to translate even large texts into different languages within a short time with the required quality, and to save completed translations for later reuse. Support for custom templates and existing translations substantially reduces the time needed for document creation and allows improving quality. When you read a document translated with the help of Smartcat, the document may be so smooth and consistent that it reads like the work of one person, even though it is actually the result of team collaboration, carefully organized and assisted by Smartcat.

Suleiman Murtaza

My search for a free CAT tool of this caliber, and especially one that works in the cloud, has been a long one. The wait is finally over!