Smartcat + RIGORA

Smartcat + RIGORA

Rigora is a technical and linguistic quality assurance (QA) tool which allows to perfect the delivery of software translations. With its 600+ pre-configured automatic QA checks that can be further customized to meet a particular client’s needs, this corporate-grade utility builds on the results of 25 years of software localization experience gained by Logrus Global’s engineering team.

Rigora features:

  1. Complex linguistic and technical checks:
    • Сommon checks (punctuation, tags, placeholders, etc.), configurable for language pairs
    • Сheck for invalid characters based on the target language script
    • Сheck for untranslated source words
    • Сonsistency check: source language against target, and the reverse
    • Сheck for consistency with the TM
    • Glossary Adherence Review (GAR) with stemming support: against external and customer-specific glossaries
    • Сheck for prohibited terms.
  2. Processing and registration of false positives.
  3. Tools to facilitate corrections:
    • Special UIs
    • Advanced search and replace with conditional parameters
    • Instant verification of corrections or changes made.

RIGORA supports both project- and file-based operations. Supported formats include Bilingual SDLXLIFF, XLIFF, TMX, TTX, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Visual Studio packages, arbitrary XML formats and more, including plain text with separators. Rigora allows you to fix detected errors “on-the-spot” and adjust the rules.

Rigora greatly simplifies “find and replace” operations within projects containing huge volumes of files that are edited in multi-user mode. See an example of using Rigora to mass edit XLIFF files created in the Smartcat project structure in the demonstration video below.

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