SRT translator: Perfect subtitles in any language

Smartcat SRT translator is your way to fast, exceptional-quality subtitles in up to 280 languages.

Consistent Language AI™ video translation


the speed

compared to traditional translation agency fees


of the cost

with the same or less review time


accuracy from the start

and learns from your existing content and edits

Smartcat’s AI translation is a fantastic tool. Our ability to source content from a central repository and benefit from adaptive algorithms which incorporate translation memories and glossaries across all project teams means the business as a whole gains from each team’s translations. We continue to look for new and innovative connections with Smartcat and our wider business.

Josie Millis

Customer Marketing Manager EMEA-ANZ, Stanley Black & Decker

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Translate SRT files in seconds with Smartcat AI

Simply upload your files, choose your language pair(s), and let Smartcat translate your SRT files in seconds! Receive automatic video translations to an unprecedented level of quality without having to wait.

Unrivaled flexibility

  • Download your Smartcat AI-translated files for use immediately

  • Share with your team

  • Perform ultra-fast, highly precise AI Action edits

  • Invite external linguists to review and edit

All within your collaborative Smartcat workspace!

Stay on brand and guarantee consistency across all SRT file content and languages

Smartcat Consistent Language AI harnesses the power of multiple advanced linguistic assets to guarantee bulletproof consistency across all your SRT file content, in all your languages.

These assets include AI automatic translation engines, machine learning-driven translation memories and glossaries, and your central system of content record on Smartcat.

All content stored on your Smartcat workspace updates in real time

  • Learns and applies your linguistic preferences and edits on future translations

  • All content on synced apps and programs updated in real time too

Export videos in any language with subtitles already burned-in

To save you time and work, Smartcat automatically burns your subtitles into your videos in any language after translation.

This way, your videos are subtitle-locked and loaded and ready to use immediately!

How to translate SRT files with Smartcat

Smartcat is your SRT translation tool for fast, unrivaled quality video subtitle content in any language. Translate SRT files in just four simple steps.


Upload your SRT file to Smartcat and select subtitle target languages


Click to automatically translate and generate subtitles using AI


Edit and refine translations for accuracy in Smartcat Editor


Download SRT files and/or videos with burned-in subtitles

Seamless multimedia localization with Smartcat

Translate an SRT file now

Translate an SRT file free

Can I translate SRT files for free using Smartcat?

Absolutely! Smartcat offers various pricing tiers, including a free option that allows you to translate SRT files and enjoy a wide range of features. Explore our pricing plans to find the best fit for your needs.

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Can I localize SRT automatically?

Yes, you can! Smartcat's advanced AI technology enables automatic localization of SRT files, making the process efficient and accurate. Your subtitles will seamlessly adapt to different languages and cultures.

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Can I edit a translated SRT file in Smartcat?

Definitely. Smartcat's user-friendly interface lets you easily edit translated SRT files within the platform. Collaborate with your team or linguists to fine-tune the subtitles and ensure precision.

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Does Smartcat support other video file formats?

Yes, Smartcat supports a wide array of video file formats beyond SRT, including mp4, mpeg, avi, mov, and many more. This ensures seamless integration with your existing content.

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Does Smartcat provide subtitle translation services?

While Smartcat primarily offers a comprehensive platform for users to translate their content, including subtitles, we do not provide dedicated subtitle translation services. However, you can connect with professional linguists through our Smartcat Marketplace to get expert assistance for subtitle translation and refinement. Smartcat also produces AI voice overs of your videos. Follow the same process as above to get AI voice overs in up to 280 languages. You can also translate audio files as well.

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