Smartcat Real-Time Translation

Integrate the world’s leading translation engines right into your product. Use translation memories, glossaries, and more features to get best-in-class results in no time.

Our integrations and API

Get automated translations right where you need them with our integrations and API

Website Translator

Translate your entire website or selected pages into multiple languages and publish it right away.

Translator for Figma

Translate your Figma pages and individual frames in real time. Enjoy easy editing while keeping your formatting intact.

Custom Integrations

Instantly translate text from desktop apps, browsers, or chats to facilitate communication and produce multilingual content.

Real-Time API

Get accurate, immediate translations right where you need them in your business: product development, customer support, sales, and more.

Real-time API Settings

The flow is set up via our API. See the documentation here. You can also set up an integration from this page.

If you need help our Customer Success Team is ready to answer any questions. You can book a demo.

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Your Questions Answered

What’s so special about real-time translation?

The fact that translations are instant and high quality. How? Smartcat’s technology uses approved translation matches from translation memories first, and only then applies machine translation for the rest.

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Why should I use real-time translation in my business?

It’s a way to speak to your customers in their own language at any moment. You can use it to create template answers for support and sales chats, streamline operator communications, empower your development and design teams, and much more!

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How is the technology different from Google Translate?

Instead of bare automated translation we use a combination of translation memory matches (from your previous translations stored in the Smartcat database) and optimized machine translation (our AI automatically selects the best machine translation engine for your text from among 8 industry-leading translation engines).

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How do you use TMs?

You can import any existing translation memories you have to Smartcat or create new ones and apply them to specific projects. Once set up, the system will automatically retrieve and suggest previously translated text when it detects identical or similar sentences or fragments.

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Can I edit TMs?

Yes. You can change any translated and saved segments in the TM Editor.

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Can I improve real-time translation?

Yes, by importing or creating TMs, as these will allow to reuse your previous edits to produce similar translations of better quality.

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