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Wix translation plugin

Translate your Wix website with speed, ease, and exceptional quality in any language with the Smartcat Wix plugin.

It’s super simple and takes less than a minute to start translating


In your browser, open Smartcat Website Translator.


Select Translate a website on your Smartcat workspace dashboard.


Enter your Wix webpage URL and choose your source and target languages.


Copy the script code that Smartcat generates into Wix for translation.


View your new multilingual project and run the end-to-end translation workflow.

Why translate your Wix website with Smartcat?

Unrivaled Wix adaptability

Smartcat Website Translator enables seamless and immediate Wix webpage translation. Simply plug in Smartcat Website Translator and you’re ready to AI-translate into 280+ languages.

High performance

Smartcat language AI human workflows ensure the highest quality, rendering your Wix site into any language to enterprise standards in minutes.

On-hand technical support

Your Smartcat team is on hand to assist, enable, and optimize your Wix website translation performance and results.

Smartcat empowers teams of all kinds and all departments for maximized multilingual success

IT and engineering teams

IT professionals and engineers leverage the power of Smartcat language AI to render pages of all types, including for product and help center updates, into additional languages with minimal effort and in record-fast time.

Marketing and sales

Wix website translation for multilingual marketing and sales materials, including sales funnel landing pages, online webinar collateral, and sales-supporting product guides.

L&D teams

Corporate learning professionals use Smartcat to get fast, high-quality multilingual Wix pages for L&D content, including online course materials and how-to guides. 

Don’t just take our word for it

Setting up with the integration has been one of our main use cases and workflows with Smartcat. It’s led to significant quality and turnaround improvements for the translation of the Babbel magazine.

Theresa Hein

Content Strategy and Localization Lead

All the help you need in one place

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Smartcat translate my Wix website into multiple languages?

Smartcat supports fast, high-quality Wix website translation into 280+ languages, making it easy to localize your Wix-built site for audiences worldwide.

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How fast can Smartcat translate my Wix website content?

Smartcat’s advanced AI translation typically takes no more than a few minutes to translate your Wix web pages, although it is often a matter of seconds. Speed depends on factors such as the volume of content and language complexity. However, it is trusted by over 1,000 companies for its efficiency and high linguistic quality, and can handle large volumes of content quickly, ensuring timely delivery.

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Is it simple to integrate Smartcat with my Wix website for translation?

Smartcat is specifically designed to simplify the website translation workflow and break down accessibility barriers. Smartcat offers seamless integration options for Wix websites, including plugins and APIs that make the integration process straightforward. You can get set up and translate your Wix pages in no more than a couple of minutes with the Smartcat Website Translator integration. You can also manage translations directly from your Wix dashboard.

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How does Smartcat ensure the security of my Wix website content during translation?

Smartcat prioritizes data security and employs robust encryption protocols to safeguard your website content. It follows strict privacy practices to ensure the confidentiality of your data throughout the translation process.

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Does Smartcat preserve the formatting and design of my Wix website during translation?

Smartcat's suite of cutting-edge translation tools are designed to preserve the original formatting and layout of your Wix website content, ensuring a seamless transition between languages without compromising design integrity.

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How does Smartcat maintain translation quality for Wix websites?

Smartcat combines advanced machine translation technology with human expertise to ensure high-quality translations. It facilitates collaboration between translators, editors, and proofreaders, ensuring accuracy and consistency in the translated content.

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Can Smartcat handle technical or industry-specific terminology on my Wix website?

Smartcat's AI translation platform supports customizable glossaries and terminology databases, making it capable of handling highly technical or industry-specific terminology with precision. Moreover, Smartcat can automatically assign a subject matter expert reviewer in any language to proofread and edit translations on your Wix website that require, in particular, a specialist’s overview and quality assurance step.

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Does Smartcat offer quality assurance features for Wix website translation?

Smartcat provides you with the framework to design your translation workflow. You can decide to include as many stages to the workflow as you require. For instance, you might create a workflow with AI translation, review, review analysis, and final QA. Smartcat also provides built-in quality assurance features such as spell checkers, grammar checkers, and consistency checks to ensure the accuracy and coherence of translated content for your Wix website, and stays faithful to original formatting in your translated web pages.

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Can Smartcat accommodate ongoing updates and changes to my Wix website's content?

Smartcat's translation platform is flexible and scalable, effortlessly allowing for continuous updates and changes to your Wix website content. It supports version control and collaboration features, making it easy to manage evolving translation needs.

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What support options are available for users translating their Wix websites with Smartcat?

Smartcat offers comprehensive support options, including online documentation, tutorials, and responsive customer support channels. Whether you need assistance with integration, translation, or troubleshooting, Smartcat is there to help you throughout the process. As a Smartcat client, you can always reach out to the Smartcat technical support team, to ensure your maximized Wix website translation success.

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