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Weebly translation plugin

Get automatic, enterprise-grade Weebly website translation into any language with the Smartcat integration, ensuring rapid, precise, and convenient localization.

Get up and running with your Weebly website translation in five simple steps


In your browser, open Smartcat Website Translator.


Select Translate a website on your Smartcat workspace dashboard.


Enter your Weebly webpage URL and choose your source and target languages.


Copy the script code that Smartcat generates into Weebly for translation.


View your new multilingual project and run end-to-end translation workflow.

Why translate your Weebly website with Smartcat?

95%+ AI translation quality

Smartcat AI can be trained to surpass 95%, resulting in exceptional linguistic quality and alignment with brand terminology preferences.

10X more content

Smartcat AI human workflows facilitate a massive increase in translated content creation, delivering ten times or more the output compared to solely human-driven approaches.

400% faster turnaround time

Optimize translation project times, achieving a fourfold increase in speed and ensuring swift delivery of localized content with AI human workflows.

Made for all kinds of teams to translate Weebly text, image, and video content with ease and speed

IT and engineering teams

Smartcat AI enables IT professionals and engineers to rapidly translate different pages, including product and help center updates, into additional languages with ease.

Marketing and sales

Translate Weebly websites for marketing and sales materials, like sales funnel landing pages and product guides, seamlessly into multiple languages.

L&D teams

Corporate learning professionals leverage Smartcat AI to swiftly get high-quality multilingual Weebly web pages for L&D content, including for online courses and how-to guides.

Don’t just take our word for it

Setting up with the integration has been one of our main use cases and workflows with Smartcat. It’s led to significant quality and turnaround improvements for the translation of the Babbel magazine.

Theresa Hein

Content Strategy and Localization Lead

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Smartcat support translation of all elements on Weebly websites, including text, images, and multimedia content?

Smartcat seamlessly integrates with Weebly to support the translation of all elements on websites, including text, images, videos, and other multimedia content. Whether you're translating a landing page, blog post, or e-commerce product listing, Smartcat ensures that every aspect of your Weebly website is accurately localized to reach a global audience effectively.

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Does Smartcat offer support for translating custom CSS and HTML code on Weebly websites?

Smartcat's integration for Weebly websites extends support to the translation of custom CSS and HTML code, allowing for comprehensive localization of your website's design and functionality. Whether you've customized your Weebly site with unique styling or added custom code snippets for enhanced functionality, Smartcat ensures that translated versions maintain the same level of customization and functionality as the original.

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Can Smartcat handle the translation of member-specific content, such as personalized user profiles and membership features, on Weebly websites?

Smartcat's integration for Weebly websites supports the translation of member-specific content, including personalized user profiles, membership features, and restricted-access areas. Whether your Weebly website includes member-only sections, subscription-based content, or user-generated profiles, Smartcat ensures that all member-specific content is accurately localized to provide a seamless multilingual experience for your website visitors.

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Can I collaborate with translators directly within the Smartcat platform for my Weebly website translation projects?

Smartcat provides robust collaboration features that enable you to collaborate directly with professional translators within the platform for your Weebly website translation projects. Whether you're working with freelance translators or your in-house team, Smartcat offers a collaborative environment where you can communicate, share files, and manage translation projects efficiently, ensuring smooth collaboration and timely delivery of high-quality translations.

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Is it possible to translate third-party app integrations and widgets on Weebly websites using Smartcat?

Smartcat's integration for Weebly websites extends support to the translation of third-party app integrations and widgets, ensuring that all aspects of your website, including external plugins and widgets, are accurately localized. Whether your Weebly website incorporates ecommerce plugins, social media widgets, or analytics tools, Smartcat ensures that translated versions seamlessly integrate with third-party services, maintaining functionality and user experience across different language versions.

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