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DTP specialist
from cairo




Senior English Arabic translator and proofreader with more than 15 years of practical translation experience mostly in the Technical, Legal, Automotive, Marketing, Financial and Military fields. Translation Software: SDL Trados Studio 2014 –Wordfast – MemoQ – Déjà vu – Passolo – Sisulizer – Idiom – World Server

DTP specialist
from Granada




Having lived in Brazil, Panama, the United States, Colombia, Spain and now Italy, I am always on the search to learn more about people and their experiences. Storytelling has always been a part of me and besides copywriting, I’ve been working with translation and localization since 2016. Following my experiences teaching languages and in digital marketing, having worked with content, project management and design. I'm a creative thinker which has also kept me coming back to academia over the years. I held a scholarship for Latin American students at Florida State University where I got my Ba in International Relations. And I have a PgD from the National University of Colombia, which brought me to Spain and Italy as a participant in an Erasmus Mundus double masters program. See more at or contact me at

DTP specialist
from Nottingham

We’re a British agency with over 20 years’ experience of providing document translation to leading UK and international companies in a broad range of industries. We’ve built up an extensive team of professional mother-tongue translators, offering an extremely wide variety of subject specialisms. Our focus is on quality and we’re certified to ISO 9001:2015 and the translation services standard ISO 17100:2015.

Eloquent Words LLC

DTP specialist

We provide translation services to help clients reach their multilingual goals.

Transmaster Traduções

DTP specialist
from São Paulo

Transmaster has now more than 20 years of experience and a comprehensive knowledge in software localization and also in the translation of software documentation, Help systems, web sites, marketing materials and technical/corporate training and e-learning materials.

DTP specialist
from Mymensingh




This is Ramim, a professional Bengali linguist with a robust working involvement in all the significant spaces. With more than 4 years of experience in providing highly accurate translation services for a range of clients and renowned companies, I feel certain of my capacity to live up to your desires. I have a strong command over different CAT tools including SDL Trados Studio, MemoQ, Wordfast Pro, XTM, Crowdin.

Asian Translator Club

DTP specialist
from Siem Reap

We specialized in the Asian languages and help corporate to bridge the communication gaps between English and Asian languages.

DTP specialist
from Grimsby




My passion is the English language, so I translate with pleasure any kind of documents.

Dialect Group

DTP specialist
from Chișinău

Meet the fastest growing language solutions provider in Moldova. We have a dedicated and proactive team, that will ensure quality translations for your business negotiations, official meetings, and written communication.Dialect Group provides the largest range of translation services on the local market: interpretation, translation, subtitles creation and voice-over services. Dialect Group - Translating into Solutions.




English - Arabic translation specialist with 18+ experience.

DTP specialist
from Troyes




Knowledgeable translator with more than 10 years of experience with startups, a digital agency, translation companies located in France, UK, Spain, USA, Denmark, Belgium, China... More than 1 million words translated. Excellent communicator able to speak, read and write in Spanish, French, English and Chinese (Mandarin). Welcome to visit my site to learn more:

LMI Translations

DTP specialist
from Riga, Tallinn Estonia

“LMI Translations” delivers professional, certified and sustainable language solutions in more than 200 language combinations and specializes in the technical, construction, legal and IT fields. With a smile and a true desire to help, we do everything possible to enable companies and organizations to reach their target audience in a language they understand. LMI Translations are ISO 17100:2015-certified and work in full accordance with the “continuous improvement” philosophy of the standard.

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The ease of use, the support that Smartcat provides, and the ability to source freelance translators or vendors from within the same platform make Smartcat a great platform. It’s everything I need is in one solution.

Michelle Quirke

Program Engagement Manager at Topcon

Get subject matter accuracy and quality

Our professional multilingual desktop publishing services guarantee subject matter expertise, ensuring your translations are faithful to the original design and layout.


turnaround time reduction





Ensure fast turnaround times and cost savings

Experience quick project completion and cost savings through efficient project management and optimized translation processes.

Efficient project management

Our platform simplifies project coordination, allowing for seamless communication and timely delivery.

Optimized translation processes

We leverage skilled DTP specialists, advanced tools, and automated workflows to streamline the translation process, reducing time-to-market and minimizing costs.

Streamlined collaboration

Collaborate effortlessly with providers, reviewers, and other project stakeholders on a single platform.

The easy-to-use Smartcat payment system simplifies the project management and payment processes.

Gina Groß

eCommerce Team Lead at Wunderman Thompson Commerce Luxembourg

One platform for all your translation projects

Centralized project management

  • Effortlessly manage multiple DTP translation projects in one place.

  • Track progress, assign tasks, and access project files with ease.

  • Enjoy seamless collaboration and coordination.

Extensive language services

  • Access a wide range of language pairs to cater to your global audience.

  • Find specialized linguists for various industries and subject matters.

  • Choose from certified professionals with domain expertise.

High-quality translation services

  • Ensure accurate translations that preserve the original design and layout

  • Receive visually appealing multilingual content.

  • Deliver polished translations for your target audience.

Streamlined translation process

  • Benefit from an intuitive and user-friendly platform.

  • Automate repetitive tasks and optimize workflows.

  • Maximize efficiency and reduce time-to-market.

Smartcat enables seamless communication for us, which is essential when working with such a big team of post-editors, proofreaders, QA specialists, and project managers.

Çiğdem Tura

Operations Manager at Localex

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Marketplace FAQ on desktop publishing services

What is desktop publishing (DTP)?

Desktop publishing (DTP) refers to the process of creating visually appealing layouts and designs for print or digital publications using specialized software.

Read more

What is DTP in translation?

DTP in translation involves the adaptation and integration of translated content into the original design and layout, ensuring visual consistency and accuracy.

Read more

What are the benefits of multilingual desktop publishing?

Multilingual desktop publishing ensures that translated content maintains the original design integrity, allowing you to effectively communicate your message to diverse target audiences while maintaining brand consistency.

Read more

What are the common file formats used in desktop publishing translation?

Common file formats used in desktop publishing translation include Adobe InDesign (INDD), QuarkXPress (QXP), Microsoft Word (DOCX), Adobe Illustrator (AI), and Adobe Photoshop (PSD).

Read more

Do I need to provide the source files for DTP translation?

Yes, providing the source files is essential for DTP translation. Source files contain the original design and layout elements, enabling translators and desktop publishers to accurately integrate the translated content.

Read more

Can I request specific graphic design elements in multilingual desktop publishing?

Absolutely! You can request specific graphic design elements, such as fonts, colors, images, and illustrations, to ensure that the translated content aligns with your brand guidelines and visual identity.

Read more

How does the translation process work in multilingual desktop publishing?

In multilingual desktop publishing, the translation process involves three main steps: translating the source text, adapting the translated content to fit the original design and layout, and performing quality checks to ensure accuracy and visual consistency.

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What role do project managers play in multilingual desktop publishing?

Project managers oversee the entire multilingual desktop publishing process, coordinating between translators, desktop publishers, and clients. They ensure smooth communication, timely delivery, and quality assurance throughout the project.

Read more