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"We need to have online training localized for our people, wherever they are in the world and whatever language they speak. Our workforce deserves comprehensive training. With Smartcat, we can achieve this goal."

Barbara Fedorowicz, Translation Department Manager at Smith+Nephew

Get enterprise-grade translation for your Whatfix e-learning materials

Translate and localize Whatfix courses into any language while maintaining course layout and formatting. Smartcat enables a smooth transition of your translated courses back into Whatfix. eLearning translations made easy!

Unmatched translation quality

By plugging Smartcat into your Whatfix course creation workflows, you get vastly superior multilingual quality and consistency thanks to Smartcat’s advanced AI translation compared to the machine translation offered on Whatfix.

A purpose-built collaborative platform

And you can collaborate with your team and invite external linguists, to all work within the same Smartcat online workspace on your Whatfix translations. Smartcat does not charge for additional users – invite as many team members and external consultants as you want.

The world’s finest linguists, all in one convenient place

You also gain access to Smartcat’s all-in-one language AI platform, which includes Marketplace, the world’s largest network of vetted professional linguists.

100x faster turnaround times and full automation of manual workflows

Harness the power of Smartcat AI automation at every stage of your translation lifecycle. 
As a result, free up time for your team and improve editing outcomes with workflows that are designed for optimal collaboration. All within your online Smartcat workspace.

Translate your Whatfix courses in 5 steps


Export your Whatfix course as a SCORM package: go to your Whatfix Enterprise dashboard, click the Settings wheel icon on the top right, click SCORM, follow the on-screen instructions and click Export SCORM and then Download


Upload your SCORM ZIP file to Smartcat.


Translate your course instantly with Smartcat Language AI.


Review course translation in Smartcat Editor.


Download your SCORM files from Smartcat and import them into Whatfix.

Get continuously improving quality

Smartcat adaptive AI learns your content’s brand voice, terminology, and every update made by your team of local expert reviewers and linguists.
Never make the same change twice – high-quality translations you can count on.

Save 90%+ of costs

Smartcat Language AI enables you to do far more with the same budget. The average Smartcat cost-per-word is USD 0.04-0.06, compared to the legacy translation agency average of USD 0.16.

What’s more, you get higher quality and consistency thanks to the most advanced suite of AI capabilities, including AI automatic translation engines, translation memories, and glossaries.

Create high-quality multi-language versions of your Whatfix courses

Talk to our solutions expert to learn how

Whatfix Translation FAQ

Can I download files from Whatfix flows for translation?

You can export Whatfix courses in SCORM package format, which enables translation with translation platforms and LMS systems. Read our guide on how you can translate SCORM packages.

Whatfix Flows can also be saved as editable ODF files, which stand for Open Document Format Documents. These files can be easily modified using widely-used word processing software like Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

ODF files share similarities with the commonly known DOCX format, primarily associated with Microsoft Word. They offer comprehensive support for text, images, objects, and styles, ensuring compatibility with a variety of text editing applications.

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Does Smartcat support SCORM files?

Yes, Smartcat supports SCORM files, making it easy to import and work with your translation projects in this widely used format. Course-authoring platforms like Whatfix and Articulate 360 are SCORM-compatible, to make sure that you can then translate your courses with translation platforms like Smartcat.

Discover how to use SCORM files to translate your e-learning courses in this comprehensive guide article.

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What is a Smartcat workspace?

A Smartcat workspace is a dedicated environment within the platform where you can manage and organize your translation projects. It allows you to collaborate with team members, access your files, and track progress efficiently, making translation management a breeze.

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What is Smartcat AI sourcing of linguists?

Industry-first AI-matching analyzes your content against linguist performance and subject matter expertise to assign the best resource from the world's largest marketplace of vetted linguists (500,000+).

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What is AI project monitoring?

Smartcat AI will proactively monitor, intervene, and reassign your resources (linguists, vendors, in-house translators, etc.) to achieve quality, turnaround time, and price guarantees.

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How can I hire linguists on Smartcat?

We offer an enterprise-compliant procurement platform that allows you to manage all your linguistic resources, anywhere in the world, with a single contract and invoicing system. What this does is significantly reduce your administrative burden.

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