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NearU translations

Tibetan to English (USA) Transcriber

NearU is composed of translators with extensive knowledge in international business and from different areas. It was this diversity and experience around the world that drove us to create NearU Translations. We are specialist in translations of both simple and technical texts from the most talked languages in the world: Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Dutch, etc.. We have native translators for these and many other languages.

English to Somali Transcriber
from Garissa




☑️Somali Translation & Transcription☑️ Professional translations from English into Somali and from Somali into English: 8 years of experience. Are you looking for first-class translation services? I’m currently looking for a new contract as Senior Somali Transistor and Transcription in the world to see what opportunities are out there! ✅ABOUT ME ✅ I’m a native Somali speaker with a wide knowledge of the English language. I have worked before doing Translation and Transcription from English to Somali and the other way around. I've done translations and transcriptions on the sites listed below. Jobs would be done according to what you want, file type, formatting, etc, you call it. ✅ABOUT THE JOBS ✅ The jobs would be started as soon as they're received and they will be checked for both grammar and a natural reading in the objective language to guarantee that the future readers can feel comfortable reading it and that it sounds like it was originally written in the objective language.

Polish to English Transcriber




PhD in Translation studies candidate with experience in various translation-related tasks. I can handle Polish-English and English-Polish without problem.


Spanish to Kazakh Transcriber
from Алматы

We just love our job! Since 2002

English to Marathi Transcriber
from Mumbai




I like to work in the language field so, I choose SmartCAT..... I'm a native Marathi speaker and I'm comfortable with Marathi, Hindi, and English. You can read more about me on and

Global Voices Ltd

Tibetan to Russian (Russia) Transcriber

Language Solutions Provider: Translation, Interpreting, Audio-visual, Transcription, Localisation

English to Spanish Transcriber
from Rosario




I am an enthusiastic translator who loves working remotely. I can shorten the bridges between languages and cultures and help you to communicate efficiently. Likewise, I am always willing to learn new skills.

English to Burmese Transcriber
from Yangon




Mingalarbar! I’m a four-year experienced translator providing accuracy, competitive pricing, and fast delivery providing efficient service with active responses to client’s needs. I'm a native, Burmese freelance translator. With vast knowledge in both cultural and lingual of Burmese, I have done over 1,000k words of translation projects. My specialized services are translation, editing, proofreading, subtitling and transcription. Please see some of my previous projects with perfect clients' satisfaction! 1) Sexual Harassment Prevention Education and Grievance (12 pages) 2) Manual of Cranes (13 pages) 3) 2021 Rohingya 4th Remembrance Program (35 pages) 4) Personal Hygiene and COVID 19 (13 pages) 5) Korean cultural behaviors (22 pages) 6) Korea Alien Registration Regulations (17 pages) 7) Script translation about Park Chung-hee (13 pages) 8) MekongWater.Org ( Translation (32 pages) My best competitive abilities will surely meet client satisfaction!

English to Afrikaans Transcriber
from Polokwane




I am a hardworking, dedicated and committed transcriber and also translator


Spanish to Spanish (Spain) Transcriber
from Madrid

Beluga Linguistics offers internationalization and localization services for fast moving companies. With more than a decade of experience and professional linguists in all major markets Beluga is a stable partner of many of the most thriving enterprises in the technology sector. Our business goal: To help fast moving companies offer their international audiences an excellent and engaging user experience. Beluga's head office is in Madrid, Spain.


Estonian to Spanish (Spain) Transcriber
from Zaragoza

ACMTRAD SL specializes in the translation and DTP of technical and commercial documentation. We offer a unique combination of industry-specific expertise and foreign language skills. We provide complete technical publishing solutions for customers across a wide range of industries.

Solus Rex

At Solus Rex, we believe in an academic approach to localization, which is why our Chief Editor is a Ph.D. in Philology and Translation Theory. We always ensure that the final text preserves the original meaning of the source while maintaining its consistency, pragmatic function, and imagery. We value scientific contributions to the language studies and pay back to the community by conducting theoretical research and publishing the findings of our analysis on various topics.

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Michelle Quirke

Program Engagement Manager at Topcon

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Gina Groß

eCommerce Team Lead at Wunderman Thompson Commerce Luxembourg

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Çiğdem Tura

Operations Manager at Localex

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Smartcat Marketplace FAQ

What is video or audio transcription?

Video or audio transcription is the process of converting spoken words from an audio or video file, such as audio files or video content, into written text, using high-quality transcription techniques and software.

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How does video transcription work with Smartcat?

Smartcat offers professional transcription services, where users can upload their audio or video content, including audio files or video content, and request high-quality transcription services. The transcription project is then assigned to a qualified linguist who transcribes the audio or video into written text, using transcription software and a strong grasp of the target language. The resulting transcript can then be translated into multiple languages using professional translation services.

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What kind of linguist qualifies to be a transcriber?

A qualified transcriber should have excellent listening skills to work with audio or video files with high accuracy, a strong grasp of the target language, and experience with transcription software to deliver the best results in a timely manner, meeting the tight turnaround time.

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What kind of files are transcribed?

Transcribers can work with any audio or video file, including audio files or video content, as long as the audio quality is high enough to allow for accurate transcription.

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In which situations is video transcription needed?

Video transcription is needed in situations where the content of a video, such as video content or audio files, needs to be accessible to a wider audience, or when the video content needs to be repurposed for other uses, such as subtitling or translation into multiple languages.

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What are some skills that transcribers need?

Transcribers need to have excellent listening and typing skills to ensure accuracy while transcribing audio or video files, as well as a strong grasp of the target language, and the ability to work efficiently to meet tight turnaround times.

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How to automatically translate a video script?

Smartcat's platform offers the ability to automatically translate a video script, including audio files or video content, into multiple languages using AI as well as professional translation services. This ensures that the translated script is accurate and high-quality.

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How to add multilingual video transcripts?

After the video content, such as audio files or video content, has been transcribed and translated into the desired languages, the multilingual video transcripts can be added to the video using subtitling software. This makes the video accessible to a wider audience, including those who speak different languages.

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