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No more waiting weeks to get Google Sheets back from vendors without any visibility over progress. With Smartcat, you can get your translations right in Google Sheets with the Smartcat integration that ensures seamless translation and less manual work.

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5 simple steps to translate Google Sheets

Google Sheets translator works via the Smartcat Google Sheets integration.


Click the Smartcat icon

The Smartcat icon is located in the toolbar section on the right.


Click the Smartcat icon

The Smartcat icon is located in the toolbar section on the right.


Authorize Smartcat

Click Sign In to authorize Smartcat then click Continue to Google Sheets.


Configure your Google sheet for translation

Select source language. Specify first row number to be translated. Map columns to corresponding languages.


Save Settings and Translate

Click Save Settings and then perform translation by clicking Translate Automatically.

Cost, time, & quality needn't be a choice


Faster translation turnaround time

achieved by Smith+Nephew after switching to Smartcat


Cost savings

for Stanley Black & Decker, while increasing quality

31 hours

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For Babbel’s marketing and L&D departments

Take control of your Google Sheets translation workflow with Smartcat

Drive 95%+ automatic translation quality, generate huge cost savings, and reduce turnaround time from weeks to hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Smartcat handle large and complex spreadsheets?

Yes, Smartcat's infrastructure is built to handle even the most data-heavy spreadsheets efficiently. You can translate sheets with millions of cells without compromising speed or accuracy.

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Does Smartcat support offline translation for Sheets?

Currently, Smartcat doesn't offer offline translation for Google Sheets. However, you can upload completed spreadsheets for translation and download the translated versions.

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Are there any limitations on the file size for translated Sheets?

Smartcat has limitations on individual file sizes, but these are quite generous and accommodate most spreadsheet needs. If you have a particularly large file, contact their support team for assistance.

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Can I set translation preferences for specific columns or sheets?

Yes, Smartcat allows you to define custom translation settings for different parts of your spreadsheet. This is especially useful for sheets with mixed content types or requiring specialized terminology.

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Does Smartcat integrate with data validation rules in Sheets?

Smartcat preserves existing data validation rules during translation, ensuring translated values still adhere to your pre-defined criteria and maintaining data integrity.

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How does Smartcat handle pivot tables and conditional formatting?

While the visual formatting of pivot tables might require minor adjustments after translation, the underlying data and formulas are maintained accurately. Conditional formatting also translates effectively, reflecting the translated values correctly.

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Can I track changes made during translation within Smartcat?

Yes, Smartcat provides a robust version history, allowing you to see who made changes, when they were made, and revert to previous versions if needed. This transparency is crucial for collaborative projects and quality control.

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Does Smartcat offer any additional features for spreadsheet translation?

Smartcat goes beyond basic translation, offering features like machine translation memory (MTM) to learn from past translations and glossary management to ensure consistency with domain-specific terminology. This makes Smartcat ideal for professional and technical spreadsheets.

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