Words that are really smart – and help you save money

Smartwords are words that are translated using Smartcat machine translation technology and translation memories. We call them so because they are based on technology that selects the best and quickest way to translate your texts.

For example, if you already translated or edited the same or similar text, our system will find and reuse it. We’ll also use your text and language pair to determine the best engine for automatic translation. Smart, right?

Another nice thing is that you get a certain amount of free Smartwords upon redistration (the exact number depends on your subscription plan). You can use these to test Smartcat or just get quite a few translations for free.

Why Smartwords?

Why not use a word-counting system and per-word billing, you may ask. Because Smartwords help you save more! Here’s how:

  • Once you register, you receive some free Smartwords. The number depends on your subscription plan and can be found on your subscription page,
  • Our AI chooses the best translation engine for you so that you need as little post-editing as possible,
  • The more you edit your translations on Smartcat, the bigger your translation memory database becomes, which means fewer words to order from a professional translator or editor.

Let’s say you want to translate a text from Russian to English.

  1. Upload it to Smartcat, choose the language of the file and the language to translate it into.
  2. Choose both machine translation and translation memory to unleash the full potential of Smartwords*.
  3. Get your file translated and open it in the editor. You’ll see your translation memory matches in the Editor.
  4. Skip the segments taken from the translation memory and edit the remaining content.

*The translation-memory and machine-translation combination is the default setting in your translation pack.

Using Smartwords to translate your files for free

You can think of Smartwords as Smartcat’s currency. They help define your limits when using machine translation, and translation memories for free. You have a set number of Smartwords in your account which determines how many words you can automatically translate and whether you can extract the text from the images you upload.

Your Smartwords balance is always in plain view in the upper right corner of the screen.

Whenever you use machine translation and your translation memory, the number of translated words is deducted from your Smartwords balance.

This amount doesn't only reflect the number of words in your text, but it also lets you estimate the amount you save when hiring a professional to post-edit your text.

The key is that Smartcat charges you less for translation memory matches ranging 75-99%, and won’t charge you at all for full matches or repetitions.

For more detailed information about your translation statistics, please refer to this article.

Topping up your Smartwords balance

But what happens when you’re out of Smartwords? You have  several options:

  • Upgrade your subscription,
  • Purchase packages of 20K, 50K, and 100K Smartwords as an individual or 20K, 60K,  and 150K Smartwords as a company.

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The bottom line

On average, Smartcat users save $0.05 per word and spend 27% less time on translation tasks, and Smartwords have a lot to do with it. Apart from that, Smartwords help you improve your translation quality and consistency over time.

Daria Andronova
Daria Andronova Content Expert at Smartcat