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Smartcat’s automated project management and AI translation saved time and work. Once set up, I can leave them to do their thing. All of these features work really well together.

Michelle Quirke

Program Engagement Manager at Topcon

Thanks to our Smartcat workspace, we’re able to create project templates quickly with settings that are easy to adjust. The time involved is a lot faster than before. We love the template system!

Barbara Fedorowicz

Head of translations at Smith & Nephew

The easy-to-use Smartcat payment system simplifies project management.

Gina Groß

eCommerce team lead, Wunderman Thompson

Get complete control with translation management software

3x faster turnaround time

Get translations done in days instead of weeks


AI-sourcing and assigning of linguists


Task assignments based on preselected settings and sources

Project management automation at every step of your translation workflow

Meet all your translation needs in one convenient platform that syncs with your tech stack. Smartcat Language AI is a single sign-on turnkey translation solution designed to facilitate centralized, easier project management and is fully compatible with 30+ of the world’s leading apps.

Discover total translation project management for the enterprise

It all starts with a call

How Smartcat AI Assignment works

Smartcat will do all the “donkey work” of project management work for you with AI Assignment. Your input is minimal – we just need you to step in briefly for things like establishing the job details to kick off.

It works in five simple steps.


Create a project

Activate Automated Assignment by clicking on the Run project button on the Overview page.


Activate Automated Assignment

Activate Automated Assignment by clicking on the Run project button on the Overview page.


Smartcat AI finds linguists in seconds

Smartcat immediately displays a list of best-match linguists for your task at hand.


Linguists are invited and start working

Smartcat sends an automatic invitation to work on your task to the top best-match linguists – your task always gets picked up.


Manager tracks the project progress

The Overview page shows the project progress all in one place.

Power your translation performance


Faster translation turnaround time

achieved by Smith+Nephew after switching to Smartcat


Cost savings

for Stanley Black & Decker, while increasing quality

31 hours

saved per month

on project and resource management by Babbel’s translation and localization team

Smartcat delivers KPI improvements across the board


cost savings

With AI translation versus human-based vendors


increased throughput

with AI human workflows


 AI translation quality & consistency

with adapting learning algorithms that improve with each edit

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Frequently asked questions

How does Smartcat project management work?

Project management on Smartcat is a quick, effective way to get high-quality translations with minimal work required thanks to Smartcat AI human workflows.

It works in five simple steps.

  1. Create a new translation project in your Smartcat account.

  2. Select Automated Assignment.

  3. Smartcat AI sources best-in-class human translators.

  4. Translators perform the assignment, be it translation, editing, or proofreading.

  5. Monitor progress at all stages of the workflow. Smartcat can also take care of this step for you.

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Can I hire translators on Smartcat?

Yes! Smartcat Marketplace is home to over 500,000 vetted linguists, covering all language pairs – even the rare combinations – and all fields of specialty. It is the largest network of professional translators in the world and provides you with total linguist transparency. 

You can view their profile, work history, fields of expertise, and monetary rates, and you can also speak with them directly before hiring as well as throughout the collaboration, all inside the Smartcat platform.

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How do I hire translators on Smartcat?

You have two ways to hire human translators on Smartcat.

One, manually search the Smartcat Marketplace of 500,000+ human translators.

Two, enable Automated Assignment to identify and hire the best match linguist for your translation task at hand. This feature uses AI technology to analyze Smartcat Marketplace and identify the most suitable and available translator for your specific project requirements in seconds. If this translator does not accept the assignment, AI Assignment then identifies the next ten most suitable translators. You can always confirm the hire before it takes place.

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What are AI Assignments on Smartcat?

Automatic assignment or AI assignments is a Smartcat feature that automates the hiring of human translators for translation work, which could be in the form of translation, editing, or proofreading.

It analyzes the Smartcat Marketplace of over 500,000 vetted human translators to match your project needs. Fields of analysis include subject matter expertise, deadlines, and availability. Smartcat AI-sources a list of the most suitable linguists for your specific project needs.

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How accurate is Smartcat AI translation?

AI translation accuracy on Smartcat begins at approximately 80-85% and builds up to 95%+ over time. Smartcat generative AI technology allows for the most advanced, humanlike, translation. It also uses AI translation assets on each translation project, namely translation memories, and glossaries, that learn from your edits.

As a result, each new translation incorporates edits and updated terminology from the beginning. In turn, this raises AI translation accuracy, quality, and consistency, and reduces editing time.

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What file formats are compatible with Smartcat?

Smartcat fully supports 80+ file types, making it one of the most versatile translation platforms in the world. To name a few file formats with which Smartcat is fully compatible, DOC, PDF, XLIFF, XML, XLS, INDD, PPT, AVI, MP4, SRT, VVT, MPEG, MOV, and FLAC.

Additionally, Smartcat matches source file formatting and layout in the output files.

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How many languages does Smartcat support?

Smartcat AI translation supports over 280 languages. This covers major, minor, and uncommon language pairs. Additionally, Smartcat Marketplace houses over 500,000 vetted human professional translators. These linguists cover all language pairs and all fields of expertise.

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How to automate translation projects?

Smartcat project management takes care of your end-to-end translation workflow for you, with minimal input required from you throughout the process.

With AI human workflows, Smartcat automates the project management experience and delivers high-quality, consistent translations no matter your project requirements.

Smartcat AI Assignments is a feature that you can use to simply upload your files for translation to your Smartcat workspace and enable Smartcat to leverage AI human workflows for a fast, high-quality translation deliverable.

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How to get professional AI translation?

Smartcat AI provides high-quality automatic translations for the enterprise. Smartcat AI technology performs translations in any language in seconds while the platform’s AI Action editing function enables you to enact highly contextual, brand-specific edits instantaneously.

Additionally, you can leverage Smartcat AI Assignment to identify and hire the most suitable human professional translator to review your AI translations for you on the Smartcat platform.

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