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Zendesk translation plugin

Effortlessly translate your Zendesk help articles with Smartcat, ensuring seamless communication with your global audience.

Setting up your Zendesk integration


Enable token access and create an API token in your Zendesk admin area.


Create an integration in Smartcat using the credentials obtained from Zendesk.


Customize languages and workflow settings to fit your localization needs.


Translate content seamlessly within Smartcat AI and review in a dedicated editor.


Sync translated documents back to Zendesk with a simple click.

Unlocking Zendesk localization benefits

Real-time translation

Translate help articles instantly without delays, enhancing communication with your international audience.

Automatic content updates

Smartcat automatically identifies and updates translated content whenever the original article is modified, ensuring consistency across languages.

Enhanced translation quality

Smartcat's translation memory and glossary features allow you to maintain quality and consistency and save costs on repeated translations.

Smartcat’s Zendesk plugin for a positive global impact

Customer support managers

Ensure effective communication with international customers by seamlessly translating help articles with Smartcat.

Localization managers

Simplify Zendesk localization processes and improve translation quality with Smartcat's integration.

IT administrators

Streamline integration setup and management, empowering your team to efficiently localize Zendesk content.

Don’t just take our word for it

Expondo is driven by technology, so we wanted a system that could easily integrate with our existing tools, such as our product information and customer support platforms. Smartcat enables us to achieve this

Julia Emge

Head of Translations

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Smartcat-Zendesk integration work?

Smartcat’s Zendesk integration simplifies the localization process by allowing seamless translation of Zendesk help articles within Smartcat's platform. Once the integration is set up, users can pull their help center content from Zendesk into Smartcat, either manually or automatically on a schedule. Within Smartcat, users have access to a dedicated editor and a full suite of features to manage their localization projects efficiently. This includes translating content, assigning translators, and handling workflows. Once translations are complete, users can push them back to Zendesk with just a click of a button or on a scheduled basis.

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Can I customize languages and workflows with this integration?

Yes, the integration offers extensive customization options for languages and workflows to suit your specific localization needs. You can choose the languages that you want to translate your Zendesk help articles into and configure workflow settings according to your preferences. Whether you prefer AI translation, human translation, or a hybrid approach using AI human workflows, the integration allows you to tailor the workflow to meet your requirements.

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Does Smartcat support automatic content updates?

Absolutely! One of the key advantages of Smartcat’s Zendesk integration is its ability to support automatic content updates. Whenever the original help article is modified in Zendesk, Smartcat automatically identifies the changes and updates the corresponding translated content accordingly. This ensures consistency across languages and eliminates the need for manual intervention to keep translations up-to-date.

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How can Smartcat enhance translation quality?

Smartcat offers a range of features designed to enhance translation quality and consistency. One such feature is translation memory, which stores previously translated segments for reuse, ensuring consistency across translations and saving time for translators. Additionally, Smartcat's glossary management feature allows users to maintain a centralized glossary of terms, ensuring consistency in terminology across translations. By leveraging these features, users can improve translation quality, streamline the localization process, and save costs on repeated translations.

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Is it easy to set up and manage the integration?

Yes, setting up and managing the Zendesk integration is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward. Users can follow a step-by-step process to configure the integration, including enabling token access and creating an API token in Zendesk, creating an integration in Smartcat, and customizing languages and workflow settings. Smartcat provides comprehensive documentation and support resources to guide users through the setup process, ensuring a smooth integration experience.

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Can I collaborate with multiple translators on a single project?

Smartcat’s Zendesk plugin supports collaboration among multiple translators, allowing users to assign different sections of their Zendesk help articles to individual translators or translation teams. This collaborative approach enhances efficiency and enables users to manage complex localization projects with ease.

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Can I track the progress of translations within Smartcat?

Yes, Smartcat provides real-time updates on the progress of translations within its platform. Users can easily track the status of their localization projects, including details on which articles have been translated, which are in progress, and which are pending review. This visibility allows users to monitor project timelines, identify potential bottlenecks, and ensure timely delivery of translated content.

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Does Smartcat support integration with other third-party tools?

Yes, Smartcat offers integration capabilities with a variety of third-party tools and platforms to enhance its functionality and streamline workflows. Whether you need to integrate with project management tools, content management systems, or other tools, Smartcat provides flexible integration options to meet your needs. This allows users to leverage their existing tools and workflows within Smartcat's platform, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

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Can I access translation memory and glossary features within Smartcat?

Yes, Smartcat includes robust translation memory and glossary management features to support translation consistency and efficiency. Translation memory stores previously translated segments for reuse, while glossary management allows users to maintain a centralized repository of preferred terminology. By leveraging these features, users can ensure consistency across translations, improve translation quality, and streamline the localization process.

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How does Smartcat handle file formats and multimedia content within Zendesk help articles?

Smartcat is equipped to handle a wide range of file formats commonly used in Zendesk help articles, including HTML, Markdown, and plain text. Additionally, Smartcat supports the translation of multimedia content embedded within help articles, such as images and videos. Users can seamlessly translate text within multimedia elements using Smartcat's dedicated editor, ensuring that all aspects of their Zendesk help articles are accurately localized for their target audience.

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