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Smartcat’s AI translation is a fantastic tool. Our ability to source content from a central repository and benefit from adaptive algorithms which incorporate translation memories and glossaries across all project teams means the business as a whole gains from each team’s translations. We continue to look for new and innovative connections with Smartcat and our wider business.

Josie Millis

Customer Marketing Manager

Adobe Captivate localization in 5 simple steps

It’s not possible to translate within the Adobe Captivate program. But don’t worry, because there’s an easy workaround! Fortunately, it is fast and simple to download Adobe Captivate files in XML format, which Smartcat fully supports.

Translate Adobe Captivate courses

Follow these five simple steps to get Adobe Captivate eLearning courses in the language(s) of your choice!


Export files

Export your Adobe Captivate files in XML format


Upload to Smartcat

Upload these XML files to Smartcat



Run Smartcat Language AI to translate your files in seconds


Edit or use immediately

Optionally, choose to assign human translators from Smartcat Marketplace, edit the files yourself, or download the AI-translated files directly


Upload to Adobe Captivate

Upload your translated courses back to Adobe Captivate 

Yes, it really is this simple!

Get unmatched workflow flexibility for perfect Adobe Captivate courses in any language

Smartcat Language AI combines the most cutting-edge AI language technology with human linguistic expertise for unequaled Adobe Captivate localization results.

All within your collaborative Smartcat workspace!

Get unmatched workflow flexibility for perfect Adobe Captivate courses in any language

Smartcat Language AI combines the most cutting-edge AI language technology with human linguistic expertise for unequaled Adobe Captivate localization results..

AI translation

Exceptional-quality AI translation in seconds


AI Actions for instantaneous and once-and-done editing

AI multimedia translation

Video, audio, and subtitle AI translation with already burned-in subtitles in seconds


Collaborative workspace user interface with unlimited seats at no extra cost

Human talent

Smartcat Marketplace at your fingertips – the largest linguist talent pool in the world (500,000+)

Hiring on autopilot

Automatic AI best-linguist matching, to source the right talent for you

File support

Full XML file support and instant upload/download (Smartcat supports 80+ file formats)

Project monitoring

AI-enabled, real-time project roll-out to detect signals, movements or changes of state or quality.

On-hand technical support

Your Smartcat team (humans!) is on hand to help you every step of the way.

Upgrade to Adobe Captivate translation mastery today

Upgrade to Adobe Captivate translation mastery today

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Adobe Captivate translation FAQ

How to export an Adobe Captivate course for translation?

Exporting an Adobe Captivate course typically involves saving your project in a format that can be shared or uploaded to a translation management system (TMS). The best format to do this is XML.

Once your Adobe Captivate files are finalized and ready for translation, you are ready to export them.

1. First if all, open an Adobe Captivate Classic project. 
2. Save it with a new file name that corresponds to the new language you want to translate your course into. 
3. Choose File > Export > To XML. 
4. Enter a file name for your new XML file in the Save As dialog box.
5. Click save.

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Can I automatically translate Adobe Captivate courses in Smartcat?

Yes! First of all, do make sure that you have exported your Adobe Captivate files in XML file format, so you can easily upload them to Smartcat. 

With Smartcat Language AI, you can translate your Adobe Captivate courses in seconds and to a very high standard of quality and consistency. Smartcat AI Actions is an automatic editing function that then enables you to implement instantaneous highly contextual edits. Of course, you can edit the files yourself, share with your team, or also use Smartcat AI matching to source best-match human translators from Smartcat Marketplace to edit your AI-translated files.

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Does Smartcat provide eLearning translation services?

Yes. Smartcat provides elearning translation services to learning and development teams and other corporate learning professionals across industries. Smartcat fully supports 80+ file formats, including XLIFF (XML), PDF, DOC, JPEG, and SRT. 

Smartcat optimizes elearning translation with a collaborative online workspace, unlimited seats at no additional cost, generative AI translation engines, AI Action editing, the world’s largest human translator talent pool with over 500,000 linguists, and a streamlined workflow.

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Can I edit Adobe Captivate file text in Smartcat before translation?

Yes. Simply export your Adobe Captivate files in XML format. Upload them to Smartcat in seconds. You can then edit the source file text before translating with Smartcat’s generative AI translation engines. 
You can also edit your Adobe Captivate translations after AI translation. You can do so with Smartcat’s AI Actions feature, which enables instantaneous, highly contextual editing. You can also work on it yourself or invite human linguists from the Smartcat Marketplace, all within your Smartcat workspace.

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Can I export translations in another file format?

Smartcat enables you to export translations in various file formats that are commonly used in the corporate learning space, such as XLIFF (XML Localization Interchange File Format) or standard text formats like CSV, DOCX, PDF, and so forth. 
To upload your translated files into Adobe Captivate, Smartcat recommends exporting translated files from Smartcat in XML format and uploading to Adobe Captivate in XML format.

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