6 steps to get 98% translation quality with AI human workflows

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Top-tier translation quality is paramount for reaching diverse audiences effectively. In this pursuit, leveraging AI-powered workflows improves translation turnaround time, accuracy, and consistency. Smartcat AI offers advanced tools designed to streamline translation workflows and elevate quality to over 98%. Let’s explore how you can harness these capabilities to optimize your translation processes.

1. Building comprehensive content libraries

When you use Smartcat for translations, all your translated content is stored in your personalized content library. This repository of multilingual content becomes the foundation for Smartcat AI to continuously learn from your edits and linguistic preferences in real time. With each project, the AI improves translation quality and consistency based on the accumulated knowledge stored in your content library.

Actionable step: Run your files through Smartcat AI and edit translations in Smartcat Editor to ensure that your approved content is being stored in your central record of multilingual content. This in turn then trains Smartcat AI. Take our Smartcat Academy course on using Smartcat Editor.

2. Building detailed translation terminology glossaries

Equip Smartcat AI with detailed terminology glossaries specific to your industry and brand. These glossaries ensure that translations are accurate and consistent with your established terminology. By providing this detailed input, you reduce the need for extensive post-editing, driving up overall translation quality.

3. Providing specific AI instructions for precision

Smartcat allows you to give precise, on-brand instructions using customizable prompts at both the project and segment levels. This customization empowers you to tailor AI instructions according to your unique translation needs, ensuring the AI produces highly accurate and contextually appropriate translations.

Actionable step: Watch our Smartcat AI Prompt Engineering Workshop and learn how to optimize Smartcat for increased quality and throughput using a variety of generative AI tools built right into the platform.

4. Designing custom AI action prompts

With Smartcat’s user-friendly interface, you can design personalized AI Action prompts to refine AI output without requiring any technical expertise. These prompts accelerate translation quality improvements by providing targeted guidance to the AI system based on your specific preferences.

Smartcat Editor also comes pre-loaded with five AI Actions to use right away:

  • Shorten

  • Rephrase

  • Translate

  • Fix punctuation

  • Fix grammar

Actionable step: Start using AI Actions in Smartcat Editor or customize your own.

5. Building and constantly improving translation memories

Build detailed translation memories (TMs) within Smartcat to ensure consistency across translations. By expanding TMs with every project, you empower Smartcat AI to deliver higher-quality translations over time. TMs serve as a valuable resource for the AI, allowing it to reference previous translations and adhere to established conventions.

Actionable step: Use our translation memory editor to refine your translation memory and save your team time.

6. Accessing expert human reviewers via Smartcat Marketplace

Smartcat boasts a vast network of over 500,000 professional translators covering 280+ languages and diverse industries. You can quickly tap into this network to hire expert linguists directly through Smartcat for post-AI translation review or human translation needs.

Save valuable time and resources by leveraging Smartcat’s AI-driven linguist matching system. This automated process speeds up the hiring process and results in lower translation costs. With an average task invitation response time of under five minutes, Smartcat facilitates efficient collaboration between businesses and human professional reviewers.


Actionable step: Discover AI sourcing and project managemen t as well as some tips on how to find a vetted linguist reviewer to quality-proof your translations.

Take these steps for high-quality AI human translations

Incorporating Smartcat AI into your translation workflows elevates your translation quality to new heights. By combining the power of AI-driven enhancements with the expertise of human reviewers, you can optimize translation processes your organization and drive global market performance.

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