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“Smartwords enable us to easily reuse previously translated content and have reduced our overall translation expenses by 50%. For a city government, this makes a huge difference in our resource allocation.”

Peggy Liao, Language Access Program Specialist for the City of Seattle


Claim your 15,000 free Smartwords today

Get a 14-day trial now and enjoy 15,000 free Smartwords on us when you register with your corporate email address. The free plan also provides you with full access to the Smartcat translation platform, including AI translation, Smartcat Marketplace, translation memories and glossaries, project templates, and much more.

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Translate automatically with Smartcat AI

Smartwords are your Smartcat “currency.” They represent the number of words that you can translate automatically with Smartcat AI.

Smartwords achieve cost savings

With Smartcat AI you can save 100x the cost of outsourcing. They work for all enterprise end-users, with hundreds of use cases for different content types and formats.

$ 15,000

100,000 words through outsourcing

Average cost of translating


100,000 words with Smartcat AI

Average cost of translating

Consistent and ever-improving quality

Smartcat AI learns your content’s brand voice and terminology from every edit by every member of your team. All your multilingual content is stored in your private central system of record.

How do Smartwords work?

Each subscription plan in Smartcat allocates a specific amount of Smartwords, which you can use to translate content into any language. You can view and increase your Smartwords balance at any time, all via your private Smartcat workspace.

Smartwords FAQ

What are Smartwords?

Smartwords are words that are translated using Smartcat AI. You can think of them as Smartcat currency. Users can always view their Smartwords balance in the Smartwords usage tab. There they can see the current balance, recurring monthly balance if applicable, and usage based on timeframe and projects.

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How can I increase my Smartwords amount?

Smartcat offers a range of subscription plans with different Smartwords allocations. Book a call with our sales representatives to determine the best plan that suits your translation volumes.

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How are Smartwords a benefit to me?

When you use Smartwords, you pay 100 times less than the price that human-based outsourced services charge on average. The AI learns from your content and every edit your team makes, becoming more accurate over time as a result (starting at 85% and growing to 95%+).This means that your team or hired linguists will need less time to approve translations. Smarcat proves as an effective solution for handling large workloads as well as generating a huge return on investment for your organization.

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How many Smartwords do I get when I sign up?

When signing up for a free account, you unlock the power of 15,000 free Smartwords at no cost if you use your corporate email address. In addition to this, our free 14-day trial offers you complete access to the Smartcat translation platform, which includes AI translation, the Smartcat Marketplace, translation memories, glossaries, project templates, and a wide range of valuable features. After 14 days or when your Smartwords run out, you will need to buy a Smartcat subscription. You can also extend your Smartwords balance by an additional 5,000 Smartwords for free if you invite a person to your workspace who successfully signs up.

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What is the difference between personal and corporate Smartwords?

User-level Smartwords balance differs from the corporate Smartwords balance. Upon registration, individual users receive dedicated Smartword packages. A corporate Smartwords balance is created with registration, which is then shared among the team inside the organization’s private Smartcat workspace.

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How do I know if my account has Smartwords enabled?

Once you register, you can view your Smartwords balance from your Projects page.

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How are Smartwords counted?

The rule is simple: Smartwords are deducted for AI matches, based on your AI translation engines, your translation memories, and glossaries. When translating directly on the Smartcat platform, Smartwords are deducted once per translation segment in the Smartcat Editor. Continuous translations via integrations consume Smartwords every time automatic translation. For translation memory, Smartwords are not deducted twice for the same content, ensuring fair pricing.

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