Maximize translation performance with Translation Quality Score™ (TQS)

Discover TQS by Smartcat, an objective and consistent way to continuously measure translation quality through AI.


Instantly, automatically, and objectively measure translation quality

Get instant quality scores for each of your translations down to the sentence or phrase level.

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Optimize your translation review process

Smartcat TQS uses AI to identify the sentences or phrases that need the most attention to speed up the review and edit process.

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Easy to use and understand

TQS is made for any business that wants to understand translation quality. There’s no technical knowledge required.

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With Translation Quality Score, you can produce high-quality multilingual content with confidence.

Drive translation quality higher and engage global audiences in any language


AI translation accuracy

achieved by a global international money transfer leader after switching to Smartcat.


Time savings for translation review

for Smith + Nephew, while increasing quality.

31 hours

saved per month

on translation projects by Babbel, with Smartcat AI human workflows.

Unprecedented quality and consistency for all kinds of teams

High-quality XLIFF file translation for e-learning courses

Launch your L&D courses in any language with enterprise-grade quality.

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“Translating our e-learning course content has empowered our workforce to have the skill set to do their job confidently. Our retention levels are up too."

Tammy Calhoun

Vice president of learning and new restaurant openings

What global corporations are saying about Smartcat translation quality...

Quality has markedly increased with Smartcat. Our reviewers compared our legacy content done by translation agencies to content produced by my team with Smartcat AI automatic translation. The number of corrections is now much lower and the editing process is faster and less labor-intensive as a result.

Barbara Fedorowicz

Translation department manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Smartcat Translation Quality Score (TQS)?

Translation Quality Score by Smartcat is a type of quality assurance software. It provides automatic, objective measurement of AI translation quality within the Smartcat Language AI platform for any language pair by issuing a score between 0-100. It highlights words or segments of text that need particular attention for editing to improve quality.

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How can I measure translation quality with Smartcat Translation Quality Score?

TQS issues a macro quality measurement score from 0-100 to provide an overall indicator of quality level.

It also enables you to see quality on a micro level by focusing on text on a segment-by-segment basis and highlights text that requires the attention of a reviewer in particular in order to improve quality further.

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How can I improve translation quality with Smartcat Translation Quality Score?

TQS tells you the exact quality level of your AI translation. This insight helps you to understand if it is good enough already or if it requires further work in the form of reviewing and editing.

TQS also saves you review time by highlighting the specific sections that require quality assurance attention from an expert linguist. By addressing and amending any errors or unsatisfactory translations in these highlighted segments, the overall quality of the translation increases.

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How is TQS an integral part of your translation quality assessment and translation quality checklist?

TQS is a convenient way to get an immediate understanding of the level of quality of each AI translation, in any language pair. It analyzes a translation by comparing the source and target languages and assesses the translation for faithful rendering of the meaning of the source language.

It is often impossible to gauge the quality of a translation, especially if nobody on your team or in your company speaks the target language. For unusual language combinations, such as Japanese into Norwegian, it is even more difficult.

As a result, TQS can be especially useful in providing quality assurance insights with an exact quality measurement score from 0-100 and highlighting specific translation segments that require closer attention for review.

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