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Get high-quality and consistent AI translation of your Articulate 360 courses, whether created on Rise 360 or Storyline 360, in record time.

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Stanley Black & Decker cut translation costs by 70% and improved efficiencies

Stanley Black & Decker significantly improved turnaround time, quality, and consistency when they switched to Smartcat. They can now translate workplace learning modules in days rather than weeks.

The key advantage is speed. Better still, we have not had to compromise on quality to gain better speed.

Josie Millis

Customer Marketing Manager EMEA-ANZ, Stanley Black & Decker


spending improvement and better budget usage


weeks cut from turnaround time with AI human workflows


quality with AI translation and human review

How to translate Articulate 360 courses in Smartcat?


Export course XLIFF file from Articulate


Upload XLIFF file to Smartcat


Choose languages and run AI translation


Export XLIFF files

Translate your courses at 100x the speed with Smartcat AI

Shave weeks off of your current translation turnaround time with Smartcat AI, which translates the XLIFF files required for your Articulate 360 courses in seconds. Translate course text, graphics, videos, and more into multiple languages.

Get much more out of your translation budgets

With Smartcat AI human workflows, you get infinite resources and pay 1/120th of the cost normally asked from traditional translation agencies.

Achieve high-quality and consistent translations to elevate your Articulate Rise 360 courses

Ensure high quality, consistent tone of voice and style, and correct terminology with Smartcat AI’s central system of record of your multilingual content, stored securely on the platform. It indexes your existing content and is kept up to date in an adaptive learning loop.

The benefits of Smartcat AI for L&D teams

Level up visibility and performance by collaborating on a centralized workspace

Work in-sync with your team of internal colleagues and linguists in Smartcat’s collaborative workspace. The Smartcat platform has unlimited seats and can be used across company departments.

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The all-in-one solution for Articulate courses localization

Solve all your eLearning translation needs with a single, easy-to-use platform.


translation solution

for L&D workplace learning leaders



with popular platforms and tools


supported file types

for all professional needs, including L&D


expert linguists

in the Smartcat Marketplace

Easily translate all L&D courses file formats

WIth Smartcat, you can translate XLIFF, SCORM, XML, and other file types required for learning and development course creation, whether on Articulate or other course creation software. You can also translate PDF, DOC, JPG, mp4, mp3, wav, spreadsheets, slides, and more.

Get high-quality Articulate 360 course translation

Faster and more cost-effective translations to support your course development roll-out

Articulate 360 course translation FAQ

How do I export an Articulate 360 course?

To export an Articulate 360 course, follow these steps:

1. Open the course in Articulate 360.

2. Click on the "File" menu.

3. Select "Publish" or "Export."

4. Choose the appropriate output format, such as HTML5 for web or SCORM for LMS integration.

5. Follow the on-screen instructions to customize settings and export the course.

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Can I automatically translate Articulate Storyline eLearning courses in Smartcat?

Yes, you can use Smartcat AI translation to translate Articulate Storyline courses. You'll need to export the course content into a format that Smartcat supports, such as XLIFF or CSV. Then, upload the exported file to Smartcat, translate the content using Smartcat AI translation, and finally, re-import the translated XLIFF files back into Articulate to check your. localized eLearning course.

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Does Smartcat provide eLearning translation services?

Localizating eLearning files has never been easier than with the Smartcat translation platform, which uses AI for quick, but high-quality and contextual translations. Furthermore, you can hire vetted linguists with a vast amount of specilazations to post-edit and verify the AI translations for a final QA check. You can use Smartcat to manage all your translation of eLearning content, such as Articulate Storyline courses as well as collaborate with your teams in one space.

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Can I edit an XLIFF file in Smartcat?

Yes, you can edit XLIFF files in Smartcat. XLIFF (XML Localization Interchange File Format) is a widely used format for exchanging translation data. You can upload XLIFF files to Smartcat, make edits to the translated text, collaborate with other translators, and then export the updated XLIFF file.

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Does Smartcat support audio and video translation?

Yes, for Smartcat offers multimedia translation that’s as easy as “video in, video out.” Simply upload your video files to Smartcat, translate it in seconds with AI, and verify it with the Smartcat Editor. The editor comes with side-by-side language preview, a full set of text editing features, including character limits, and a live preview of the subtitles. Once you’re done checking the subtitles, simply export the video automatically rendered with the subtitles burned-in.

Smartcat also produces AI voice overs of your videos. Follow the same process as above to get AI voice overs in up to 280 languages.

You can also translate audio files as well.

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