Zendesk integration

Connect seamlessly to your Zendesk account to automatically pull your help articles into Smartcat and push them back when translated.

How does the integration work?

The integration pulls your help center content from a specific Zendesk account to Smartcat, either manually or automatically on a schedule. You can then use all of Smartcat’s features to run your localization projects. Translate content in the editor, assign jobs to translators, manage workflows, and more.

Once translations are complete, you can push them back to Zendesk with a click of a button or on a schedule.

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How do I use the integration?

1. In your Zendesk admin area, enable token access and create an API token.

2. In Smartcat, create an integration using the credentials from the previous step.

3. Choose the languages and workflow settings (e.g. machine, human, or hybrid translation) and wait for the sync to complete.

4. Translate the content using Smartcat.

5. Sync the translated documents back with a click.

You can also configure the integration to push translations back automatically after they are completed, or even when they are partially completed. This can be useful if you have a hybrid machine/human workflow and you want to use the machine-translated content right away.

How do I benefit from the integration?

Once the integration is set up, you can benefit from all of Smartcat’s features:

  • Translate your help articles continuously, without having to download or upload them or send them to your translators.

  • If any original content changes, Smartcat will automatically detect which translations need to be updated.

  • Use Smartcat’s translation memory and glossary features to improve translation quality and consistency, and save money on repetitions.

  • Use Smartcat’s machine translation technology to get a quick translation or to configure hybrid machine-human translation workflows.

  • Invite your translators to work on your projects directly in Smartcat without having to give them access to your original content, or easily find new translation providers (both individual translators and translation agencies) in Smartcat’s marketplace.

Focus on creating comprehensive help documentation while Smartcat takes care of localization.