The essential language AI & translation platform for any global enterprise

Smartcat combines a simple UI, high-quality AI translation, and smart linguist sourcing to make any business multilingual.

We’ve been able to increase our productivity by 50% while reducing our outsourcing costs by 50%. This has had a huge impact on our bottom line.

Julia Emge

Director Content Creation & Localization Lead

We’ve been able to increase our productivity by 50% while reducing our outsourcing costs by 50%. This has had a huge impact on our bottom line.

Julia Emge

Director Content Creation & Localization Lead

Provide a multilingual experience without the struggle

Multilingual content delivery becomes a challenge when expanding globally, multiplying the amount of content and the number of languages.

Smartcat makes global innovation and commerce possible with a Language Delivery Platform that turns any company into a multilingual brand at the click of a button.

The benefits of Consistent Language AI™️

It’s fast

Translate your content in minutes not weeks

Always consistent

Adaptive AI remembers brand voice & terminology

Unlimited scale

AI translation plus human workflows means infinite resources

The most accurate AI-driven translator

Original language

Target language

Time of Smartcat usage

3 months

Translation accuracy


Smartcat’s AI translation software chooses the best algorithm for your language pair, learns from your edits, and gets better the more you use it.

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Introducing Smartcat AI, the era-defining AI content generation tool

Create brand new, original, high-quality content in seconds, and in up to 280 languages. Smartcat AI is your portal to a new world of automatic content creation possibilities.

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30+ integrations

Intuitive UI

Unlimited users

Plug-and-play integrations

The world’s leading companies choose Smartcat

Make your brand multilingual with Smartcat

Frequently Asked Questions

How many languages does Smartcat support?

On Smartcat, you can translate content into 280+ languages. The full list of supported languages is available here.

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What file formats can I translate on Smartcat?

Smartcat supports 50+ file formats including DOC, JPEG, PDF, JSON, XLIFF, and more. You can find the full list in this article.

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Does Smartcat provide translation services?

Smartcat has an integrated Marketplace with 500,000+ translators, editors, proofreaders, and agencies to fulfill any of your translation projects.

You can choose different translation options such as AI translation, human translation, or a combination (automatic translation with professional editing).

Thanks to Smartcat’s payment automation system, you can hire as many translators as you need, collaborate with them with one agreement, and pay them all with just one invoice every month.

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Can I use Smartcat for translation project management?

Smartcat is the perfect solution to manage your translation projects and collaborate with teams across your organization. It provides an advanced translation management system for localization professionals with a simple intuitive interface that anyone in your company can use. You can also automate supplier hiring and management using AI-driven linguist sourcing that’s integrated into the Smartcat Marketplace.

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Can I localize my website using Smartcat?

Yes. You can easily localize your website using Smartcat Website Translator which works with any CMS and allows you to preview, edit and publish translations in real-time. Smartcat also supports 30+ integrations with tools and platforms you already use so you can easily set up a continuous localization process.

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What are the benefits of Smartcat over other localization solutions?

While Smartcat is one of the most sophisticated localization solutions, it makes translation accessible to anyone in your company through a simple, user-friendly UI. You don’t have to be a localization expert to use Smartcat — just sign up and start translating your content into 280+ languages in minutes.

Smartcat’s AI Translation technology matches your content with a specific translation engine to produce high-quality translations for all your language pairs. It also learns from your edits and gets better with every translation, saving you both turnaround time and money.

With Smartcat’s unlimited seat model, you can invite as many colleagues as you like to collaborate on your translation projects, or find professional translators and editors in the integrated Marketplace of 500,000+ linguists. Any edits that you or your coworkers make will also be fed into the algorithm to improve the quality and speed of your future translations.

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Can I migrate my translation database to Smartcat from third-party translation software?

Smartcat supports all the popular translation memory formats, so you can easily transfer your translation database to Smartcat and take advantage of all the work your team has already done. You can also upload your materials to Smartcat to train the AI translation algorithm and start off with a higher translation quality.

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