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Translate and edit XML files effortlessly for diverse content types using Smartcat's intuitive AI translation platform.

Stanley Black & Decker was able to reduce translation costs by up to 70%, significantly reduce the turnaround time, and keep quality consistent throughout.

Josie Millis

Manager at Stanley Black & Decker

Get faster translation turnaround time with the XML content translator

Smartcat revolutionizes translating XML by allowing you to upload and translate files in minutes through AI-driven translation. Skip the complexities and embrace a quick, straightforward process.

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Ensure quality with the intuitive Smartcat translation Editor

Editing is a breeze with the user-friendly Smartcat Editor, offering a side-by-side view of original text and translations. Either you, your internal teams or hired linguists from the Smartcat Marketplace can easily review and modify translations within the interface.

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How Smartcat's XML translation works

100x Faster Speed

1/120th of the Cost

Translate Each File in Under 5 Seconds

Choose from 280+ Languages

Faster, more cost-effective, and high-quality translations with Smartcat's Consistent Language AI™

Quickly find linguistic resources to help review AI translation

Whether you’re starting a new project and need translation services for the first time or have growing translation needs and require more support, head to Smartcat Marketplace. Use our industry-first AI sourcing to find a list of best-matched linguists or search with our filters and explore linguist profiles to see their reviews and specializations.

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Explore more supported file formats

Smartcat supports 80+ file types. This flexibility empowers users to efficiently translate diverse content, from business documents to multimedia and eLearning translation files.


Why Choose Smartcat for Your Learning and Development Translation Needs

Learning leaders turn to Smartcat because it’s so easy to get the work done quickly with the all-in-one platform. They cut down turnaround time and get 10x more content out of their existing budgets.

AI automated translations in a user-friendly platform

Collaborative workspace for your whole team

AI human workflows for the best of both worlds for speed and quality

Editing in the fully stock Smartcat Editor, including LQA

Robust data security, encryption, and private input

30+ integrations with popular third-party tools

Improve translation efficiencies with an end-to-end translation management tool 

Smartcat simplifies project coordination, automates workflows, and ensures top-quality global content localization through its intuitive interface and advanced features, enhancing efficiency and accuracy for businesses.

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Effortlessly translate XML files

With Smartcat’s all-in-one translation platform for easy document translation and much more!

XML file translation FAQ

What is an XML file?

An XML (Extensible Markup Language) file is a structured text format used to store and transport data. It uses tags to define elements, making it versatile for organizing and representing various types of data.

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Where are XML files typically used?

XML files find applications in a wide range of industries, such as software development, web design, eLearning, content management systems, and data exchange between different platforms.

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Why are XML files important and for what industries or departments?

XML files are crucial for their ability to structure data in a standardized format. They are vital in industries like eLearning, where XML helps structure content for courses, assessments, and training materials. Moreover, software development relies on XML to define configurations and data exchange formats.

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How to export an XML file with Smartcat?

Exporting an XML file with Smartcat is straightforward. Once you've completed the translation process, simply choose the "Export" option within the platform. Select the desired format, and Smartcat will generate the translated XML file for your use.

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Can I automatically translate an XML file in Smartcat?

Smartcat provides a user-friendly editor that enables you to view and edit both the original XML content and its translations side by side. This collaborative environment allows you to refine translations or make necessary changes without altering the original XML structure.

In addition, you can hire translators from the Smartcat Marketplace that has over 500,000 vetted linguists and boutique agencies. AI sourcing finds the best-suited linguists for you.

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Can I export translations in another file format?

Yes, you can export translations in various formats using Smartcat. The platform supports over 80 file types, including Microsoft Office documents, Adobe InDesign files, PDFs, HTML files, subtitle files, XML files, and more. This flexibility ensures you can adapt your translated content to different needs and platforms.

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