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WooCommerce translation plugin

Translate your WooCommerce online store with unparalleled speed, accuracy, and ease using the Smartcat WooCommerce plugin, expanding your global reach with minimal effort.

It’s fast and simple, so you can get translating immediately


In your browser, open Smartcat Website Translator.


Select Translate a website on your Smartcat workspace dashboard.


Enter your Woocommerce webpage URL and choose your source and target languages.


Copy the script code that Smartcat generates into Woocommerce for translation.


View your new multilingual project and run end-to-end translation workflow.

Why translate your Woocommerce website with Smartcat?

Quick and convenient

Smartcat effortlessly connects to your Woocommerce pages, allowing for immediate, high-caliber AI translation in a matter of seconds.

Comprehensive language options

With the Smartcat plugin, translate into more than 280 languages, granting you unparalleled language flexibility.

Expert technical support

Smartcat Support is on hand to assist you in optimizing the performance and results of your Woocommerce website translation.

The Smartcat Woocommerce translation plugin is made for all kinds of teams to translate text, image, and video content

Ecommerce teams

Ecommerce professionals use Smartcat to get instantaneous, high-quality translations for online store content requirements.

Marketing and sales

Woocommerce store translation for multilingual marketing and sales materials, including sales funnel landing pages, online webinar collateral, and sales-supporting product guides.

Product teams

Product professionals leverage Smartcat to provide fast, enterprise-grade translations for new Woocommerce store feature launches and product updates. 

Don’t just take our word for it

Setting up with the integration has been one of our main use cases and workflows with Smartcat. It’s led to significant quality and turnaround improvements for the translation of the Babbel magazine.

Theresa Hein

Content Strategy and Localization Lead

All the help you need in one place

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Smartcat support translation of product descriptions and details on WooCommerce stores?

Smartcat integrates with WooCommerce effortlessly to enable automatic translation of product descriptions, details, and other e-commerce content. Whether you're selling physical products, digital downloads, or services through your WooCommerce store, our integration facilitates accurate translation to reach a global audience effectively.

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Can Smartcat handle the translation of dynamic content, such as product updates and inventory changes, on WooCommerce?

Smartcat's integration for WooCommerce supports the translation of dynamic content, including real-time updates to product listings, inventory changes, and pricing information. Whether your WooCommerce store features frequent product updates or seasonal promotions, Smartcat ensures that all content changes are promptly detected and translated to maintain consistency across different language versions.

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How does Smartcat manage translations for multilingual product variations and attributes on WooCommerce?

Smartcat is equipped to handle translations for multilingual product variations and attributes on WooCommerce, ensuring that your product listings are accurately localized to suit different language preferences and regional requirements. Whether you're offering products in various sizes, colors, or configurations, Smartcat ensures that translated content reflects the unique attributes and characteristics of each product variation.

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Can I collaborate with translators directly within the Smartcat platform for my WooCommerce store translation projects?

Smartcat provides robust collaboration features that enable you to collaborate directly with professional translators within the platform for your WooCommerce store translation projects. Whether you're working with freelance translators or your in-house team, Smartcat offers a collaborative environment where you can communicate, share files, and manage translation projects efficiently, ensuring smooth collaboration and timely delivery of high-quality translations.

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Is it possible to maintain consistency in terminology and branding across translations of my WooCommerce store content with Smartcat?

Smartcat employs advanced translation memory and glossary management features to ensure consistency in terminology and branding across translations of your WooCommerce store content. By leveraging previously translated segments and maintaining a centralized glossary of approved terms, Smartcat ensures that all translations align with your brand voice and messaging guidelines, resulting in a cohesive and professional multilingual e-commerce experience.

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