Supply Chain Management

A hidden source of efficiency
for translation companies
LSP cost structure
Focusing on your supply chain management process can really boost your profits. It is the second largest expense for an LSP (Language Services Provider) business after direct supplier costs. With Smartcat, you can cut your operational expenses by 10–20%, which often leads to a 50–100% increase in net profit or frees up extra money for you to grow your business.
  • 35% Supply Chain Management
  • 5-10% EBITDA growth when Supply Chain Management is automated
  • 10% EBITDA
  • 40% Supplier costs
  • 15% G&A + S&M
Most LSPs suffer from the following costly and resource-intensive processes:
  • Searching for reliable suppliers, evaluating the quality of their services, and their onboarding.
  • Emailing and transferring files back and forth and managing deadlines.
  • Calculating payouts, updating the calculations, processing payouts and managing any related paperwork.
In Smartcat, managing supply chains of any complexity and depth is easy, so you can get more done
Search & Hiring
  • Find all the suppliers you need in Smartcat’s Marketplace, which currently boasts 110,000+ registered freelancers to choose from.
  • Hire freelancers and agencies located all around the globe.
  • Select suppliers based on your requirements and test them.
Project Management
  • Scale without limits and hire as many translators as you need without having to pay for licenses.
  • Use Smartcat’s extensive collaboration capabilities to save your team time and ensure a high quality of translation.
Billing & Payouts
  • Single-transaction payment by wire transfer or bank card.
  • Automated payout to suppliers in 191 countries via various methods.
  • Paperwork automation.
  • Tax compliant expense reports for any country.
Quality Management
    Evaluate translation quality using both integrated and third-party QA tools.
  • Get a clear overview of all project finances.
  • Track the number of projects completed and words translated.
  • Monitor customer satisfaction.
Supplier Relations
  • Provide feedback to your suppliers and thus motivate your team.
  • Speed up your onboarding process with Smartcat’s simple and transparent payment terms.
  • Share supplier information across your projects.
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