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5 simple steps to translate Google Slides files


Download your files

Download your Slides file for translation


Upload your files

Upload or drag and drop files to Smartcat


Choose your languages

Set your source and target languages


Review your files in Smartcat Editor or invite reviewers

Carry out the post-translation review step and collaborate with your team


Download your files

Download your Smartcat translation in PPTX format in order to reupload into Google Slides

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Take control of your Google Slides translation workflow with Smartcat

Drive 95%+ automatic translation quality, generate huge cost savings, and reduce turnaround time from weeks to hours. With Smartcat, you’re in control.

Google Slides Automatic Translation with Smartcat: FAQ

What languages does Smartcat support for Google Slides translation?

Smartcat supports translations between over 280 languages, including major languages like English, Spanish, French, German, and Chinese, as well as many less common languages.

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How accurate is the translation quality?

Smartcat utilizes a combination of neural machine translation (NMT) and human editors to ensure exceptional quality and accuracy. While automatic translation cannot guarantee perfect results, Smartcat automatically chooses the best match automatic translation engine out of a wide range of engines, including DeepL and OpenAI, for high-quality outcomes suitable for professional presentations.

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Is my Google Slide formatting preserved after translation?

Yes! Smartcat's technology recognizes and maintains your existing formatting, including text layouts, images, and tables. This ensures a seamless presentation experience across languages.

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How much does Smartcat Google Slides translation cost?

Smartcat offers various pricing plans based on your translation volume and specific needs. For a personalized quote, it is best to speak to the Smartcat sales team, although cost is markedly lower than the prevalent human-based translator pricing model.

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Do I need a Smartcat account to use the Google Slides translator?

Yes, you need a Smartcat account to access the Google Slides translator. They offer free trials, allowing you to test the service before committing.

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Can I edit the translated text within Smartcat?

Yes, you can access and edit the translated text directly within the Smartcat interface. This allows you to make additional adjustments or ensure optimal accuracy within the context of your presentation.

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Is the translation process secure and confidential?

Smartcat prioritizes data security and uses industry-standard encryption protocols to protect your content. They also adhere to strict confidentiality agreements, ensuring your information remains secure throughout the translation process.

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Can I translate individual slides or only the entire presentation?

Yes! Smartcat allows you to choose specific slides for translation, giving you flexibility and control over the process.

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