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English to German Glossary manager
from Munich




B.A. in Media & Communication (2008, Germany), summer school in English (2011, Stanford, CA), M.A. in Media & Society (2012, France), M.A. in Translation (2015, Germany), doctoral candidate in sociology (2020). Professional experience since 2005 (mostly gaming, media, and publishing industries). Happy to connect on LinkedIn. Areas of expertise: academe; nonfiction and fiction books; digital technologies, including AI, blockchain, Web3, and metaverse; online, offline, and social media; SEO and websites in general; online and offline games; PR and B2B communication; CRM and newsletters; medical texts. Special skills: - there is no topic I cannot translate or proofread. - reasonable turnaround, very high quality. - able to work with any tool you provide me with.


Tibetan to English (USA) Glossary manager

We provide professional translation & localization services between every major language globally.

English to Arabic Glossary manager




English - Arabic translation specialist with 18+ experience.

Bello, Gallardo, Bonequi y García, S.C.

Estonian to English (USA) Glossary manager
from Mexico City

As a member of the American Translators Association, the firm Bello, Gallardo, Bonequi y García, S..C. (“BGBG”), an 86-member firm with offices in Mexico City, Querétaro and Madrid, Spain, has a translation department that specializes in legal and financial documents and that is comprised of several interdisciplinary translators and legal experts, including translators certified by the Superior Court of Justice in Mexico City and/or the Federal Judiciary Council (english / spanish / english).

Polish to English Glossary manager




PhD in Translation studies candidate with experience in various translation-related tasks. I can handle Polish-English and English-Polish without problem.


Spanish to Spanish (Spain) Glossary manager
from Delaware

Texliff is a translation services provider with a network of 3,000+ translators and offers translation, localization, and transcreation services in 70+ languages. We combine the power of our language and quality assurance tools with the ability of our carefully vetted linguists in order to meet the needs of our clients from all corners of the world and to raise the standards in the language services industry.

Ikraglobal Translation and Interpretation

Ikraglobal offers you all services you expect from a translation agency like qualified conference interpreters eligible for international conferences, who could meet the challenges of both the public and private sectors, interpreting equipment with cutting-edge technology, experienced translators, local and foreign editors and translation technologies. Please contact us for this experience.

Turkish to English Glossary manager
from Istanbul




Marketing | PR | Translation | Editing | Transcription Double degree holder in Translation Studies and PR & Advertisement. I've worked on various literary pieces from contemporary novels to multi-author collected works as a translator and editor. Participated in Turkey's first international literature festival for three years as a core organizing member. I am familiar with CAT tools. Worked for several international companies and marketing agencies focusing on tourism, military equipment, battery products, assistive technology, mobile technology, SaaS, luxury jewelry, real estate and more. Find my past experience on LinkedIn:

Thin Air Language Consultancy Company

Established in 2018, Thin Air endeavours to thin down the air obstructing communication. At Thin Air, we attend to the finest specificities in the languages we write and speak, and strive to provide translation services that are faithful, fluent, and culturally accessible.

English to Russian Glossary manager
from Moscow




Bilingual translator (English & Russian Native Speaker). Translation & Editing: General, Technology, Economics, Trading, Legal, Healthcare, IT, PR, Fiction, Science.

Portuguese to English Glossary manager
from Granada




Having lived in Brazil, Panama, the United States, Colombia, Spain and now Italy, I am always on the search to learn more about people and their experiences. Storytelling has always been a part of me and besides copywriting, I’ve been working with translation and localization since 2016. Following my experiences teaching languages and in digital marketing, having worked with content, project management and design. I'm a creative thinker which has also kept me coming back to academia over the years. I held a scholarship for Latin American students at Florida State University where I got my Ba in International Relations. And I have a PgD from the National University of Colombia, which brought me to Spain and Italy as a participant in an Erasmus Mundus double masters program. See more at or contact me at

Mayflower Language Services India Pvt. Ltd.

Established in 2003, Mayflower Language Services is an ISO certified Language Service. With our presence in India, USA and Europe, we help companies succeed in global markets. We serve over 1000 clients across more than 20 countries worldwide. Mayflower specializes in Software, Document, eLearning, Video Localization, Translation, Staffing, Voiceover, Subtitling and Testing.

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Hire glossary managers in seconds

Our platform provides accurate and high-quality translations quickly and affordably. Our professional linguists are equipped to handle any project, from lists of terms to complex glossary management.

Glossary management services for multiple languages.

We use translation memory to ensure consistency across your projects.

Glossary terms are translated accurately and efficiently.

Streamlined translation workflow with Smartcat Editor CAT tool.

The ease of use, the support that Smartcat provides, and the ability to source freelance translators or vendors from within the same platform make Smartcat a great platform. It’s everything I need is in one solution.

Michelle Quirke

Program Engagement Manager at Topcon

Get subject matter accuracy and quality

We value accurate and quality translation and work solely with professional glossary managers who optimize your glossaries to support translation performance. Our platform guarantees precise translation of glossary terms to the highest standards. 

Ensure fast turnaround times and cost savings

Our platform saves you time and money with an AI-powered matching system that finds the right glossary manager in seconds. Our professionals deliver projects on time and within budget. 

Glossary management services designed to save you time and money.

Smartcat Marketplace glossary managers work efficiently to deliver your project on time.

Market-leading pricing to help your budget go far further.

The easy-to-use Smartcat payment system simplifies the project management and payment processes.

Gina Groß

eCommerce Team Lead at Wunderman Thompson Commerce Luxembourg

One platform for all your translation projects

The Smartcat Marketplace is the only platform you need for all your translation projects, including professional translation glossary management. Our network of professional translation glossary professionals ensures that you can find the right person for any project, big or small.

Glossary management services for multiple languages.

Streamlines the translation workflow with AI translation assets – memories, glossaries, and CAT tools.

We use translation memory to ensure consistency across your projects.

Our marketplace of professionals are ready to work on your glossaries for any translation project.

Smartcat enables seamless communication for us, which is essential when working with such a big team of post-editors, proofreaders, QA specialists, and project managers.

Çiğdem Tura

Operations Manager at Localex

Find the best glossary managers for your project with Smartcat AI matching

Our AI system quickly matches you with the best glossary managers, with high levels of experience with glossary terms, CAT tools, multiple languages, and the professional translation process in general.

Smartcat Marketplace FAQ

How do I create an account on the Smartcat Marketplace?

Creating an account on the Smartcat Marketplace is easy. Simply visit our website and click on the "Sign Up" button. Follow the prompts to create your account and start posting your translation projects.

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How do I find a glossary manager on the Smartcat Marketplace?

Hiring a translation glossary manager on Smartcat Marketplace is easy. Once you've created your account, simply click on the “Smartcat Marketplace” button via your workspace menu. Under “Hire a freelancer for your project”, select “Glossary management” and your language combination before pressing “Search”. You will then see a list of best-match professional profiles for you to peruse and consider. Once you have decided, click “Invite” on your chosen linguist’s profile.

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How do I choose the right linguist for my project?

Our AI-powered matching system will provide you with a list of qualified linguists. You can review their profiles and qualifications to choose the best linguist for your project.

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What are CAT tools?

CAT tools are computer-assisted translation tools that help linguists work more efficiently. These tools include editor interfaces that display both source and target languages, as well as translation memory and glossary management features.

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What is translation memory?

Translation memory is a feature of CAT tools that stores previously translated text for future use. This feature helps ensure consistency across your projects by automatically prepopulating your translations with your previously confirmed linguistic preferences, which saves time and money.

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